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Aperion Wall Mount Pair - Bookshelf and Surround

Aperion Wall Mount Pair - Bookshelf and Surround

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Wall Mount Pair

This wall mount is compatible with all Aperion speakers, as well as many other brands. The spacing between the dual mounting points which connect to the speaker is 60 mm. The mounts are already assembled, with all of the necessary mounting hardware which is compatible with Aperion speakers. If using with another brand of speakers, please double check the weight capacity and whether the dimensions will be compatible. The wall mount weight capacity is 22 lbs.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend mounting speakers directly into a wall stud for maximum security. If this is not possible, please exercise caution while mounting drywall anchors.


Verus Surround on Mount


Verus III Grand Bookshelf on Mount



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our customer service line at 888-880-8992.


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