Aperion Audio Warranties

Aperion Audio Warranties

Aperion Audio provides transferable limited warranties on speakers, subwoofers and electronics. For specific product warranty information, find your product in the list below. 

Discontinued Product

  • Intimus Speakers: Five (5) years on cabinets, midrange drivers, woofers and crossover
  • Aris: One (1) year
  • 4T Summit Wireless System: One (1) year on electronics, Ten (10) years on cabinets and drivers
  • HAL: One (1) year
  • Zona: One (1) year
  • Slimstage Soundbar: One (1) year
  • Zvox Soundbar: One (1) year
  • Power Towers: Two (2) years on amplifiers, Ten (10) years on cabinets, midrange drivers and woofers

These warranties cover all defects in material and workmanship with the following specific exceptions: 

  • Damage caused by improper installation or adjustment
  • Damage caused by accident, environment, unreasonable use, or neglect
  • Damage caused by an act of God
  • Damage from failure to follow instructions contained in the Owner's Manual
  • Damage from repairs performed by someone not authorized by Aperion Audio
  • Any unit on which the serial number has been effaced, modified, or removed
  • Damage occurring during shipment, other than that arranged by Aperion Audio
  • Units which have been altered or modified in design, appearance or construction

This warranty covers only the actual defects within the products themselves. IT DOES NOT cover costs of installation in (or removal from) a fixed installation, or normal set-up, claims based on any misrepresentation by the seller, or performance variations resulting from installation related circumstances such as signal quality, AC power or incompatibilities with other system components. During the warranty period, Aperion Audio will, at its option, either repair the defect, or replace the defective product, or the defective parts, or components thereof with the then current product/component in use by Aperion Audio, at no charge to the owner for parts and labor covered by this warranty. Shipping charges on warranty parts and/or repairs are the responsibility of the customer.

If necessary repairs are not covered by this warranty, or if a unit is examined which is not in need of repair, you will be charged for the repairs and/or the examination. If non-warranted repairs are needed, we will notify you of the estimated cost and ask for your authorization to perform said repairs.

You must pay shipping charges incurred in getting your product to and from the factory. Please save the original shipping cartons and packaging materials, as the unit MUST be returned in the original carton and packing.