Start here with our guide to setting up a home theater. We'll take you through all the terminology and technical details along with some tips and tricks to get you up to speed.  READ ARTICLE

  • Ready To Shop

    Preparation is the key to success. Get all of the knowledge you need to make an informed decision BEFORE you start shopping here.  READ ARTICLE

  • Glossary Of Terms

    Learn the language of audio and you'll be talking shop like an expert in no time. READ ARTICLE

  • The Physics of Sound

    How is a sound wave is produced and what happens when that sound reaches our ear? We'll explain both as well as how speaker design takes many of its cues from our ears work. READ ARTICLE

  • How Speakers Work

    Learn about the inner workings of a speaker and discover how they can reproduce any sound with remarkable accuracy.  READ ARTICLE

  • Types of HT Speakers

    Take a tour of a home theater set up with descriptions of each type of speaker along with how they divide up the workload of creating a theater-like experience in your living room.  READ ARTICLE

  • How Subwoofers Work

    How does a subwoofer put the boom in your room? We'll explain the science of subs and go over a few different design strategies. READ ARTICLE

  • TV Comes in all types

    Learn about the different types of displays that are available. READ ARTICLE

  • TV Jargon Demystified

    These days there's a whole host of terminology that goes along with TVs. Find out what they all mean and which specs are the most important. READ ARTICLE

  • Sizing up your TV

    Size matters, we'll take a look at the guidelines of what size of screen you'll need for your home theater. READ ARTICLE

  • How To Choose A Receiver

    Your A/V receiver is the brains of your system so it pays to do your research before buying. Read our rundown of what to look for to get a receiver that allow your speakers and TV to perform at their best! READ ARTICLE

  • How To Choose A Subwoofer

    You know how subwoofers work but which one is right for you? Take our quiz to help select the perfect sub for your space and usage. READ ARTICLE

  • How To Choose Speakers

    Tower or bookshelf? Cabinet or in-wall? We'll guide you through the different criteria to evaluate speakers and find the models that will be right in your sweet spot. READ ARTICLE

  • What Goes Where

    Location, location, location! Where you place your speakers has a huge impact on how they sound. Find out the best speaker placement options including for those tough rooms. READ ARTICLE

  • Connecting & Dialing

    Now that you have all your speakers and components, we'll show you how to connect your home theater and tweak all the settings for maximum performance. READ ARTICLE


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