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  • 3.1 Intimus 4B Bookshelf Starter - Stealth Black
  • 3.1 Intimus 4B Bookshelf Starter - Stealth Black
  • 3.1 Intimus 4B Bookshelf Starter - Stealth Black
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3.1 Intimus 4B Bookshelf Starter - Stealth Black

Have you been thinking about upgrading your home theater speakers but your budget won't allow the entire package? Then our 3.1 bookshelf starter system might be what you're looking for. Great for music listening and watching movies, you'll be satisfied with the imaging and sound stage. Eventually, you can upgrade your front speakers to the towers and bump your beloved bookshelves to the rear and immerse yourself in fantastic surround sound!
3.1 Intimus 4B Starter

Have you been on the hunt for a petite yet captivating front sound stage for your music and movies? The combination of our Intimus 4B Bookshelves, 4C Center and Bravus 8D Subwoofer qualify for a solid kick-start to your home theater system. Our quart sized 4C Center Channel transmits full-bodied sound and striking mid-range clarity. Compact and punchy, the Bravus II 8D will help you experience explosions, absorbing you into the movie. To top it off, our compact 4B Bookshelf speakers will exude the support all of your sound quality wants and needs.

About Our Intimus Line
Intimus has been a customer favorite from the day Aperion was founded. Intimus continues to be a key element and signature sound of our brand. Our Intimus family of speakers has consistently delivered a stellar performance, which has won numerous awards. If you've been searching out the optimal theater speaker system to invite into your home, send an invitation to Intimus. We're sure you'll never let them go.

Why We Went Stealth

Aperion Audio was the first to offer a high gloss piano black finish and set the standard in the industry for gloss black, almost two decades ago. Although this has been a customer favorite over the years, some customers have commented that our high gloss finish make the speakers too conspicuous in a room that also contained beautiful furniture and décor. In response, Aperion has created a beautiful matte black finish that allows the beauty of your interior design to dominate the focus in the room. Another advantage of creating the Stealth Black speaker finish is the reduction in cost to produce—which we pass on to you. Aperion Audio was built on the Direct-to-Consumer model with the vision to build remarkable sounding speakers at a remarkably low price.

System Includes:
  • (2) Intimus 4B Bookshelf Speakers
  • (1) Intimus 4C Center Channel
  • (1) Bravus II 8D Powered Subwoofer

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