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  • Aperion Audio Intimus Speaker System 5.1 Bundles
  • Aperion Audio Intimus Speaker System 5.1 Bundles
  • Aperion Audio Intimus Speaker System 5.1 Bundles
  • Aperion Audio Intimus Speaker System 5.1 Bundles
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Aperion Audio Intimus Speaker System 5.1 Bundles

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Intimus 5.1 Speaker System Bundles

These 5.1 combinations of our Intimus family offer an extraordinary value for theater quality sound in your home. They all include the Intimus 5C Center Channel for detailed & clear dialogue and the Bravus II 10D Subwoofer to provide the deep low-end impact that modern movies demand. We even decided to throw in a 100FT spool of 12-gauge speaker wire and a subwoofer cable to ensure you have high quality connections across the board. Simply choose the bundle with the front and rear speakers you want, to save HUNDREDS on your system! 

For the front speakers, our Intimus 5T Tower speakers provide depth and detail for your left and right channels. This speaker is equally at home for both movie & music applications and will deliver pristine sound. The Intimus 5B Bookshelf is a condensed version based on the same technology and sound signature. In situations where the tower is not feasible, the Intimus 5B Bookshelf is an excellent alternative for natural, realistic sound in a more compact form. 

The final component is the surround speakers. The rear position of these speakers is really what brings the "movie theater sound" home. In addition to the bookshelf, you can chose the Intimus 4BP Bipole speaker for this role. These can be placed on stands or mounted flush on the wall. Their unique shape allows the sound to be spread throughout room for a truly enveloping experience. 

To make these bundles even more delicious, we've also included an Aperion Gift Card for use on a future purchase. Keep it for yourself or gift it to a friend. The Gift Card will be emailed to you at the end of the trial period. 

For complete specs, click the individual speaker links above. 


  • Front Left & Right Speakers: Intimus 5T Towers or 5B Bookshelves
  • Center Channel Speaker: Intimus 5C Center Channel
  • Surround Speakers: Intimus 5B Bookshelves or 4BP Bipole Speakers
  • Subwoofer: Bravus II 10D 500W Subwoofer
  • 100FT Spool of 12-gauge Speaker Wire
  • 6m Subwoofer Cable
  • Aperion Gift Card




In situations where the seating is against the rear wall or where the surround speakers will be very close to the listeners, the Intimus 4BP Bipole speaker is a better choice over the more directional bookshelf speaker.



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