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How likely are you to… Rating Average
1. use a wireless speaker solution to send audio to multiple rooms? 4.33
2. send audio to wireless speakers outside? 4.25
3. use wireless speakers with any device with an audio output? 4.15
4. use wireless speakers as surround speakers? 4.11
5. use a wireless link to extend any audio from your computer to an existing audio system in your home? 4.07
6. add a wireless subwoofer to your system? 3.71
7. use wireless speakers as audio for your laptop computer? 3.47
8. use alternate products, such as Aperion's Wireless Link, to extend the reach of a Sonos system? 2.69
9. stream music from your mixer, computer system or any amplified instrument to wireless speakers or an existing audio system? 2.63
10. use wireless speakers to enhance the audio experience for the hearing impaired? 1.94
11. use wireless speakers as part of a portable PA system? 1.65
Wireless Survey Results