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Verus Speakers

The Aperion Verus Grand family is our flagship line of home theater speakers. Industry critics and our customers agree that the award winning sonic performance of our Verus line is something special. Whether you choose the larger Verus Grand Tower or its smaller companion the Verus Grand Bookshelf, Aperion's Verus speaker line delivers a full range of sound that can quicken your heart rate and raise the little hairs on the back of your neck. Amazing sound coupled with the aesthetic appeal of our Aperion Verus Grand speaker system make it a welcome addition to any living space.

Verus III Concert V8T Tower Speaker

  Introducing the flagship Verus III Concert V8T Tower Speaker. After 21 years of non-stop engineering development and countless hours toiling in the lab, we are extremely proud to announce our best speaker yet. Featuring dual 8" woofers, dual 5.25" mid-range woofers, our Axially Stabilized Verus Tweeter, and a premium crossover network, our Verus Concert Tower unveils the peak of...

Verus III Grand V6T+ Tower Speaker

Verus III Grand V6T+ Tower Speaker If you want the price of your speaker to be as real as the experience it creates, then you're the reason we designed the Verus III Grand Tower. We've handled the engineering and economics, which means you’ll pay thousands less for sound that lands you and your family in the middle of the action....

Verus III Grand V5B Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Verus III Grand Bookshelf Speaker Pair Take the novel sonic design and classic cabinetry of our Verus III Grand Tower speaker, then condense it to produce a bookshelf speaker that knocks your socks off. Now that you're barefoot, you might as well sit back and let your ears and eyes delight in the Verus III Grand Bookshelf. This speaker employs our Axially Stabilized Radiator™...

Verus III Grand V6C Center Channel Speaker

Verus III Grand Center Channel Speaker The center channel is arguably the most important speaker in a home theater system. From delicate whispers to chain-reaction explosions, most of what you hear in a movie happens at the center of your screen. So at the heart of your high-end home theater system, you need a speaker that delivers extremely accurate vocals...

Verus VSS Surround Dipole/Bipole Speaker Pair

Verus VSS Surround Dipole/Bipole Speaker Pair Are you looking for versatile solutions to your surround sound needs? Whether it's music or movies… detail or immersion, our switchable Verus Surround Bipole/Dipole speaker provides you a great solution. Immerse yourself in surround sound. Perfect for home theater and multi-channel music, the Verus Surround speakers envelop you in the action and deluge your room...

A5 Immersive Height Module Pair

Aperion A5 Immersive Height Module The Aperion A5 Immersive Height Module is perfect for achieving the latest surround formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X that require "height" channels. Traditionally, this required installing in-ceiling speakers above your seating area. But with the Aperion A5, you can attain this effect with several different methods that do not require you to cut...