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Open Box ~ Closeout Intimus 5C Center Channel Speaker - Gloss Black

The Intimus 5C Center Channel creates dialog so real, you may accidentally talk back to it. Our award-winning design combines a tweeter and mid-woofer in a vertical array that handles the frequencies other woofers really shouldn’t. And given the solid, precision-fit cabinet and piano-like Gloss Black lacquer, the Intimus 5C gives you something to talk about. Or just talk to the 5C...

About Our Intimus Line

Intimus has been a customer favorite from the day Aperion was founded. Intimus continues to be a key element and signature sound of our brand. Our Intimus family of speakers has consistently delivered a stellar performance, which has won numerous awards. If you've been searching out the optimal theater speaker system to invite into your home, send an invitation to Intimus. We're sure you'll never want to let them go.

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Special Price $200.00

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    A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh—but you ought to be able to tell them apart. That’s the center channel’s job: to make sure you hear every nuance at the heart of your movie. Otherwise Casablanca is just another white house.

    The Intimus 5C Center Channel ensures dialog and sound effects so clear, every location in your room becomes a sweet spot. How do we do it? By pairing our audiophile-grade silk-dome tweeter with our custom-designed 4" woven mid-woofer in a vertical array. The 5.25" woofers take a break from higher frequencies and the 5C takes a bow for innately authentic sound.

    We’ve wrapped the Intimus 5C in primo simulated Cherry Wood or Black Ash for an attractive, understated look. And with a price 15% lower than our previous Intimus line, you won’t need to throw back a drink before you reach for your wallet. Play it, Sam.

    Key Features:

    • 5.25" Woven fiberglass mid-woofer delivers excellent bass response
    • 4" Woven-fiberglass mid-woofer offers lush midrange sound
    • 1" custom designed silk-dome tweeter for smooth, clearly defined highs at even the highest volume levels
    • Vertical array design improves off-axis performance
    • Contoured front edges to blend seamlessly with your décor
    • Anti-resonant cabinet
    • Furniture-Grade finish
    • Five year warranty
    • FREE SHIPPING - a $26 value*
    • FREE lifetime technical support
    • FREE speaker care kit

    *Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.


    Weight 27.0 lbs
    Finish Gloss Black
    Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 60-20,000 Hz -- (+/- 6dB) 53-22,000 Hz
    Impedance 6 Ohms
    Sensitivity 86 dB
    Recommended Power 50-150 watts
    Tweeter 1" Audiophile-grade Silk-Dome Tweeter
    Midrange 4" Woven-Fiberglass Composite Mid-Woofer
    Woofer 5.25" Woven-Fiberglass Composite Woofer
    Driver Configuration 3-Way
    Enclosure Type 18mm MDF, sealed, passive radiator
    Dimensions 7 7/16" H x 19 7/16" W x 8 1/8" D (7 5/8" H with rubber feet)
    Product Family Intimus
    Placement Location Center channel speaker


    1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter

    We engineered the 1-inch, audiophile-grade, silk-dome tweeter for optimal sonic performance—even at the highest volume levels—so you savor warm, natural sound with no harsh aftertaste. This tweeter’s unique venting system uses a rear chamber with multiple rear vents outside the neodymium magnet, a departure from conventional systems that use a single vent through the magnet’s center. Leaving the magnet fully intact results in a stronger motor structure with a lower resonant frequency, smooth response and amazingly pure, authentic sound. This tweeter is the high point of our speaker—literally.

    5.25" Woven Fiberglass Mid-Woofer

    Our custom 5.25” mid-woofer excels as the heart and soul of our 5C loudspeaker. The cone is constructed of woven fiberglass—lightweight, rigid and ready to amaze you with its natural bass output. Embracing the woofer is a butyl rubber surround, which creates a compliant yet well-dampened suspension that will deliver a lifetime of performance. Last but (only because something had to be), the magnetically shielded driver boasts a cast aluminum frame and remarkable frequency response. If this all sounds like Greek to you, we’ll translate: You’ll be delighted.

    5.25” Woven Fiberglass Mid-Woofer (Passive)

    The 5C center channel speaker employs one passive driver, aka radiator. The radiator is really not as passive as it sounds: It greatly improves bass by exploiting energy from the rear of the active driver that would otherwise be wasted. Because there's only one active woofer, sound lobing is greatly reduced, providing you with a much broader sonic sweet spot. This design also allows for a smaller, easier-to-place center channel speaker—adding versatility and convenience for your home theater.

    4” Woven Fiberglass Mid-Woofer

    Our custom 4" woven fiberglass mid-woofer makes your music, movies and games come to life. This robust and versatile little driver is tough enough to handle the thumping demands of lower midrange frequencies yet is precise enough to support a choir of voices. It may be small, but it packs a solid punch by delivering pure, distortion-free sound and flawless dialog.

    Vertical Array Design

    We engineered our center-channel speaker to provide flawless performance no matter where in the room you sit. Our vertical array design makes every seat a winner—which means your family and friends can all enjoy crisp, clear dialog and sound without having to rock-paper-scissors over who gets the middle of the couch.

    Furniture-Grade Finish

    Each of our Intimus III speakers wears the new black, but it’s anything but basic. We apply layer after layer of lacquer, hand sanding and polishing between coats to achieve a deep and brilliant shine. The precision-fit cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of the most expensive loudspeakers with a curved-edge aesthetic that lets the Gloss Black Intimus III blend effortlessly with any décor.

    Anti-Resonant Cabinet

    Every Aperion 5C cabinet is made of solid 18 mm-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to eliminate unwanted cabinet vibrations that muddy the sound. Muting the speaker walls ensures that the only input to your ears comes from your CD or DVD.

    5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts

    When you make a connection, it's all about convenience. Whether you use banana plugs, bare wire, round pins, flat pins or spades, our binding posts ensure effortless attachments to your new speakers. And though the gold plating may make you feel regal, it has a practical purpose too: Gold resists corrosion and provides the best possible connection to your receiver.

    Acoustically Transparent Grille

    Nothing stands between you and exceptional sound. We designed a sonically invisible grille that not only looks great, but also protects your precious speakers from curious fingers, claws, snouts, tentacles and trunks.

    Wall & Ceiling Mounting

    Mount your speakers wherever you want—out of the way and outside the reach of inquisitive children and pets. All 5B speakers come with dual 1/4" threaded inserts on the back for ceiling or wall mounting. Industry standard spacing on these inserts means they’ll work with a variety of wall and ceiling mount brands.



    Download the Intimus Family Manual




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