10 Ways To Childproof Your Home Theater System

We love our kids, but we also love our home theater systems. However, young children are often the nemesis of an intact and functioning home theater setup. How can we protect that which is divine and holy from the curious hands of our divine and holy toddler? Even our well-intentioned friends, unfamiliar with our specific setups, can wreak havoc. Let’s not forget about our pets either…

Here are a few tips to keep your system functioning in the face of the inexperienced and the curiosity of youth.

1) Grilles

You definitely want to leave the grilles on your speakers with young ones running around. Simply keeping the speaker cones hidden will help avoid a child shoving their fingers through the cones. Obviously a metal or plastic grille would better protect than just a cloth grill. At least with them covered it won’t draw as much interest as naked drivers would.

2) Sandbags

If you have bookshelves on speaker stands, some sandbags at the base of the stand will work wonders to avoid tipping over. You could also fill the speaker stand pole with rice or a synthetic material. You want to avoid sand because moisture will eventually build up and could potentially rust your stands.

3) Secure Stand

Make sure that your bookshelf speakers are securely attached to the stand. One way to accomplish this is using a bolt through the top plate of the stand which screws into the threading at bottom of the speaker. Another option is to apply some earthquake putty to fasten the speaker to the stand.

4) Speaker Mounts

Mounting the speakers up high on the wall is also a great way to keep some clearance. To be extra sturdy, you could install an earthquake proof kit for the hanging speakers. Some Aperion’s even attach a chain from the top and back of the stand to the wall so the speaker can’t fall on tender heads.

5) The Cage

With towers it may be best to put a hefty cage around them. Or the running joke is to surround your speakers with an electric fence or barbed wire… to each their own! It may not be visually appealing but it will be well worth protecting not only the speaker but your child or pet and avoiding a trip to the hospital over some potentially broken bones.

6) Cabinets

For all other electronics, make sure they can be locked behind a cabinet. If your entertainment system is open with no doors, then the baby fence is probably the best option in protecting your electronics.

7) TV Mounts

Most TV’s come with a security mounting system. If not then a quick trip to the local hardware store and you’ll be able to pick up a fastener at a decent price. Again, you could mount the TV up on the wall, but if that’s not an option then you definitely want to secure it to your entertainment stand.

8) The Emotional Wall

The most cost effective way to build a wall of protection would be having a serious conversation with your young one after raising the most delicate elements out of arms reach. Holding their favorite toy while explaining the significance of your home theater system, you might make some headway. We wish you a stable stroke of luck with this tactic!

9) Recessing

Recessing the TV into the wall could also be a good option. Of course it would take a bit of construction to your room, but having recessed gear would leave more open space for children to run around without knocking anything over.

10) In-Walls

Another construction option would be going with in-walls and in-ceilings. Out of sight, out of mind! This obviously would be the best option if you are planning on installing a home theater system. If you already have speakers though, then refer to the tips provided.

Of course it all comes down to one thing; Safety First! For both the children and the gear! The goal is to protect living beings and your fancy home theater gear. Then when the kids finally grow up, they too can enjoy the sweet sounds of a home theater!

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