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  • Aperion-Novus-N5C-3Way-Dual-5.25
  • Aperion-Novus-N5C-3Way-Dual-5.25
  • Aperionaudio-Novus-5C-Dual-5.25
  • Aperionaudio-Novus-5C-Dual-5.25
  • Aperionaudio-Novus-5C-Dual-5.25
  • Aperionaudio-Novus-5C-Dual-5.25
  • Aperionaudio-Novus-5C-Dual-5.25
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Open Box ~ Novus N5C 3-Way 5.25" Center Channel Speaker - Gloss Black

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With 20 years under our belt, Aperion Audio brings you our newest speaker family: Novus! Thousands of hours later, we've refined audio excellence with this incredible value and performance.

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Aperion Novus N5C 3-Way 5.25" Center Channel Speaker



APERION® Novus 5C is a perfect choice as a Centre Speaker in High Class Multichannel Setups. During the development, special attention was paid to vocal reproduction and an optimized dispersion pattern. Both factors are of fundamental importance for homogeneous and natural surround sound, as reproduction of the Human Voice is primarily projected via the Centre Channel. The optimization was done by adding a 4" Aramid-Fiber Cone Mid-Woofer and by spending huge effort on the development of the high quality crossover. The customized drivers are unique Novus series and provide a matching acoustic balance and sonic signature throughout the Frequency range to highest dynamics and accuracy. Thus Novus 5C Center is a key element for creating an immersive home cinema experience.


Key Features
  • New One-inch, German Natural Fiber-Silk Dome, Ferro-Fluid Cooled Tweeter
  • New 4" Aramid-Fiber Cone Midrange Driver
  • New 5.25" Aramid-Fiber Cone Woofers
  • Tweeter Adjustment
  • Sloping Baffle
  • APERION® Customized Internal Wiring
  • APERION® Customized Crossover Network
  • Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, MDF Cabinet Walls
  • 5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts
  • 12 Gauge Binding Post Straps
  • Lightweight Magnetic Grille

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    + Specifications


    Product Weight 19 lbs/8.5 Kg
    Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 55-30,000 Hz
    Impedance 4 Ohms
    Sensitivity 88dB
    Power Range 100-200W
    Recommended Amplifier Power 20-100W
    Tweeter 1 x 1" Silk-Dome Tweeter with Ferrofluid
    Woofer 2 x 5.25" Aramid-Fiber Cone Active Driver
    Mid-Woofer 1 x 4" Aramid-Fiber Cone Active Driver
    Driver Configuration 3-Way Vertical Array
    Enclosure Type Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Sealed
    Product Dimensions 19.1" x 7.3" x 9.1" / 485 x 186 x 231mm (WxHxD)
    Product Family Novus
    Placement Location Center Channel Speaker
    Shipping Weight 22 lbs/10 Kg
    Shipping Dimensions 13" x 11" x 24"/ 340 x 285 x 600mm (LxWxH)
    + Features


    New One-inch, German Natural Fiber-Silk Dome, Ferro-Fluid Cooled Tweeter

    After searching the world for the finest of silk, we stumbled upon a natural fiber from Germany and couldn’t resist integrating it into the tweeter dome of the Novus speaker family. Each Novus speaker is embedded with our new tweeter – a high-end natural fiber dome membrane which utilizes a neodymium motor and ferrofluid cooled voicecoil to help give these tweeters a flat frequency response that can extend up to 30 kHz. These design specs, in combination of Aperion engineering knowledge and 20 years of experience has allowed us to create a tweeter so clear, that your ears can listen to music and dialog with ease.

    New 5.25" Aramid-Fiber Cone Dual Active Woofers, and One 4" Aramid-Fiber Cone Mid-Woofer

    A tweeter may be the “highlight” of the speaker, but a strong combination of woofers can prove to be the true foundation of a speaker. The Novus center channel speaker utilizes myriad of our new aramid-fiber woofer cones to bring forth a full range of sound. It features a unique tooled rubber surround to conceal the mounting screws in each speaker. The dual 5.25” active woofers have a long-throw linear excursion design which allows makes for a broad dynamic range and low distortion. The dual woofer combo also greatly improves bass response and prevents lobing, enabling a broader sweet spot. The 4” mid-woofer is fit to execute dialog performance so great, that you’ll become a part of the action.

    Sloping Baffle

    The sloping front baffle design creates an even phase alignment between treble and bass drivers. Unlike the Boötes void, a porthole can enhance the bass performance of many speaker cabinets.

    Uniquely Modern Cabinet Design and Acoustically Transparent Lightweight Magnetic Grilles

    Our design team kept aesthetics at the top of mind while designing our Novus family. Whether you have a dedicated black-out home theater room, or an open sunshine filled family room, the Stealth Black and Pure White painting are sure to be endorsed your other furniture. The sleek curved top cabinet radius is a step away from your traditional “box-style” speaker, which contribute a smooth look in your room. To protect the speaker innards from accidents, pets, or curious fingers, the Novus line sports a lightweight magnetic grille, which can easily be removed when it’s time to show off the goods to your friends and family.

    + Documentation


    Download Novus Manual


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