Bravus II 12D Powered Subwoofer

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Special $849 || Normally $899 || Save Up To $50

Let’s face it; there are times when size does matter. If you’ve got a big room and desire deep, loud, accurate bass coupled with your musical, you’ve just hit pay dirt.

The dual 12” drivers and 650 watts of digital power in the Bravus 12D will electrify your room with expansive bass that must be heard and felt to believe. Prepare yourself to be moved - quite literally.

Henry Ford once said “you can have your new car any color you want… as long as it’s black.” We thought we’d teach Henry a thing or two, literally. We’re now offering the 12D in the Verus gloss cherry veneer for those that want a splash of elegant color in our lives. For those of us that revere Mr. Ford, fear not… you can still chose our gorgeous high gloss black finish as well.

Gloss CherryGloss Black
Bravus II 12D Powered Subwoofer
Gloss Cherry Gloss Black

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Let’s face it; there are times when size does matter. If you’ve got a big room and desire deep, loud, accurate bass coupled with your musical, you’ve just hit pay dirt. The dual 12” drivers and 650 watts of digital power in the Bravus 12D will electrify your room with expansive bass that must be heard and felt to believe. Prepare yourself to be moved - quite literally.

  • Single down-firing active 12" aluminum driver
  • Dual side-firing 12" aluminum passive radiators
  • 650 watt class D amplifier
  • USB power jack for easy wireless connection
  • Small internally braced 3/4" HDF sealed enclosure
  • Virtually vibration-free cabinet
  • TEN YEAR WARRANTY (two years on the amplifier)
  • FREE SHIPPING - a $65 value*
  • FREE lifetime technical support

All that plus a timeless design that seamlessly integrates with your décor.

Bravus by Aperion – subwoofers designed from the ground up for maximum performance, sonic quality and value.

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

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Detailed and Tight Rusty
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I bought this sub on a bit of a whim. I needed something that was very detailed and clear for music. I thought, hey, what the heck, the pro's like it, it has a ten year warranty and in home trial, lets give it a shot. When I received the package, I was a little disappointed to find it was only single boxed, but the foam was quite thick and the sub arrived in excellent condition. When you take the foam out, the sub is encased in a beautiful purple velvet bag. Unreal, very cool. After several layers, you pull out the sub and man, this thing is a work of art. Easily the best fit and finish I've ever seen on a sub.

After firing it up and letting it settle in for a few days, I played a lot of music. I just couldn't stop listening. This sub doesn't go as low or as loud as others in it's price range, but it is so precise and gets plenty loud and low for me. I had to add foam tape all over the place just to stop the house from rattling!!! As far as precision, I listened to a lot of technical death metal with bass arpeggio's and crazy fast double bass. This sub not only played it clean as day, but as loud as I could handle. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Equally impressive was electronic music. The extension on low bass notes is astounding, you can literally feel it, no matter where you are in the room. I discovered at loud volumes you can feel it in every wall, even on the other end of the house. Not for apartments, that's for sure.

I never was into the Home Theater scene, but I find myself buying more and more movies just because this sub has made them a blast to watch. If you buy one of these beauties, let it warm up and watch the new Batman trilogy. What a treat!

In summation, I was totally blown away by this sub. Not just it's sound, but it's really a piece of furniture too. I often take the radiator covers off just to watch this beauty play. Great job Aperion. I plan on buying another just to bump up the bass even more. Highly recommended.

Are you kidding me? Kim
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This Sub is amazing. Before I ordered my theater chairs, my son was bugging me to get the base kickers for the chairs, so that we could feel the bass. I told him that we would hold off, until we gave the sub a chance to prove itself. Well the system went in, and then the seats. At first I was impressed, but not wowed with the bass coming off of the sub, but then I realized that I had only hooked up one RCA, instead of both. I hooked them both up, and BAM!!! Man this thing really rocks now! It will shake you to your core! Thanks Aperion for making something so small, sound so big.

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Uber Aperion Customer Service Produces Uber 12D Sub
Uber Aperion Customer Service!!!

Aperion Customer Service Uber Rocks! Without you, I probably would have kissed off the new subwoofer as another \'room decoration.\' I bought this subwoofer in December, 2014.

That Denon 4311 CI receiver has some issues with its HD Radio and its subwoofer outlets.
The Polk subwoofer, which I used with this Denon receiver, worked only two weeks. The outlet was live at the time. I shut the Polk subwoofer down, and started saving for another subwoofer.

I was hoping that Denon’s subwoofer outlet would work, but, it didn’t, when I attempted to hook up the newly purchased Aperion subwoofer Bravus 12D. I tried the outlets with the existing subwoofer cable and a brand new subwoofer cable.

I called Aperion Customer Service, and the customer representative’s advice was right on the mark on what to do to get that subwoofer ‘woofing!’ I bought 14 gauge speaker wire, per Aperion\'s Customer Service Rep\'s recommendation, and wired the front speakers’ outlets with the subwoofer.


That subwoofer is not going back. It is superb! I never dreamed that the dimensions of sound would be so rich with a quality subwoofer.

Aperion, thank you for helping me out, and, also, producing a great subwoofer!
Audioholics Reviews the Bravus II 12D
“Sonically the 12D performs. Aesthetically in my opinion it is hands down the best looking subwoofer I have seen for under $1,000. The gloss piano black finish is beautiful, the dual recessed grilles give a symmetric appearance and the Aperion badging is classy. If there were a rating for spousal acceptance the 12D would get the top marks easily.”

"At $899 delivered the Aperion Bravus II 12D is very reasonably priced, but not the cheapest subwoofer around. It is small, but not the smallest, not the loudest, or the deepest extending subwoofer around either, but what it does offer is a compelling mix of size, looks, output and price, not found in this particular combination very often. Aperion has produced a real contender in the small sub market. Highly recommended."

- Josh Ricci,, November 2012

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Single Active & Dual 12" Passive High-Excursion Custom Aluminum Drivers
We designed Bravus with three custom aluminum drivers for efficient high-performance. One part rigid precision, one part low bass extension - shake well with a healthy helping of linearity, and you're left with three drivers to take your music and movies to new depths. Aluminum offers the perfect blend of strength and mass to keep the Class D digital amp operating efficiently. Couple this with a heavy duty rubber surround and a precision motor structure and you get bass that is deep and linear. To make things even better, we packed three drivers in a small gorgeous enclosure so your Bravus 12" sub offers the performance of a larger sub but takes up less space.

650 Watt Class D Amplifier
All of the Bravus II subwoofers use an efficient high power class D amplifier with a high current switching power supply. This allows maximum performance output and deep bass authority while maintaining the musical accuracy and detail you expect from Aperion Audio.

Detachable Power Cord w/ Switchable Voltage
We make it easy to upgrade your cord or take your subwoofer on the road. No matter if you're in Los Angeles or Lisbon, you can easily switch between 110V and 220V power. Just plug in the correct cord, switch the voltage and enjoy. One caveat, though -- We're not responsible for international noise ordinances, so tread carefully and bring bribe money.

Line Level Inputs
Every Aperion subwoofer comes standard with an LFE line level input that connects to any receiver’s subwoofer pre-out. Or, if you don't have a sub-out connection, use the left and right low level inputs with the low level outputs from your pre-amp or receiver.

High Level Inputs
Hook your new subwoofer up to any receiver or amplifier! If you don’t have a sub-out connection on your receiver, you can use the left and right speaker outputs to make setup a snap.

Internally Braced 1" HDF Sealed Enclosure
Powerful bass needs a sturdy cabinet. Every Bravus 12D subwoofer is built out of strong 1" HDF and internally braced to reduce cabinet vibration to nearly nothing.

Timeless Design & Furniture-Grade Finish
Each of our Bravus subwoofers features a timeless design aesthetic and is beautifully finished in high gloss piano black lacquer, allowing them to effortlessly blend into your decor. This first-rate cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of only the most expensive subwoofers with a furniture-grade finish so handsome your coffee table will be jealous.

Leveling Floor Spikes and Footers
Included with each Bravus subwoofer is a set of metal floor spikes with footers and a set of rubber feet. Use the metal spikes on carpet for tighter bass by decoupling the sub from the floor. If you have hard floors, use the footers with your metal spikes or use the included rubber feet to improve bass response and protect your surfaces from scratches or dents.

Acoustically Transparent Grille
Nothing stands between you and your sound. We designed a sonically invisible grille that not only looks great, but also protects your precious woofers from curious fingers, claws or snouts.



Download the Bravus Subwoofer Manual




Weight 54.0 lbs
Frequency Response -3dB, 23Hz - 200Hz -- -6dB, 19Hz - 200Hz
Amplifier Power 650W RMS
Woofer 12" High-Excursion Aluminum Driver with Dual 12” Passive Radiators
Driver Configuration Single Active, Dual Passive
Enclosure Type Sealed and Internally Braced 1" HDF
Dimensions 17" H x 15.5" W x 15.5" D (with feet attached)
Product Family Bravus
Placement Location Subwoofer

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