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  • Open Box ~ Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer - Gloss Black
  • Open Box ~ Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer - Gloss Black
  • Open Box ~ Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer - Gloss Black
  • Open Box ~ Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer - Gloss Black
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Open Box ~ Bravus II 10D Powered Subwoofer - Gloss Black


So how can lows give you a true high? By pumping out bass with quick reflexes and thundering power. We got to third base with our drivers—a single active down-firing 10-inch driver and double 10-inch side-firing passive radiators on the sides—then pushed up the power to 500 watts. Home run! Muscular, defined bass that gives your movies and music even more gut-wrenching impact.

We’ve upgraded our legendary line of Bravus II subwoofers in other ways too, to make the linchpin of your home theater system better still. "What can we add?" we asked ourselves. We finally realized we had the math all wrong: We needed to subtract. That way you’d get subwoofers that are radically simpler to install and configure, even more complimentary to your décor and so price-competitive your piggy bank will squeal with delight. So we took away the advanced features that you’re probably not using anyway—remote control, display bezel and onboard EQ configuration.

We figured you can use your receiver to customize the subwoofer’s sound right down to the nuts and bolts, so you don’t need to dole out the dollars for pricey fine-tuning features on the subwoofers. What’s left? The good stuff. A deep, musical bottom that serves as the bedrock for a mountain of sound. Minimalist presence that’s more about handsome looks than chewing up space. More power where we could work it in. And the potential to be cited for violation of local noise ordinances if you take the Bravus II to the limits.

Key Features include:

  • Single down-firing active 10" aluminum driver
  • Dual side-firing 10" aluminum passive radiators
  • 500 watt amplifier
  • USB power jack for easy wireless connection
  • Small internally braced 1" HDF sealed enclosure
  • Virtually vibration-free cabinet
  • Ten year warranty (two years on the amplifier)
  • FREE SHIPPING - a $40 value*
  • FREE lifetime technical support

All that plus a timeless design that seamlessly integrates with your décor.

Bravus by Aperion – subwoofers designed from the ground up for maximum performance, sonic quality and value.