Full-Value Trade-Up Program

Aperion Audio’s Full-Value Trade-up Program

One of our intentions at Aperion Audio is to provide you with the very best purchase experience you have ever had… with no exceptions!

Another intention is that through our passion for sonic excellence, we continue to create amazing speakers. 

Occasionally these two intentions conflict with each other. For example, you may have happily purchased one of our speakers, only to realize that you need a larger speaker, or to discover that we’ve introduced a new speaker to our product family that was just what you really wanted, had it been in existence at the time of your original purchase. 

In support of our first intention, to give you an out-of-body buying experience, and to eliminate the angst that the introduction of our latest and greatest speaker might create, Aperion has developed our ONE YEAR FULL VALUE TRADE-UP PROGRAM. 

Our program is simple: if you simply decide that you’d like a larger, more expensive speaker -- or we create something new and amazing that you just have to have -- you can trade in your original speaker toward the new speaker at its full value! 

As you might expect, there are some limitations:

  • First, your request for a trade-up must be made within one year of your original purchase date. 
  • The newer speaker must be of higher cash value than your original speaker.
  • Subsequent revisions of the speaker you originally purchased are not eligible for trade-up. 
  • Price increases on the same model you currently own do not qualify as a trade-up. 
  • Value is determined per individual speaker at the time of purchase, not per speaker system. 
  • You cannot use the program to upgrade your existing speaker configuration by purchasing more of a less expensive model. For example, it's not possible to trade in a 5” 2.1 system toward a 4” 5.1 system, even though the 4” system costs more. 
  • While we are happy to provide you with information on the cost of shipping, free shipping does not apply to trade-up orders. 
  • The speaker you’re trading in must be in good working order and free of damage.
  • And last, subwoofersnbsp; are not eligible for this program.

Aperion is dedicated to the continual pursuit of sonic excellence and great value. This policy is designed to make you want to cheer, not jeer, at our inability to leave “good enough” alone.

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