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February, 2019

Louis S - TN

Beautifully made and nicely designed. Very versatile. Just beginning the set up process. Love what I hear.


Mike D - NY

Honest employees who seem to really care about their customers and helping out whether with recommendations before purchase or support even years later. Their speakers vastly outperform comparables costing much more and are built to last. Would recommend Aperion to anyone.


James – CA

Always great customer service, had an issue with new speakers and a new set was shipped immediately along with an email and personal inspection of outgoing speakers to ensure no issues. I have been a long time Aperion customer for a reason, these guys get customer service right, other companies would benefit greatly by taking notice.


Gary - CA

I love your products and your website is informative and easy to navigate. Product support is excellent as well. This is the second set of speakers that I have purchased, and they continue to exceed my already high expectations!! I recommend Aperion to all that ask about my installation.


Keith – Armed Forces Europe

Aperion Audio Folks, I received my order, quick, excellent boxing, no damage. The sound quality is amazing. Watching movies, the surround sound makes me jump even though I am expecting it. I am simply in awe of the quality and clarity. I am not so sure my neighbours are, but they haven't complained to me as of yet. Cheers

AUGUST, 2018

Ilan – TX

THIS IS MORE THAN I COULD HOPE FOR Just got these yesterday. Installation was just as any other In-Wall and the sound was amazing in 5.1 setup (along with Verus II grand center and Bravus II 10D sub. using Marantz SR6012 as a receiver, the sound is deep and enveloping but also detailed and dynamic. love them!

JULY, 2018


Aperion!!!! I had issues with the screw post mount on the bottom of a couple of di-pole bi-pole speakers. I loved the sound, finish and performance minus the one flaw. I contacted Aperion and they told me they'd send replacements BEFORE I SENT BACK THE DEFECTIVE ONES so I wasn't without a surround system in the mean time. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They took the criticism, improved relationships and improved their product. WAY TO GO APERION!

MAY, 2018

Trevor - CA

I just placed an order. Two days ago I hadn't even heard of Aperion Audio but the quick and helpful replies to my questions sold me.

JUNE, 2018

Marco – AZ

Very satified withthe Intimus L6-IC In-Ceiling Speaker. As a matter of fact I ordered 2 more directly from Aperion and I'm using them in a 5.1.4 Atmos set up and the they perform great, better than I would have thought for in ceiling speaker, I enjoy the smooth highs with out being too laid back and very solid mid range. Excellent.

APRIL, 2018

Brandon - TX

Very quick response and excellent customer service.

APRIL, 2018

Jefferson – AZ

Very quick response and excellent customer service.

MARCH, 2018

Jeff – IL

Thanks for the rapid response and good news on the driver being available. I will call tomorrow to confirm the order. I am extremely relieved that there is a replacement available. Spent the evening trying to splice the old one, and it looks like crap! Jeff

JULY, 2017

Josh - WA

Thanks, Aperion. You answered my questions in thorough and understandable even for me manner. I really appreciate that. I am looking forward to my next Aperion purchase. already have Aperion center speaker.

JUNE, 2016

Bill - AR

Thanks, Aperion. You answered my questions in thorough and understandable even for me manner. I really appreciate that. I am looking forward to my next Aperion purchase. already have Aperion center speaker.

MARCH, 2016

Eric - NJ

Thanks for taking care of the issues w/ my order so quickly.


John – San Francisco, CA

Aperion has been awesome at getting me through the issues with my 4T tower. If I wasn't already a fan, my next speaker purchase will be with Aperion. Thanks.


Sergio – Glendale, CA

Super helpful! It's why I keep coming back to Aperion after all these years.


Alex – Oakland, CA

Thanks so much for your troubleshooting pointers! Have been super busy so as of yet have not tried anything, but I'll let you know if something pans out I have a feeling it might be my cable since you mentioned it.



"Received my Verus Grands yesterday afternoon, and spent the better part of the evening setting them up and calibrating the system. I haven't gotten a lot of listening time yet, but I'm loving what I'm hearing so far. My previous setup was a 9 year old Onkyo HTIB which, at least as far as HTIBs go, was pretty good. But we're talking night and day between them and the Aperions. Especially on the high end, I'm getting a lot more clarity and detail that I simply never noticed before. I watched the opening car chase scene of "Quantum of Solace," and holy crap! I was literally gripping my armrests as the VGs every visceral detail of the flying bullets and screeching metal as car after car was destroyed.
My Blu-ray of "It Might Get Loud" is currently on loan, so I popped in "White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights" instead. I tell ya, if these speakers can keep up with Jack White on the guitar (and they can), there's nothing they can't do.
After that came the "Within Temptation: Black Symphony" Blu-ray, and was once again floored by this immense wall of sound coming from the VGs. And again, I kept hearing tons of new details and even whole instruments that I had not heard before. The band, the orchestra, the singer, and the crowd were all represented well with excellent definition so nothing was lost.
Suffice it to say, I will definitely be recommending Aperion Audio to anyone who will listen to me. Even if they might not be able to afford Verus Grands like mine, Aperion certainly has a diverse lineup that should be able to fit nearly any budget.
Oh, and my system:
Denon 3313CI
Aperion Verus Grand Towers and Center in a 3.1 config
Outlaw Audio LFM-1EX subwoofer
Panasonic BDT210 3D Blu-Ray Player
Sony PS3
Roku 3
LG 55LW5700 3D LED TV"

Aperion, I took delivery of a Verus Grand system (Specifically 2 towers, a center and 2 bi-pole / di-poles) on 12/31/14. First I would like to mention that were it not for the A/V Rant Podcast, I would not have known to purchase your product. On several occasions, Tom and Rob have spoken very highly of your product, but they have also provided me with an education which helped me to decide that the way your speakers present sound would fit my preferences. I enjoy the wonderful sound-stage and the disperse sound I get from you towers which works very well in my room.  I would like to thank you for engineering and building such a high quality product at a fair price. My family has already enjoyed several hours of music and movies. We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment to come. I am extremely happy with all aspects of your speakers and our transaction. I will be sure to write a review/compliment on your website. Thank you again,

Mike, California - 01/14/15

I just wanted to write and say that I took a chance on your speakers and I’m thrilled that I did. They’re so clear I barely have to turn them up (my roommates thank you), and when I do crank them I’m very surprised by how clean and tight the bass is. They’re smooth and lissome, and have that undefinable “musicality” to them. They might not be right for everyone, but for me they’re just the thing. Keep up the good work! I look forward to enjoying my speakers for years to come.

Sean, Maine - 01/8/15

Thanks Mike - another reason why I love Aperion and tell all my friends where I chose to buy my speakers and why. This is very straightforward and helpful.

Kevin, California - 10/22

Dear Aperion. I just submitted a highly favorable review of your product. Feel free to circulate it to other publications. If I could afford it now I would replace all my speakers with Aperions. Thanks for the set up assistance. Bill. Text of the review follows: You guys blow me away! I needed to replace the subwoofer to my home theater (16' x 25' room, 11' ceiling). I did not want a speaker that would "shake the foundation" or disturb my neighbors a mile away. I sought only an enhanced music experience. My old subwoofer model was out of production, so I did some research on the internet. Although I hate to buy anything sight unseen, your Bravus II 8D attracted me for its imputed musicality, its small footprint and the black gloss finish that complements our media room. Talking with Donovan in your sales department was reassuring, and my resulting order was processed quickly and easily. Since I am decidedly low-tech, and the user's manual for my receiver was anything but understandable, I had planned to hire a pro for setup. Donovan convinced me to let him walk me through the process. It was painless! He was able to convert confusing language into an easy step-by-step connection. The Bravus II 8D is very impressive for its size. Proof of its performance can be demonstrated by listening to the 1812 Overture, anything by Pink Floyd or the movie Patton. To my untrained ear the bass is clear, smooth and realistic. Musician friends have agreed. Last but not least, and having no real role in a performance review, this cabinet is downright gorgeous.

William, California- 9/24/14

I recently ordered the intimus 5T towers, forte center and bravus 10d sub. Michael and Donovan were excellent in their help and provided valuable input all along. I am now adding the rear in ceiling to use as surrounds and am looking forward to the experience. After spending a little time with the system so far- i have been blown away by the quality- i trialed $10k per pair towers and they did not impress me as much as my Aperions. This is my second Aperion system- last one is 7 yrs old in another room and still going strong! Aperion products and customer service rock!

Shahzad, Texas - 8/17/14

Guy's I received the Subwoofers last night and tuned them into my B&W/Onkyo system perfectly. At first I was somewhat impressed with only one Bravus II 12D Subwoofer installed. I was very impressive that it nearly matches the REL 528 that I returned at double the cost. However, when I added the second Bravus II to my system it blew it out of the park. I appreciate working with your team and want to thank you for the excellent quality speakers. I will spread the word in the San Diego Audio community and make sure to post often how much more impressive the Bravus II 12D is than the REL and everything beneath it, which at this point is everything unless you spend 6K.

Harold, California

This email is for Donovan, Jason and Michael, Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to each of you for the various conversations we've had over the past two weeks. I'm a newbie to home theater and had been contemplating what type of equipment and set up I wanted to buy ever since I bought my first plasma TV in 2006. Believe it or not, I've been using just the TV speakers until now. I guess I'm a patient man.

To say that I'm blown away by the sound of my new Aperion speaker set would be a vast understatement. The sounds experience has been trans-formative, and I now fear that I'm past the point of no return to becoming an obsessed audiophile. (You may soon receive an email from my wife cursing you with equal vigor on this point, but secretly I think she enjoys the new system as well). Thanks again to you all for your patience and support!

Norman, California

Aperion Customer Service, I would like to thank you for your exceptional customer service, especially Mike Harvey. From the minute we started corresponding he made it clear that you were standing behind your products and warranty. I really do appreciate your products and more importantly your customer service. The speakers sound great so when I am shopping again in the future for speakers . . . Aperion will be my choice.

Michael, North Carolina

I've built speakers/electronics since the tube Heathkit days (my father built powered-speaker mono systems, so it's in the genes) and I will admit to some apprehension about quality with a wireless speaker system. But that's all behind me. The quality of sound--both freq response as well as imaging and all those little subtleties that make the real difference--are all there.

Literally couldn't be happier, minor teething notwithstanding (another round of thanks for the excellent customer service through the past months). I'm a fan of both music and auto racing, so when ESPN says "TURN IT UP" during NASCAR broadcasts the volume goes to '11' quite nicely. To say nothing of The Mingus Band recorded live.

Murry, Florida


I set up the 5Bs and the 5C tonite...All I can say is WOW! Fantastic sound, even before breaking in! Cannot wait til 50 hrs or so has passed. Gonna be killer! The cabinets are just beautiful. Thanks for all the help. The customer service Aperion offers is second to none! My wife was impressed with the phone call and all of the little things you included. The family was laughing at me in my gloves. Anyways, I am so excited for the rest of my system to arrive!

Thanks again! You guys rock!

Paul, Massachusettes


I want to say how impressed I was with your outstanding service. The speaker arrived within 48 hours. Packaging was meticulous, preserving against damage, and finally the unit emerged encased in a royal blue velvet bag. Performance exceeds all expectations.

With thanks,
Kenneth, Oregon


To all at name is Steve and i have been dealing with Aperion since about april of this that time i have purchased a complete 6t package....had a problem with a tweeter in one of the towers.......recently upgraded my 5b bookshelves to the 5db's......and needed advice on various issues with my system...........through all this i have never in my whole life been more impressed with a single company that provides a top of the line product with the most impressive customer service i have ever experenced.......if all of america would run their business the way you run yours, we would not be in such sad shape......please pass this on to everyone there and thank everyone for everything for me.....thank you so much for everything!

Steve, Washington

p.s. with all that shipping going on.......... your warehouse floor must be two feet deep in need to buy a top of the line shop vac for kellie......again.....thanks for everything!!!!!


Yesterday, I received from you the Marantz AV7005 I ordered. It's a beautiful piece of equipment and I hope I'll enjoy it for a long time. But what I'll enjoy even longer will be the memory of your help in making this purchase, the professionalism, the promptitude, and the courtesy all of you showed to me during the last month. I thank you and I send you my best regards!

Eugene, New York


My husband and I have been listening to a crappy cheap surround system for about three years. For Christmas I promised him I would get him a "top of the line" system...I did my research and found Aperion. We got the system yesterday hooked it up and my husband had goosebumps listening to the crisp sound of our new system!!! We watched a movie with fast cars and it sounded like we were standing right next to the race. I love this company and recommend it to everyone. Thanks Aperion!!

Stephanie, Louisiana

Hi - at this Holiday season, my wife, Merri, and I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to THANK YOU for the Aperion 6B speakers that we have enjoyed for several months now. They make our lives so much more enjoyable, and we spend many hours a week listening to music or watching videos using your simply amazing speakers! Clarity - that's the simple way we describe them. They are way better than the much more expensive B&W speakers they replaced.

You surely are proud of what you make and sell, so this small note won't make much difference to you or your company. But your speakers have made SUCH a great difference in our lives.

We thank you - every time we "fire up the 6Bs."


Merri and Laurence, Florida

“Thanks for the advice. Your guys’ customer service is everything I read it was and more.You guys are truly second to no one. Even if I was interested in a different set up, your customer service would be enough to go with Aperion speakers. If your speakers are the quality of your customer service, I will be very pleased”.


Oh, wow. That trade-up deal is incredible. In all my electronics/home theater shopping, I've never come across that kind of policy before. It honestly makes the decision to go with Aperion speakers much, much easier. And I think I'll go with the 5C, see how it works in the room, and then make a long-term decision from there.

Jason, thanks so much for your help. You've made a very difficult decision much, much easier.

George, New York

Oliver, Mark:

Speakers arrived on Friday. Finally got everything hooked up last night.

First, you know this, they are absolutely beautiful. Tell your Marketing guys that my wife was won over even before I hooked them up. The velvet bag was over the top.

Started out with just the 4Ts playing music. I tested it on the Mahler 1st Symphony. If you don't know it, it starts with strings very soft very jhigh, and just keeps adding part after part. Every part came through clear as a bell with tremendous presence. Even the neighbor lady was impressed. No. I did not have them up that loud. She came by to see what was up and stayed (I think you guys should reimburse me for the wine I poured into her). She definitely has speaker envy.

Hooked up the sub. I need some experience finding the right level. Not a lot is needed, but it definitely helps fill out the low end even on classical music. My wife took the remote away from me on "Sympathy for the Devil". The china was rattling too much.

Finally hooked up the 5DBs and the 5C. Used the set-up from the receiver to adjust the levels as I have the speakers temporarily set up. Who needs fancy stands. My stepladder seems work just fine as a sat stand. Using your boxes for the other. We took it for a ride on "Lord of the Rings". It just sounded great. Sound enveloped us, despite the goofy seating arrangement I have.

When I asked the wife this morning if we should keep the speakers I got one of those looks. Have to say I agree with her. Need to let them break in, do some fine tuning and get the sats mounted properly and sit back and enjoy.

Thanks to both of you for your advice and patience. My cohorts at work are already tired of me raving about them.

PJ, Illinois

Hey guys,

I got the speakers yesterday did a temp install today to make sure that everything works...not only do they work, but they work WELL!

I'm an audio professional ( so I had expectations for these, but they actually are better than I thought they would be (by a wide margin). I use blue sky monitors for sound editing and Dynaudio AIR 15's for mixing and this system sounds as good as our big room out of the box. Granted, those are built to be flat, but I was astounded at the bass response out of the 6T's even without a sub, and with only stock settings.

Thank you guys very much for everything. The speakers are truly first rate and I'm sure I'll enjoy them for many years.

I have had the 5T, 5C, two 5B's and 8D setup for a few  months now and I  gotta say everything is wonderful. I find myself sitting  on the couch just listening to music tracks because the audio is so crisp  and clean. I don't
go out to watch movies much anymore because I have such  a sweet setup and the sound just blows me away. Thanks again for a great  product and exceptional customer service!

Kyle, Virginia

I just want to add a comment to your customer review section. I find it refreshing to finally have dealings with a company of honesty and integrity. I find it so rare I think it deserves a commendation.
I purchased a Y coaxial adapter and found upon receiving it that I needed male to female connections instead of vice-versa. The gentleman who helped me promptly offered to take back the product and even paid for the return shipping. I received the shipping label the next day as promised.
I would never hesitate to do business with your company and will search your website first for all my future audio needs. Kudos to your team for making an example of what customer service used to be in the USA. I hope other companies will take your example and put customers first. It seems few companies understand the power of customer loyalty. I would gladly pay a little more to be treated as a valuable customer.
Best Regards,
Armand, Washington

Sirs, I purchased the last of the 4T 's along with a center, rear and subwoofer, in April of 2008. I just wanted to tell you that after about eight months of listening I am thrilled with this system. I'd like to say more but I would be writing all night. Just Fantastic.
Ron, Illinois  


LOVE the velvet bags, and am in AWE of the speakers.
The Eagles never sounded this good in my house!
Thank you.

I appreciate the candor, the humor and the wit in your written
communications.  It's much appreciated.
Monica, California


Thank you! I want to let you know Aperion Audio has a superb product supported by outstanding service.

I recently experienced some problems with my 7.1 system. Jason was extremely quick with getting back to me. Jason was thorough in his analysis then came up with the solution that solved the problem, the first time.

I judge a company by its products yes, but mostly by its people's commitment to taking care of their customers and I will recommend Aperion Audio to anyone in the market shopping for a top of the line audio system backed by top notch service.

I hope I won't require your services again but if I ever should again I know that I will be well taken care of. Thank you!

All the best,
Mike, Idaho



I replaced the amp in my subwoofer and the amp was defiantly the  problem.  The subwoofer is working great now.  I sent the malfunctioning amp back via FEDEX this last Saturday.
I sincerely appreciate Aperion Audio's customer service especially after sale / warranty.  It is difficult to find any company that will warrant electronics, and Aperion Audio's warranty and customer service is really second to none.  You have earned my loyalty and wouldn't hesitate recommending your company to friends and family.
Thanks for your professionalism, 

I am absolutely blown away, my speakers far exceeded my expectations. The first CD I played was Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms (just because it is DDD), then I put on a DVD of The Moody Blues, Live, wow is all I can say.
Thank you so much.

Robert, California

Hey Jason,

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with my sub upgrade. You can consider me a lifetime customer :)
I need to fine tune things a bit, but the 10D is hooked up and sounding great!

Gary, Oregon

Hi Jason,

Just want to let you know that the speakers arrived safely in Bangkok and I have them used for selecting an integrated amplifier. The HIFI equipment dealer was astonished listening to the speakers. I was using the Onkyo A9755 and Rega Mira 3 amplifier. Finally I decided for the Mira 3 since the sound was more crisp.

Thank you for the efforts you put in.

Juergen, Bangkok

Dear Aperion Audio Gang,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to complement your staff on providing an exceptional buying experience from start to finish.

As you well know, there are hundreds, if not thousands of options out there for consumers who are trying to decide on the ideal speakers to meet their needs.  Your informative and easy to navigate website provided all the information necessary for me to make this part of the decision making process a snap.

I did experience a small hiccup with my order, but a quick proactive phone call from one of your Gurus to me on my cell phone solved the problem before I even knew it had occurred.

I just received an update via email that my order has shipped.   I am very excited in anticipation of receiving this shipment to see if any loose confetti accidentally made it into the box during your packaging celebration.

If the level of performance of your speakers matches that of your customer service team, then rest assured that you have earned a customer for life. Thank you for a great buying experience.

Warmest Regards,
Todd, Texas

I received my care kit yesterday and could feel the love of the caring people at Aperion Audio who packaged it ant sent it on its way.  I was at your website a few days ago to possibly purchase your sound meter to calibrate my speakers but thanks to your generosity and consideration to me and the many other customers who are enjoying your wonderful speakers, I don't need to. Now that I have my new Samsung HL-T5689S LED TV, credenza, rug, coffee and end tables and Onkyo TX-SR 705 Amplifier I'm all set to watch movies, sports and listen to music.

My selection to your speakers came after many hours of computer research reading specs and expert reviews looking at pictures of them and the color choices that led me to choose Aperion. The addition of the new furniture pieces with the exception of the credenza were not selected until after the speakers arrived to allow my wife to select them and the rug to blend in with the speakers. Your caring attitude and concern that I get the most enjoyment out of my purchase and the kit to care for them has touched me beyond words not to mention their awesome sound. You may use my comments as I want others to experience what I have  with Aperion Audio. I also want to thank your wonder sales and technical staff in guiding me through the purchase and helping me select the best system for my needs.

Max, South Carolina


Thank you very much for taking the time to spend a few minutes with Tommy and I last week.  I enjoyed meeting you and was impressed with your "operation".  For years Tommy, as well as others, have been talking about "aperion audio" and what a great shopping experience you have developed.  Well, I have finally figured out what they were talking about !!  So many times we sit in meetings and say "yea, yea".  I have to say I was a bit guilty with  It only took me a couple of minutes to realize they were right, your site is what everyone in our "e-commerce" business should strive for ...  

Easy, quick, simple to navigate, tons of collateral information, great reviews and a shopping experience that makes sense and builds trust (plus unlike selling CD's your ring at the till is awesome).  Direct to the consumer in an e-commerce setting makes all the sense in the world it appears when dealing with speakers !!

Talk to you soon.
Guy, Oregon


I could have not asked  for a better system or purchased a better system at this price point.  Even my neighbor who helped me set up the system was very impressed with the build quality of the speakers and sound, and my neighbor should know, he spent somewhere around $10k for his systems and said my sound was wonderful and very detailed.  Everything is just wonderful, even my wife likes to watch movies with me and the kids.

I took your advice and bought the latest Onkyo receiver and that is what powers the surround sound.  Couple with my 55" HD JVC who could ask for more?  So needless to say I am very glad that I bought my speakers from Aperion Audio and look forward to many years of dealing with your company.

Thanks again...........
Stephen, Michigan

The experience I've had with Aperion so far has been extraordinary. This is beyond all my expectations! You are the best web based retailer I have ever dealt with. And it's all because of the dedication and professionalism of the people who work for Aperion Audio.

Keep up the good work!


Speakers arrived and I had them set up in 30 minutes (OK, I was a little excited). Paired with my new Denon 3808CI, it sounds -- well, I'm at a loss for words. All I can say is, if I shut my eyes, I'm very close to believing the performers are in the room. Oh yeah -- and they look great too. In a word -- AWESOME!

Thanks for the great service and an amazing product.


Dear Aperion Staff,

Thank you very much for an incredible product and customer service, This sub is one beautiful work of art and sound. I applaud all that has went into this and I look forward to upgrading the rest of my home cinema experience with other Aperion products. What a way to cut costs and not corners!

-Christopher, Michigan

"I love my speakers so much!  They sound as good as they look and Wow they look great! Now I am tempted to begin replacing my existing speakers.  You guys are a real class act.  I have really enjoyed all the little extras you provide. As a rule I never give feedback, I am just too busy, but you have exceeded all my expectations.  Your sense of humor really made my day. You just do not find service like this anymore!"



Just wanted you to know that I am throwing away the boxes, and you will never see your speakers again!  This is a good thing for both of us.

I have been an audiophile on a budget for years, and have wanted to try your brand for a while.  The secret of the superior quality of Aperion speakers is out all over the web.  Your customer service is the only thing rivaling your exquisite product.  I have some Canton audio speakers for my mains, but these 422-LR's are really balanced, true, and have excellent imaging as advertised.  I am extremely proud that this level of quality is being achieved by a home-grown, American company. KUDOS!

The cleaning supplies and follow up after the sale were awesome.  I must confess, I only held onto the boxes because I may be moving sometime soon, but I have sincerely enjoyed looking at the boxes while I listen to my home theater and smile.

Joseph, Maryland


On October 11,2007, My Mother, Son, and I had the pleasure of stopping by and checking out your 422 Intimus Harmony System in your showroom for my Mom.  I have had your 522-D FL, FR, and CC along with your 10"sub for a few years now.  She just bought a 50" Toshiba DLP the previous week and was set on a little Klipsch surround system for considerably more money.  I suggested since we were going to Seattle soon that we needed to stop by your place and check out what you had.  She needs to see and hear for herself.  And I wanted to see myself the new toys.

Is she glad she listened to me!!!  The showroom experience hosted by David was awsome.  She was very impressed with Diana Krall, but, when he dimmed the lights and started Finding Nemo it opened a whole new world to Mom's eyes.  David answered all of her questions and explained how it all works talking to her like a friend and not just customer waisting his time.  You don't get that kind of service much anymore and she very much appreciated the time he spent with her.  Thanks David.

After getting back from our trip I got to set up and play with her new toys.  The speakers and sub are hooked to a Harman/Kardon AVR146 and this combination is very nice and works just as well with music and movies equally.

This whole package is replacing a 25" RCA from the mid 1970's.  When I got done calibrating and setting everything up and dropped Garth Brooks(She is a HUGE Fan) Live from NY in the DVD player she cried.  She could not believe what she was hearing and seeing.

She now has the weekly movie outing with her friends at her house instead of going to the theater.  Her friends are so impressed with her new "TV and Radio".  I wish I could have been there to see the reaction of 5 65+yr old ladies to the TV and Radio.  LOL!

Today we are going out shopping for heavy drapes to keep the light out and the sound in.  I am trying to talk her into the remote dimmer that David used to open the HT Experience for her. I guess this letter is turning more into a review, but, I just wanted to Thank all of you for helping my Mom and showing her a great time and reiterating what I had known for a while.  That your a Company that cares about the customers above all else which is the reason why your Speakers and Subs are so awsome.  She still talks about that day to everyone who will listen.

Again, we just want to say Thank You to all of you.

Lenny, Oregon


As my favorite issue of my favorite magazine arrived in the mail today (the Speaker Issue of Sound & Vision), I was reminded of something I've been wanting to write to you fine folks for a while now.

I purchased the first three Aperion speakers of my 5.1 surround system around a year ago. (I've been saving since then and almost have enough for the sub...then come the surrounds!) I am still extremely happy with the sound quality and my wife and I both love the smooth cherry finish.

Before I purchased my 532-LRs (the first speakers I bought) I did an enormous amount of research. One of the reviews that clinched it for me was found in Sound & Vision. And one of the reasons it meant so much was because of the fact that you don't advertise in their publication, yet still received high praises.

Unfortunately, I don't give much attention to some of the speaker reviews they publish when the same manufacturer takes out several full-page ads every month (Definitive Technology, Paradigm, etc.). These companies may make fine speakers, I just can't make the leap from paying for ads to claims of "Certified and Approved." Political campaign contributions come to mind.

I'm not saying you shouldn't advertise in their magazine, that's your call, but I just wanted you to know that positive reviews of your products hold much more weight for me when your company is absent from their list of financial supporters.

Keep up the excellent work. I love your speakers (Alison Krauss has never sounded better!)

Your fellow Oregonian,
Chris, Oregon

My 632-LRs arrived Friday.  WOW!!  While they are still in the break-in period, the sound is phenomenal.  Put in The Great Jazz Trio's Someday My Prince Will Come CD and the soundstage is incredible (you should recommend this as mandatory listening with your speakers because they really shine with this CD). Can't wait for what follows.

Dick, Vermont

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!. The complete ensemble is wonderful and absolutely plenty of bass in the Power Towers for Home Theatre. A very good friend and even more of an audiophile thinks this set up blows away my former NHT Towers, Sub woofer, center, rears!

Chris, California

Speaking of speakers, I just got them yesterday. They are all set up, and they look and sound beautiful. My girlfriend was giddy about them, which was a relief; I was worried that they'd be too big for her tastes. If and when we marry and live together, at least she won't care about my subwoofer taking up several square yards in the living room (I upgraded to the 12" model, and that thing is enormous)! I guess they already pass the WAF test. :)

Satisfied Customer

I am just in my third week of the 30 day trial period on my new Intimus 533-VAC Center Channel, but I don't need any more time.  You ain't getting this speaker back, no way! I just love it.  What a difference it has made in my listening enjoyment.  My wife, who is not into speakers, said since I got this new speaker box the sound has really improved.  Now that is an endorsement you can be proud of, she doesn't get too excited unless it's really good.

Your going to be receiving many more orders due to my promoting Aperion audio products.  My son will be ordering towers and surround speakers in a couple of weeks. Also one of his friends has visited your website and is impressed.

Love your classes at Aperion University... really fills in the blanks on questions about anything to do with speaker systems.  Appreciate your work.  Best speakers money can buy and the best help in fully enjoying them.

A real fan,
Ron, Nebraska

To All the Folks at Aperion, 

I just want to take a few moments to provide some feedback on my recent Aperion Audio purchase.  Having had the speakers for about a month now, try as I have, I just cannot find anything I am not happy with.  The speakers are outstanding.

From my first visit to you website, to your customer support advice on product selection (special thanks to Sean), the purchase process, shipping and delivery and post delivery customer follow up, everything was done first-class............I could not be more pleased.  Well done to all.  Thanks again....

Jack, Virginia

Hi Heather and Aperion people,

The 533 VAC is setup and the system is working properly.  At present, the 533 VAC is mated to Vandersteen Model 1 loudspeakers in a 3.1 setup.  The Vandy's are very timbre neutral with a flat frequency response that permits music to be reproduced as it was recorded.  The 533 matches very closely the timbre of the Vandersteens with no sound coloration and I couldn't believe how well they went together.  Needless to say, I am really impressed with VAC and it will not be returned.  I am anxiously anticipating the day when I can afford to order the 533-T floorstanding speakers.  The Vandersteens will be moved into the surround sound position and at that point I should have a huge, rocking 5.1 system that will be very hard to surpass.  Thank you for the excellent customer service, excellent build and sound quality of your speakers, and I expect to be purchasing more speakers from Aperion Audio.


Gordon, Utah 


A BIG THANK-YOU to Aperion. Your speakers look and sound terrific. Your service and friendliness is exemplary. And I am one very satisfied customer. Well done!!

-Peter, California

Speakers Arrived - WOW!

The subject says it all.  The speakers (632-LR/CC front + 532-LR surr + 422-LR back) are amazing!  Add the lined velvet bags and a SPL meter... I'm at an uncharacteristic loss for words.

Yesterday afternoon, I connected the speakers (+ an old subwoofer; I want my backordered S10!) to my new Pioneer VSX-84TXSi, the first A/V upgrade in 15 years, and ran through the MCACC auto calibration process.  Last night, my family and I listened to the Eagles Hell Freezes Over concert DVD.  Tears were rolling down my wife's face during several pieces...

Edwin, Georgia


I hope you are fine and doing well today...

I just wanted you to know that I am very happy with my entire speaker system purchase. Their performance is impeccable. I also can't imagine how much more better they will sound after they have all been adequately been "broken-in"...

Best Regards,
David, California


You guys are amazing.  I mistakenly ordered only one speaker stand for each of my main speakers and surrounds.  I ordered two more on Thursday  evening and they were at my door by Saturday.  The 532 Cinema system  rocks!  I am extremely pleased with the sound quality on music playback as  well.  Thanks again.

Greg, Ohio

Dear Aperion,

I want to thank you for the excellent customer service I received this past week.  When I called your service line after the amplifier on my subwoofer went out, I was not only told that a new one would be sent out immediately without charge, but I received a sincere apology for having had a problem with the speaker in the first place.  The new amp arrived a few days later and included comprehensive installation instructions and even a new wire-stripping tool to ensure I had everything I needed to replace the amp - truly above and beyond.

Thanks for providing service as stellar as your products.

One very happy customer,

Eric, Colorado


Thank you for your reply and follow-up with Ben.  I really appreciate the quick response and subsequent offer of overnighting the speaker mounts in order to complete my installation this weekend. The mounts arrived today.

Thanks again,
Ira, Oregon

TOUCHDOWN!!!!! I don't think the Box was quite heavy enough... (Sarcasm, in  case you didn't know)   Wow, did this subwoofer get here as quick as you said it would!  Thanks!  Waiting for my cousin to get here later  on, before I open it up. He and I are both 43 years old going on 16. So he's the  only guy I know that will apreciate this MONSTER as much as I will. Can't  wait!! 

Peeing in my pants in Warwick, NY.
Joseph, New York

I have enjoyed the blogs and check it each week to see the new entries.  I really like reading the equipment blogs since its informative and helps us amateurs better understand the new equipment features coming out and how it will affect our systems and decisions on future purchases.  The column you had on the Denon 1.3 HDMI was great but, like you indicated in the column; you're killing me with the waiting for that new standard.  I think we have to realize that there is always a new twist just months in the offing.  I am actively looking at new receivers to go with a planned Aperion system and it changes each week from thinking around Christmas time about a new basic HTIB then to new components with a Pio 1016 but then that had HDMI deficiencies, to a Pio Elite 81, then a Sony 1000, then Onkyo 674 and lately an Onkyo 804 or Marantz 7001 (which is likely out of the range we're willing to spend).

Now both Pioneer and Sony are out with new lower level units which appear very capable and the new Sony GUI looks to change things again, if you want to wait for that in lower cost models.  Without getting into the mid-high end equipment, I haven't seen the exact match I seek in discrete power with full video up-conversion and great sound in a package that will run around $500 (you have to keep that WAF in mind).  I think we're getting closer to that with some of these newer units but I do like the Onkyo 804.  So, indecision is the rule, paralysis by analysis is the game and the only good thing is we're not sweating the speaker decision because it will be Aperion.

I appreciate your help and the wit in your blog.  Keep it up.  Thanks.

Dear Whoever-wrote-this-delightful-notice,

Thank you not just for the shipping notice, but also for the poignant send off of my speakers as well.  In an attempt to accept their delivery in a manner that will give due credit to your sensitive farewell to my speakers, as soon as I send this reply off to you, I'm out to buy a bottle of Champagne, some oysters, streamers, and a single red rose with which to welcome them.  I want them to recognize their arrival is just as welcome as the stirring send off they received from you.  As you well know, an unhappy subwoofer can never reproduce an energetic "bump, bump, bedump bump bump" and the high notes in the upper end of the register come out as wails of dissatisfaction instead.  I could never be responsible for doing that to your superior products.

Thank you,
Jerry, Colorado

Aperion Audio,

Thanks for checking in.  The product is fabulous (S-12).  I am very pleased. My wife said it is too big and too loud.  That was just the endorsement that I was wanting.  If she said that it was too small and quiet and that she liked it, I would be sending it back!

I will let you know how things go as it breaks in.

Thanks again!


Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service and the great job you did on my 10" sub... It is rare these days for anyone to offer and stand behind such quality products and workmanship. It's good to know there are still a few left out there. Thanks again.


Thank you for your excellent advice - you pointed me to the perfect system for my room.

Daniel,New York

You know, part of the reason I bought Aperion products was reading the reports of outstanding customer service. Well, just so you know, this is one very happy customer...

Thanks so very much for everything,

Storm, New York

I want to say thank you to your company and your staff for a great product and equally good service.

Geoff, Florida


Thanks so much for the time and trouble you took to get me out of the box I had put myself in. Regrettably, most mail order companies, when faced with a question concerning the validity of an order, would nothave called/written to check on things.

You guys have a wonderful internet reputation.  I now know that one way by which it has been earned is by paying careful attention to what you do.

Thanks again!

Hello Mike,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we enjoy the Aperion speakers we purchased. I have been using them now for a little over a month and I have to say WOW.

The surround sound is fantastic. The subwoofer shakes the house down. As far as music is concern It has been a long time since I sat and listen to my music for three to four hours at a time. I have found it to be a revised experience, I mean very enjoyable.

The quality of construction and obviously quality of components are Rock Solid. The people from Best Buy who delivered and installed the TV were checking out the speakers and commented on how heavy and well built they looked. When they heard what they sound like they wanted to know how much I paid for them. I told them what I paid and there eyes almost fell out of their head.

The next question was what was your URL, and I gave it to them. I hope you guys get a sale out of it. Look I am no expert on audio but I know what looks and sounds good to me and I also try to research and learn as much as I can about something I know nothing about. Thanks to the Internet and reviews I found on your speaker systems, I found you guys. Thank you for all the follow up e-mail after the sale. To me that sort of thing shows me how much confidence you have in your own product which makes me more confident about the purchase.

Thank You Mike and Thank You Aperion Audio for a great experience all around.

Rick, Pennsylvania

I don't know if I ever thanked you directly for your help with my speaker purchase. My experience with you and Aperion Audio has been superlative and I love the sound and look of my new speaker system.  MANY MANY THANKS.

Frank, New York

I got my 633T speakers Wednesday 2/7, hooked one of them up just to see what it sounds like, and was glued to my chair. The crisp sound was unbelievable. I can't wait to get home and hook up the other speaker. Thanks to a friend for giving me the Aperion name. I investigated thoroughly before spending the $998 and can only say that the price was well worth it.

Thank you for producing a wonderful speaker system.

Jeff, New York

We just purchased a pair of 632-LR speakers to replace the Paradigm Titans that were lost during our recent move.  They arrived yesterday and I immediately set them in place with the rest of our system, adjacent to our 533-VAC Center Channel. I was concerned that when my wife saw them she would freak out, because they are larger than the previous speakers, and she's not a fan of speakers as an element of room decoration (regardless of size). Well, my concern was unnecessary, because the first words out of her mouth when she saw them was "oh my god, they're gorgeous!"  A statement with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Thank you for making a product that's as beautiful on the outside as it is inside.

-Ken, Virginia

Hey guys,

Just got my Aperion set-up last Thursday, and I took some pics over the weekend. Really happy with the speaker set-up, they sound soooooooooo sweet. Special thanks to Caleb for the help with the set-up. 

Thanks again for a great product and exceptional customer service.  Aperion Rocks!!!!

Thank you for your help. The center channel works and sounds great. Tell the people in chargeI love the way your company helps it's customers and stands behind it's product.

Thanks again and I love these speakers.

Michael, California

hello there,

Thank you for the reply, we are very happy with our speakers i made the right choice. they sound great, even my friends are impressed with them , one fellow wants to send back his bose system he just got for christmas and get yours.

tell everyone there I said they all do a great job and make a great product.

many thanks


Thank you for the shipment notification! Between your quick reply & the e-mail from Caleb (assuring me of an exact time that I should expect contact regarding shipping---wow!) I am INCREDIBLY impressed by Aperion's customer service.  If your speakers are even 1/10 as good as your support, I'm sure I'm going to be very satisfied!

Keep up the great work & thank again!


Opened my Christmas present and burned it in for 24 hours--- The audio is now seamless between my 633 towers. Super clarity. All I can say is "wow"!!!! Some of my 3 channel SACD music is unbelievable!!!!! DVD audio is as good any much higher priced speakers---great product Aperion!!!!

Hank, Kansas


I received my new 634-VAC today and I must that I am impressed. The drivers and the cabinet seem to be first rate. The finish is perfect (piano black), and you can tell from the time you pick it up that it is solid as a brick. I can't wait to hear it after the break-in, but already it sounds great. My front speakers are $3000.00 + Opera Quintas, but I doubt that my center channel will be the weak link now. I hated to trade my 533-VAC in, but it was a little overmatched in my system. It is a fine speaker in it's own right and never let me down.

Your company is a pleasure to do buisiness with. Your customer service is first rate and your products will continue to attract return customers like myself. Keep up the good work.

Clint, Arizona

Thanks very much for the heads-up on the shipment of my center speaker. I'll be home to accept the speaker. Thank you also for your superb service and even better products. When I unpacked my speakers I was astounded at the quality and even the velvet cases you put them in for shipping. They sound great and I'm looking forward to adding the center speaker to complete my setup.

Jeff, Washington

Thanks for the great products and support. I don't think I have ever been so impressed by a company and its people.

Michael, California

Thanks for making my transaction so easy. You are wonderful to deal with. And did I mention that I absolutely love my speakers?

Mike, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for your expert advise and professional service. In today's business world it is very difficult at times to find a business as yourself that is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. I appreciate it all and look forward to installing the speaker in our new dedicated Home Theater!!!!

Tony, California

Received on Fri. as promised. Hooked them up in a couple of hours and already they sound spectacular (in a 14x15 rm) Thanks so much for a great product (in sound and looks)

Michael, Connecticut

The speakers(the second set) have arrived late yesterday aft. We were extremely impressed with the way the speakers were even packed, in their own velvet lined sacks I can understand now why you supply the

polishing kit. They are beautiful and add to the decor of the settings. I'm still working on the settings to get the maximum listening pleasure.As I mentioned in my original e-mail the living room is extremely wide and the speakers are about 20 feet apart facing the couch.

The customer service and satisfaction that you and your staff has been great.

I would recommend your company to anyone.

Thank you,
Frank, Florida


You probably don't remember me but you gave me that great deal on my speakers (the towers I'm using as surrounds). Well since it was Thanksgiving time I thought I'd give you my thanks again. I continue to love them! Also I thought of you because I just ordered the533-VAC to use as my center channel speaker.. I can't wait to get it. (For the center I've been using an Orb Audio mod2.. which is so wimpy). I will eventually get the 532 or 632-LR's for my rear surrounds and then my system will be 100% Aperion! And maybe a stand-alone subwoofer but to be honest the bass I'm getting from the four towers is really, really quite good! So that would be icing on an already frosted cake!

Anyway, thanks again!
Derrick, Happy Customer

I couldn't have been happier with the 633 T speakers you recommended. They definitely rock!

Thank you once again.
Anthony, Missouri


I wasn't sure where to send this, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product in particular, and your company in general. Even though I only purchased a very inexpensive set of speakers, I feel as though I bought a multi-thousand dollar system. From the follow-up e-mail contact to the tremendous packaging of the speakers (which look and sound great, by the way) it has been a thoroughly satisfying experience. Thank you for making my leap of faith in buying direct so rewarding.

Tom, North Carolina

I am going to try to get some of my friends over to hear my setup and then I will watch their eyes pop open when I tell them how much I paid!! Of course I will direct them to your site so they can order their own set... I also love the fact that I can upgrade if I want to go bigger in 12 months.

Please keep up the AMAZING products and Customer Service.

-Erik, California

A note to say that I received the new 634 center speaker on Thursday. It is simply, outstanding. The sound and the soundstage it creates is incredible!! That a speaker of this amazing fidelity can be purchased for $495 is surely the deal of the decade. Well done Aperion. I will regularly be checking your web page to see what other new products you intend bringing to market in the months ahead.

Thanks, again.

Hi guys,

I wanted to pay you a compliment on the buying experience I had with you and do so via a rather long story about the straight-from-hell experience I had with one of your competitors!

I wanted to upgrade the satellite speakers I currently had (Velodyne's Deco system); the system just wasn't able to give me the output I needed in my living room. I recently upgraded the subwoofer to a powerhouse SVS 12" model, and was now looking for something that would give me more volume on my satellites.

I read the reviews on Onix's x-ls and x-cs speakers and for the price thought they would be perfect. I couldn't afford the only surround speaker they offered, so for surrounds I went with Polk's FXi3's.

Here's where it gets fun! I ordered 2 x-ls bookshelf speakers and one x-cs center channel. The two color choices were white maple or satin black; my wife preferred the white maple so I chose that. Cost me $80 in shipping just to get the 3 speakers to me. When they arrived, they were well boxed and had a decent flour sack cloth around them. (not nearly as nicely packaged as yours were though). The cabinets were impressive, however the first of many mistakes was apparent. The center channel was the correct color but the bookshelf units were a gorgeous Rosewood color (?); this was weird because rosewood wasn't an option, what's even more weird is that rosewood was the color check-marked on the outside of the box so I don't know how they screwed that up.

The caveat was that my wife REALLY loved the rosewood color even more and wondered if we could keep it. So I emailed them to tell them what happened and they apologized for the mistake and said that the rosewood color was a limited run that they had made at the request of the "community". I don't know which community. They said I could keep the rosewoods if I liked and so I asked them if I could swap the center channel for a rosewood so that everything matched. They said I could but the center rosewood would be an extra $30 but they would cover the shipping for everything since they screwed up the order to begin with. I thought great! So I boxed up the maple center channel and was ready to take it to UPS. I then hooked up the bookshelf rosewoods and discovered that one of them sounded blown and had no highs.

So I emailed them to tell them this and they were surprised and said that each driver and speaker is thoroughly tested prior to leaving the warehouse. They thought maybe it was UPS being a little rough. At this point they said they had no more rosewood bookshelf speakers and that I could either send the unit back to them for repair or they could send me a new woofer and I could replace it myself. I do know how to solder but didn't want to take the chance on it being something else so I elected the return it to them for repair option.

Before I boxed it up, out of curiosity I removed the woofer to see if it was something simple and discovered that one of the wires that should have been hooked to the tweeter from the crossover was just hanging there unconnected! Hence, no highs! So I boxed both bookshelf rosewoods up and sent them back for testing and repair. While I was waiting for those, the rosewood center channel arrived and I hooked it up and discovered that one of the two 6 1/2" woofers appeared to be putting out about half the volume of the other. So I emailed Onix to see if that was the design of the speaker and they assured me that no, both woofers should be outputting the same material. This was on a Thursday (the Thursday before I placed my order with you on Sunday).

So my options again were return for repair or have a new woofer sent to me.

Every six months my church has a world-wide conference that is broadcast via television and one of the conference sessions is for men of the church; I tell you this because my childhood buddies and I will use this opportunity every six months to go have dinner together afterward and then they'll all come over to my house for a movie. (since I have the best system!) I explained this to Onix that I would really like to have at least a center channel working for the movie party I would be having on Saturday night. I would have to settle for my Boston Acoustic bookshelf speakers from my office home theater to substitute for the yet-to-be-repaired Onix bookshelf's.

This was the crucial point in my view where the company could have risen to the occasion and realized that this could be an excellent opportunity to show off their products to a house full of people, after all these screw ups, I think my case should have risen to the top of the chain and they could have repaired everything that night and had it to me on Friday for the weekend.

However, they chose to just overnight me another woofer. The best part? they sent me the wrong woofer!! It wasn't shielded like the ones in the center channel! And when I pulled out the woofer that seemed to be the problem, I discovered that the problem was a wire that should have been connected between the two woofers was just hanging there!! Unbelievable! At this point I had lost all faith in the quality of their products. I boxed everything up and sent it back for a full refund. All the great reviews in the world can't make up for an experience like that.

Contrast that with my Aperion experience, I received two emails after my purchase to let me know what I could expect. When the speakers arrived (in only 2 days!) they were in perfect shape and sounded better than expected. Packaged beautifully. Then to top it off the cleaning package I received a couple of days later was awesome - that's when I knew I was dealing with people who were just like me.

Your speakers sound awesome and were exactly what I needed. The volume and clarity is there and the finish is gorgeous. (piano gloss black). I only wish I'd had enough money left over for a pair of your surround speakers but the Polk's sound excellent as well.

All in all I spent more money with you guys but had I not bent over for the original shipping with Onix, it would have probably been about the same.

I can definitely see myself shopping with you again and I've already recommended you to a friend who is beginning to put together his home theater. He is leaning toward some Tannoy speakers that are in the range of you guys but he's going to give mine a listen first.

I think the thing that has impressed me most is that your service completely ranks up there with the quality of your products.

Don't lose this vision, gentlemen; (and ladies) because it's working!

Karl, Utah


I wish you folks were running the Pentagon.... we'd be a whole lot better off.

You dot all the i's and cross all the t's.

Tom, Ohio

Bottom line: I couldn't ask for a better set of speakers and subwoofer. SWEET!

I will spread the word.
Chuck, California

Hey Guys,

My new center channel - the 533-VAC - arrived this week. I finally got it hooked up last night what an amazing difference from the old EdgeAudio center channel I've had for the past several years. Besides the obviously attractive and elegant finish, sound literally just jumps out of the speaker. I listen to a lot of multi-channel music, and all of a sudden vocals just took on a new life no matter what angle of the room I happened to be listening from. But I even noticed a difference listening to talk radio on standard FM broadcasts.

Anyway, I'm really psyched to get the 533-T tower speakers, as the 533-VAC is clearly the dominant force in my system. Any updates?

Kimberly ---

Absolutely no problem--I'll wait patiently. Thanks for the heads-up. By the way, the 633-Ts--and you folks at Aperion--are incredible! I'll post that on Aperion's website when I get a few minutes.

Thanks again,
Marc, California

You guys have really outdone yourselves.  My new speakers are superb. The sound quality is warm and rich and precise.  I could not be happier! Thanks from a happy customer!

Laura, North Carolina


Thanks so much for you and your company's incredibly responsive service. You folks stand alone at the top of the "responsive service" chart!

I have received the new subwoofer, and will be packing up the broken one over the weekend, and will then have UPS pick it up for shipment back to you.

Thanks again. You have continued to impress at every step of the way through this transaction.

Tom, Ohio


Aperion Audio Friends,

I have to tell you that it was your kind and personable personnel who really helped me make the decision to go with your company. I've looked at quite a few much higher and lower priced systems, but decided on your company due to the way I was treated over the phone.

Ironically, I never heard of Aperion (2nd thought, maybe I have) before I stumbled upon you through the Net. Caleb was extremely helpful in assisting me in piecing together my system since I was very lost and unsure of what to decide upon.

If your products work as well as your staff, it looks like I'll be experiencing a win-win situation. I'll let you know how I like or love the system.

Randy, Virginia


Caleb, sorry to bother you one more time, but I wanted to add that when I was trying the speakers out Sunday night, my wife said, "They're too loud!" while my 23-year-old daughter came in from her room and said, "That sounds great!" Sounds like a success story to me.

By the way, I've found that the DVD-A of Queen's "A Night at the Opera" is a good demo disc. "Bohemian Rhapsody" really shows off the multichannel and bass very well. That's also the track that garnered the comments from my wife and daughter.

For a good bass demo, almost any Enya CD has extremely low bass notes.

Doug, Virginia


Wendy and I want to thank all of you at Aperion for your exceptional customer service and attention to detail. We believe customer service is much more than a purchase. And MORE is what you folks at Aperion have been providing to us.

We can't say enough about Caleb. Months ago he got us started by meeting with us in your sound room after hours and recommending a top-notch receiver. We went home and made the purchase thanks to his research. Several months later we attended your Saturday 4 hour sale. Alex, oh patient Alex, attentive and knowledgeable Alex helped us piece out our additional speakers and subwoofer with Caleb's final approval. Then we had an after hours visit by Caleb who was so patient and professional and knowledgeable in getting us through the maze of perfecting our surround sound. We never would have figured out how to maximize the performance of our system without him.

And now we have our Aperion Audio sound system and LOVE it! We are starting to watch our movie collection from the beginning to hear what we missed. Wendy and I will gladly recommend Aperion Audio to our family, friends, and perfect strangers. We challenge anyone to find a better combination of fantastic speakers, the best personal customer service, user friendly website, and price. Keep up the good work and Thank You.

Jay and Wendy, Oregon

Hi Caleb,

You bet I'll take a t-shirt. Please make it an X-Large. I also appreciate the thank-you note you sent, timed well to arrive the day after the speakers did, I believe.

One more thing. I have a brother-in-law who fancies himself an audiophile and whose family happened to be our first company since the theater was completed. He looked at the speakers and said "Aperion! They were my first surround speakers only they were Edge Audio then." I remember them sounding great, something comparable to the 532 series I think. They were, I guess, the standard I was trying to reach with my own system on a slightly smaller scale. Turns out that's exactly what I did. Were you guys Edge Audio a few years ago?

Anyway, during The Bourne Supremacy the other night, he turns to me and says, "Aren't these speakers great?" It was at that moment that I realized I may never need to buy a movie ticket again.

Thanks for everything. You guys are a pleasure to deal with, and it's a shame how few companies realize how important that is.


Thank you Kelli.

I'm actually going to stay home until they deliver it today, so there shouldn't be any problems. I really appreciate you staying on top of this, I can't remember the last time customer services was at such an outstanding level. Just knowing how helpful a company is makes me more eager to purchase from them.

Thanks to you, and all of Aperion Audio!

Tim, California

Thanks again for the superior customer service. That was the reason I bought from you in the first place.

Have a wonderful New Year,
Joel, Tennessee

Stellar! That is one adjective that comes to mind in reference to my new Aperion theater system. I don't consider myself to be a true audiophile, but I do cherish music and film very much and consider myself to have very good taste when it comes to quality and my new system oozes all of this. I thank you for the prompt service; I even received some components earlier than expected. My came over to hear the speakers and he being a seasoned gentleman of the "old school" was blown away by the benefits of surround sound and amazing sound these speakers provided. Since setting up my system I have spent the past 2 nights listening to music after I get off work and can truly say thank you.

Joseph, Texas

Dear Aperion:

I just wanted to tell someone up there how much I am enjoying my new Aperion Audio speakers. They are awesome! Sound better each day, it seems. Thank you for your help getting my system up and running.

Don, California


I am stunned. I fully expected no response... and to actually receive one that is not picked from the template file of customer responses is quite unexpected... and over the WEEKEND, no less! What's the matter with you people? Don't you know that I am an insignificant consumer? All the other online retailers know this and I don't know how long you think you can get away with treating customers as individuals... and with respect. Come on, get with the program! All kidding aside, I certainly appreciate your prompt, personal, and concise response. Your single effort in this regard has restored my faith in Aperion Audio. Thanks.

Thanks again,
Steve, Indiana


Thanks again for your generosity, both for both the donation of the speakers and your time and expertise for the demo. The students came away with a great understanding and appreciation of surround sound far beyond my hopes.

Thanks a million.
Matt, Oregon

Dear Kelli,
Thank you again for the email and I just want to tell you that Aperion's Customer Service is the best I have ever experienced. Thanks for the support and have a nice day!

Best regards,
Hou-chou, New York

Dear Aperion:

It has been a couple of months now since I received my speakers (coincidently the same system that just evaluated so well by Sound and Vision). I am still in awe every time I hear them! I can't imagine that anything could sound better; for any price. The sound is rich, full, defined, and I am hearing things that I never heard before in my DVD collection. The customer service was/is beyond reproach, and you can expect more purchases form my friends and family; I had to pry my dad out of my theater room. My brother said it best (he ordered a similar system), the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan alone were worth the upgrade, and every penny spent.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer,
Kevin, Washington

Hello Ben:

Just a note to commend you and your staff for putting together a terrific product and a wonderful marketing effort. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. The S10 sounds/looks fantastic and is priced well. Definitely value received. Your customer contact style (returning emails, phoning, follow up niceties) is done in a classy manner ñ this means a lot, particularly at a time when it seems traditional values are slipping.

Leigh, California

All I can say is...WOW!!!!!!!!!! The speakers are BEAUTIFUL, and they sound EVEN BETTER than they look!!!!!!!!!! Incredible audio sound, looks, ease of use/mounting ...Aperion speakers have it all! I look forward to ordering more speakers from you!!!

Harry, Virginia

Dear Customer Service,

I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with your speakers. I have bought or tried two other surround sound speakers besides yours. Both of these were good name speakers and similar price to yours. The other systems might have sounded alright with movies but they always didn't meet my expectations when I played music on them. Yours on the other and sound great with music and movies.

Andrew, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for the help. You guys have always had the best customer service Iíve dealt with, out of any industry, and of course the speakers are great. Iíve enjoyed them and my neighbors have also had the unwanted privilege of enjoying them, too.

Thanks again,

Eric, Virginia

Let me tell you that the only thing nicer than the build quality and sound of your speakers is your customer service follow up and communication. It is unlike anything I have experienced in many years. Every service related business in the country - strike that, the world - should take lessons from you. Truly amazing, and something to be very proud of. I will highly recommend your company and products to anyone and everyone I know.

Thanks again,
Todd, Florida

I would like to thank you people at Aperion for such a great product at a great price. Everything from your customer service, your shipping, and your beautiful products went way beyond my expectations. It has been one of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had, as well as one of the best products I have ever received. Thank you again for running such a top notch company. 5 stars plus.

Michael, California

Dear Aperion;

I wanted to take this time to compliment you on providing such a great product. Wow, what a treat. Of course, I was sold the moment I heard the speakers. I can now see why you offer the 30 day trial period, but you might just as well make it a 1 minute trial period because that is really all you need. When I was planning a home theater system on a very restricted budjet, I really didn't expect to have this kind of quality.

My home theater is really only missing one thing now; the popcorn machine.

Thanks Aperion!

Robert, Oregon


Thank you for your courtesy and helpfulness. If this is any indication of how you folks operate and of the quality of your products, I'm already hearing beautiful music.

Leigh, California

Good Morning Caleb-

Just a short note to let you know that you're NOT getting these speakers back! I was so impressed with the presentation and appearance of the system, just beautiful-- mine is high gloss black. Being an old musician (sax and tuba) I like to believe I have a critical ear. The 532ís sounded great, revealing nuances I'd never heard before in my favorite music, both classical and rock. All the reviews that I'd read on the 10" sub turned out to be true. And all this before the speakers are fully broken in!

Caleb, thank you again for your help and advice. You made selecting and ordering my system a completely professional and enjoyable experience.

Rick, New York

My first experience had to be a movie with action. Well with three kids, the choice was obvious. The "Incredibles", lots of action and full of sound effects. Sitting there with the family and some popcorn, I notice the expressions on all of their faces, especially my wife. Several scenes had vehicles passing by and backgrounds sounds that had all of us looking around for where the next sound would come from. And then it happened, an explosion and the 12" sub thunder. My entire room rumble, all of the picture on the walls moved and the glass coffee table top rattled. The couch padding rumbled like the sub was under me. We couldn't believe what we were hearing!

Aperion, thanks for building a beautiful all around system. The shipping surprise is a nice touch. Thanks for the tech support, especially Caleb. We spent a few hours, tweaking things and getting it right.

I'm a believer!!!!

Ben, Florida


I thought I would make a few comments about the subwoofer I recently purchased from (S8-APR ). To begin with, this subwoofer makes me smile! I have this subwoofer placed in an unfortunately small room (12 ft. x 12 ft.) where it is used for both music and movies. The smaller size S-8 APR subwoofer is perfect for this room. Congratulations for producing a very fine product.

Charles, Arizona

I was a little apprehensive buying speakers I haven't heard, but these babies are great. I can't tell you how pleased I am. Warranty cards are in the mail. I'm keeping these.

Thanks for your time,

Steven, Florida

I have been a part of the High End Audio scene for over 15 years. As a former reviewer, I have had the opportunity to listen to many products that have binding posts that cost more than the 522D. I must say that I was most impressed with the quality of your product. I really don't know how you can do it for such a low price. But as impressive as the build quality is, the sound is even better.

Ken, California

I installed the 5.1 Aperion system for my client, and have to say that I'm very impressed. My client is thrilled with the speakers. We were both kind of marveling over the clarity of the sub. I've heard systems sound that good, but not in that price range. I had the whole thing set up and sounding very nice in under four hours (that includes hooking up a new receiver and DVD player and running speaker wire under the floor). I'll definitely be recommending your speakers to potential new clients, and this client is already singing your praises to all his friends.


Hello Caleb,

They sound great and I want to thank you personally for all the help and especially the outstanding manner in which you have attended to this order. I must admit that I was somewhat nervous about ordering speakers 'unseen' and 'unheard'. I would recommend your products without reservation, well that is, as long as Aperion continues to have great customer support people like you.

Thanks again,

Wow!!! a great looking and sounding center channel speaker and white gloves too...You guys are amazing!!! What wonderful sound and great build quality. I thought the Polk center channel was good, but I can hear nuances of music I did not notice before. I compared using the new CD by Madeline Peyroux and little known British singer Judie Tzuke's CD, "End of the Beginning."

Vaya Con Dios,
Chris, Washington

I want to thank all the folks at Aperion. I got my system wired, and hooked up to my new Panasonic all digital receiver. Just a basic install. Even so, everything sounds beautiful. I loaded Independence Day into my DVD player. It sounded like alien ships had landed in my front yard...Very impressive!!


By the way, your company does a fine job marketing its product from the web site text and images to the felt bags for the speakers and even to the boxes and your corporate logo. It all ties in nicely and reflects a very professional and well organized company. Nice job!


Thank you for your assistance. You have great products. Recently, I installed the Intimus 5.1 with 10 inch subwoofer. It is over and above what I was expecting!

Larry, Kentucky

The quality on the outside of the case is any way a reflection on the sound of the speakers I will not even have to think about shipping them back. Who would have known a speaker so reasonably priced could look SO much better than something costing twice what the 532s cost. BTW, I should credit you and your company for the great customer service. I also work in the service industry, so I know that it means a lot to customers. Keep up the good work.


Ben, speakers are working great!!! Excellent Sound!! Even my spouse approves....amazing!! Okay, you guys have a perfect score so far. Keep up the good work and perfect service.

Very Happy,
Ricky, Kansas

Hi Caleb,

Setup went great! I'm able to play wirelessly from my computer through iTunes and Airport Express too so I'm thrilled with that. My wife was even dancing to Santana (She usually complains about music being too loud...) but not this time cause they sound good even at comfortable levels. Thanks again.


You guys are probably about the coolest audio company I've dealt with as far customer service goes. I really appreciate that.


Okay, we are in heaven as we sit here listening to Kenny G. The speakers are unbelievable, and we haven't even hooked up the center channel yet to test it out. Not only is your product awesome, but your marketing is superb (I knew about the velvet sacs and they are impressive, but the care kit is adorable!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! Barbara husband now gets it!

Barbara, California

I have never been so enthralled with an A/V setup in my life. The 622's are the best set of speakers I have ever listened to...period. The versatility between music and theatre is astounding. I could literally go on for hours I would put them up against any comparable tier 1 speaker company. I've owned all of them, and have never had this much of a resounding conclusion about a speaker. They are that good. Case closed.

Thrilled in Portland,
Joshua, Oregon

My dinner guest on Saturday night was the CEO of a major insurance company. I played parts of the movie, Pearl Harbor, and he was astounded by the quality of the sound coming from the 7.1 system. It's so true that every week these Aperion speakers sound better and better.

Thanks for producing great speakers.
Dr. John, Arizona

Just wanted to again thank you for the help on the speakers. We love them and the sound is awesome and everyone who hears them is very impressed!


Really enjoying the new system! Thanks for all your help.

Jim, Georgia

Thank you for your excellent service. It is great to be able to communicate with a company that looks out for the best interest of the customer. Many company's claim to, but YOU PROVE IT. On top of that, you have an excellent product. I bought a pair of 522's and the VAC Center last December and was blown away by the look and more importantly the performance. They seem to sound better and better the more I listen to them. The 422's I just received are equally impressive right out of the box. So, thank you.

You have a customer for life!

Matt, Illinois

Thanks again for helping me choose the surround and center channel speakers on Friday.They are fantastic. I turned up the volume on the surrounds, set the recover to wide screen DTS and it feels like I'm in an actual theater. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks again,
Dag, Oregon

You all have been great to work with -- I have let others know how helpful you are and how great the product is.

Chip, California

If the sound quality of the speakers is anywhere close to as good as the customer service I have received from the staff on the online and yourself, you will have a very happy customer. All the reviews I have heard indicate that this will be the case.

Thanks again,
Kevin, Vermont

I set up a mike 3 meters away and used pink noise to measure the two in the same location using the same channel of my amp. They are now within 1 db (give or take) of each other. That is a complement to your quality control people. In fact I am impressed with your whole team!

Wishing you all continued success and growth-you've earned it!

Tom, Minnesota

Thanks! You've made one Colonel in the Pentagon very happy!

Ronald, USAF

Hello Lorraine!

I would like to thank you for creating a great relaxed atmosphere with no pressure to buy at your showroom. The information given to us by your staff member was way above my expectations. He is professional, very knowledgeable and presents all that in a very likeable way. We are set to buy your product.

Thank you,
Alexander, Washington

They're getting better every day. I can't believe the clarity at low to medium volume levels. They actually sound better that the big reference Paradigms---at $4,000 less green, I would have to label the Aperion as a Best Buy in the 2,000 to 6,000 price range!

Thanks a Bunch,

Ten days into the 12 inch sub and I am ready to break down the excellent shipping box and put in with the recycle material which is picked up tomorrow. At first I told my wife we should save it "just in case". Your website is of most excellent design and I have returned to it many times to just daydream and learn more technically. Suffice to say I will not be returning my subwoofer at the end of 30 day trial. Thank you very much. I am very impressed!

Thomas, California

I am the first one to say that I am ALWAYS skeptical about purchasing items online. I was even more surprised to consider a purchase of speakers for my new home theater without listening to them. I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase! I hear great sound even before the 50 hours! Your staff was very knowledgeable and your customer service was far superior than I ever imagined. Thanks again for offering a great product and a phenomenal price point.

Isidro, Georgia

You seem to be successfully building a very positive "feeling" and loyalty around your brand and products, something missing from similar products/brands. Also, I am very surprised and pleased with the transparency in the dealings with your customers. Seems like any information the customer needs you are willing to provide (specs, charts, etc.). You also have a great attention to detail in dealing with your customers, you involve them (i.e. in trade shows), and you listen carefully to them. Maintain honesty in the development of your products and humbleness as a company and this will be a formula for success.


The Bass on the little sub is great. The VAC with its vertical mid tweet is just what doctor Ken Kantor ordered. Why does it take twenty years for one mans invention to reach mass usage. (BTW I used to design speakers in the old days of Ed Vilcher, Henry Kloss, Ken Kantor and the boys. What great days those were. Bud Frieds Series Crossovers too. I had a pair of Buds "Coffins" in my living room with Beta Sats.


Tom, Minnesota

It is such a joy working with Aperion; everything goes like clockwork.  Running what I have has drawn praise with comments like "They sure fill up the room". Tremendous helicopter over flight. Stuff like that. That is the best I can say for a surround speaker. The sounds should just "be there". Invisibly!

Tom, Minnesota

Thank you -- it's a real and all-too-rare pleasure to deal with a company that's as responsive as Aperion.

Eric, Florida

Great Speakers!! Awesome customer service!!!

Thanks a lot,
Jack, Missouri

Thank you for all of your help. By the way, just love the speakers. Probably my most prized possession. Simply awesome speakers.


Thank you very much for returning my call and for verifying that my card has been credited for the speakers I returned. The speakers may not have worked out for me (or more to point, my livingroom), but your service has been excellent. I would recommend you to friends without hesitation.

Thank you again for all your help.

Kim, Tennessee

Thanks again for your great customer service. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and you are to be commended for your great customer service. Itís hard to find that now a days. I just had our cable company out for the 6th time and they finally figured out the problem. So you can see why I am jazzed about the service I am getting.

Russel, California

I was able to audition the speakers over the last few days and so far am very happy with them. I swithed back and forth between them and a set of Athen Micra6 speakers and felt that the 422/S-8 was noticeably better. The satellites were cleaner, with better separation and the sub was noticeably stronger without being "boomy". And, hey, they're so much prettier!!!

Jack, Missouri

The system sound great. I was really confused about the speakers, but your site and forum answered a lot of questions. The review I read on convinced me that Aperion was the way to go.

Jim, Minnesota

Thanks so much for following through with all this, it is much appreciated - I will recommend you to my friends.

Dave, Massachusetts

I appreciate it, for service as well as quality you guys cannot be beat. I will spread the word about Aperion. Awesome. I am so glad I did the research and found you guys. I am listening to Def Leopard right now, sounds like I am there in the studio.

Peter, Massachusetts

I received my powered 522 tower speakers today. All I can say is WOWWWWWWWWWW. These things absolutely rock. I can't wait to tell my friends about these speakers. Unbelievable.

Peter, Massachusetts

Thanks Ben! I hate to tell you this, but the speakers are NOT good. They're EXCELLENT. We are really enjoying it and some of my friends from the office would like to check it out.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,
Romy, California

I found aperion by accident on the web. I have been astonished at the outstanding quality of the product and great customer service I have received from your company.

Bill, Washington

I received the entire order this evening. After reading all of the reviews about how great you guys are I thought it would be hard for you to live up to your reputation. Well, I was wrong. You were even better than I expected. You guys are awesome. What a great shopping experience. I can't wait to tell everyone I know to go and buy a set of Aperion speakers!

Rob, California

Thanks again for being so helpful. I can see why so many people are happy with your company and its products. I think the competition could learn a few things from you.

Best Regards,
Henry, Arizona

Thanks for the good service. I goofed on my original order and Ben fixed it, he was very helpful ----my complete system sounds great ---- I am an original Edge audio customer ---thanks for your help


Thanks for the follow up. The speakers arrived without a scratch, velvet sleeves and all, and sound pretty magnificent right out of the box. I had a beautiful pair of Definitive BP8's for the past 12 years, so I know what good speakers sound like.Yours are a bit better, in my opinion, and as I recall I spent $1500 for the BP8's so this is quite an achievement on your part.

Michael, Florida

We were reading review after review after review on CNET and had pretty much decided on Atlantic Technology Speakers. But I hated that you couldn't buy them online or find out who dealers were without a lot of nonsense. So we kept reading reviews and came across your speakers. It helped that they were gorgeous, that your web site was so comprehensive and that your info sources (when you call) were absolutely delightful. We were sold.

Nora, Massachusetts

The system is awesome and everything about the set-up was fairly straight forward and I am extraordinarily pleased with their sound. I appreciate the advice you were able to provide regarding receivers and all else. Thank you for everything. Just need to get some rear speakers and it'll be perfect. Anyway, congratulations on your review on

Harrison, New Jersey

Just hooked up my new 8" sub in my office which compliments the 5 Intimus and 10" sub I previously ordered and have in my living room home theater system. Excellent speakers of unusual value, quality and awesome customer service. The follow-up card is a classic & classy touch! This day and age it is rare that I get to bestow such compliments on a consumer company, but it is well deserved in Aperion's case.

Christian, Pennsylvania

I visit your web site almost everyday & marvel about the information it contains! The honesty & format alone could sell me your's service like this that is the reason I tell everyone I know about Aperion. Thanks again.

Nicholas, Oklahoma

They sound wonderful to us (and to the various people who walk into the room, cock their heads and say something like: "hey, those are really good speakers!)"


The speakers I bought from you guys by all means kick ass! No joke, I went to my brother's house who is running the Bose Column speakers w/Bose center, etc. and the sound is not even close.

Brian, Guam

Thank you for your help and support in my purchase of the speakers. They have an excellent finish. They sound even better. Thanks to CNET review, I am very glad I came to know about Aperion speakers.

A very happy customer,

As my experience with first Edge Audio and now Aperion Audio has grown over the years, I've become accustomed to quality products and excellent service. My most recent experience has once again, reinforced those positive expectations. Korey's execution of the return of the defective Edge speakers and replacement with the current Aperion model(s) was handled flawlessly. He spent a considerable amount of time with me on the phone, discussing the options available to me, down to the relative merits of the different finishes. Outstanding performance, in my opinion, considering the defective speakers were 2-1/2 years old and the defects obviously needed to be verified before shipping the replacements. The new speakers are set up in the downstairs theater and sound great already. I'm looking forward to getting them well broken in and seeing what they can really do. I really like the new Center Channel, especially compared to the original "Edge" models I can't imagine how the experience could have been handled any better.

Thanks, and please pass my congratulations on to the staff,
Doug, Wisconsin

I'm having too much fun blasting my speakers w/the Yamaha rxv1400 receiver... man these speakers blast, put the Bose to shame!

Brian, Guam

One thing I forgot to mention is that the bass in the pt's blows away my 901's, no contest.  Thanks again for your help.


I received my VAC yesterday and tested it out last night. I am so glad I decided to trade up to the VAC. As you said, the dialogue is much clearer. Thanks. So far I would rate my satisfaction level as "enthusiastic, bordering on ecstatic". The speakers sound fantastic, the Onkyo gear is great, and it only took 3 days to get here. Nicely packaged, and nice to get the Monster Cable package. I had occasion to ask for support twice last week, and each time somebody got on the line right away and fixed my problem.

You guys do a great job.
Chris, California

The system is amazing. I am very happy because I didn't know I could enjoy music so much! Thank you and everyone (especially Ben) for such a great experience with the process and such a wonderful product.

Sean, Oregon

I also picked up the new VAC. I couldn't wait to try them in my system. Man, the VAC is simply incredible. It turned my great home theatre into an AWESOME system. My only regret in all of this, is that our family now spends way too much time in front of the TV watching DVD's, instead of being outside in the Hawaiian sun.

Glenn, Hawaii

You guys are definitely the pace car for excellent design and revolutionary functionality in the audio/video/home theater realm. I know this [website] took a tremendous amount of time and effort to get up, but the net result is an experience that is truly in a league of its own.

Again, congratulations and I hope the new site is a smashing success.

John, Mississippi

There is customer service and then there is CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Aperion Audio has CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I have never in all my years of buying merchandise via the Internet, and before that Via catalog shopping, encountered such an awesome company. Just when you think it can't get any better, it gets better. The speakers are so beautiful, the cabinetry so first rate, that even if they didn't work, I would use them as display cubes. The packaging on these speakers was better than I have ever seen anything packed. The velvet bags are a wonderful touch. The speakers sound fantastic; movies just come alive and my music CDs sound great too.

Thanks for everything. I will do my best to spread the word. Continued good luck with this great company.


I received and installed my 6.1 home theater system about a month ago. I was initially very impressed with everything from the sales process to the quick shipping to the beautiful appearance of the speakers. Over the years I have learned to reserve judgment until after break-in and using a product for a long enough time to really get to know it. The system is now broken-in and working perfectly..........WOW! The sound is incredible, and matches the high expectations I had based on reviews of your products and my initial impressions when seeing your speakers as I first unboxed them. Your personal follow-up after the sale was an indication of your dedication to your product and overall I am very impressed with both the product and your company. The only thing I can't speak to is the quality of your support staff, as I haven't needed them. I could afford a much more expensive system, but I would need to spend 2 to 3 times the money for an incrementally better sound. You have achieved an excellent marriage of price and sound quality. The wood finish on the speakers is also very well done, I am very satisfied.

Thanks for a great product at a great price.

Scott, Colorado

Thanks and I look forward to your reply. - The new center channel kicks some major ass by the way!! - :o)

Jim, California

I just wanted to stop by and mention how great the new web site is!! Lots of info in a well laid-out format...I especially like the forum...this can turn into something really beneficial to happy Aperion owners as myself. BTW...thanks for the speaker grill shipment I received a couple weeks ago!

Ron, Virginia

Wow Ben! I hooked up a 3 to 2 prong plug adapter and it instantly solved my problem. I now remember that great service is one of the primary reasons I chose Aperion in the first place. That you for your quick and accurate diagnosis!

Mark, Maryland

My new 5.1 system has been up and running for a week. Want to tell you, I couldn't be happier! Beautiful sound, excellent quality and great service.

Those things are hard to find today.


Thanks for all your help. All the reviews were right about Aperion's customer service. It's a very personal feel with attention to detail.  I have received the speakers. They sound incredible, and I've only connected the front speakers and subwoofer!


Thank you very much for high quality speakers that deliver very realistic sounds.  So far everything works perfect. The stands complete my speakers system that give them very elegant a look. Thanks again for excellent service.


The speakers arrived remarkably fast and today they are being installed. The packaging is superb and the speakers and all the fittings look terrific. I have a local sound system tech firm, "Soho Sound" installing them and they are impressed with what they see. We're anxious to hear them in action, hopefully by tonight. Thanks for all the professional service to date. Everyone has been very courteous and knowledgeable.

Bob, California

Kelli, I can't say enough good things about these speakers... from looks to quality of craftmanship and absolutely the sound.

Bryan, Illinois

"WOW!  What an amazing experience!  It was like a wave of sound enveloped me.  I could pick out instruments and even where they were in relation to one another.  I was blown away.  The midrange and highs were unbelievable and the coordination of the woofers a whole new experience! used to think my FM stations weren't coming in quite perfectly and chalked it up to poor reception when all along, it was the speakers I'd been using.  I haven't even put in the larger gauge speaker wire.  Thanks for all of your help. I can't wait for the rest of the speakers." Take care,

Jeff, New York

"Hello Korey. Thank you for your help. I've been very impressed with your company's customer service.  Thank you so much and we will definitely do business with you again when the need arises!"

Shane, Washington

"WOW!!! This speaker is awesome. Not only does it sound great, but it's truly a beautiful piece of furniture. I was told about you guys by John at Sound Clearing House/Fabulous Tweeter Bros. Since FTB is pretty much gone, you guys have just become my favorite speaker company! Thanks."

Sam, Oregon

"Again thank you for your quick responses and supplying of the parts. This speaks very highly for your company and is a breath of fresh air in today's business climate. I will highly recommend your products knowing that you give excellent support."

Harold, Kansas

"First I like to say what a fantastic team you guys have.  You guys are probably the only company left out there that truly deserves the title "Best Customer Service".  I am extremely please with your great service with Ben and the rest of the team. I still think you guys are the best in the industry and I appreciate that. All my friends will hear nothing but the best from me about Aperion Audio. Thank you."

Hoang, Florida

"Thanks for the follow-up e-mail. The speakers are great! I had tried Bose speakers and they STINK!!!!. I don't know how they remain in business. I have spoken to various staff at your company and they have been nothing but friendly, warm and helpful. I have been telling friends and family about your excellent speakers. Keep up the good work. A really happy customer!

Orlando, New York

"Hi Kelli, the sub woofer arrived late Saturday by Fed-X as promised; thanks for all your help at that end. By-the-way, it literally rocks the house, I've never heard anything like it."

Dennis, California

"Thanks for following up. The speakers arrived on Friday, right on schedule.

Wow! What a great packing job you folks do!! My wife was particularly impressed with the velvet bags. So far, so good on getting them hooked up and running. The Harman Kardon AVR-525 drives them easily. I was watching the Top Gun DVD on Saturday morning and my whole house was shaking as the jets were zooming around in the dog-fights! This, and I haven't broken them in yet!"

Jim, New York

"I received my Intimus 5.1 system today and I have to say listening to this set break in is like watching a rose bloom. Kudos."


"Sorry it took so long for some feedback but I've been too busy setting it up and learning to play it to take the time to respond. I love it. Its the first new stereo I've had since college back when Dave Mason was my favorite. So its a shock and fun challenge to learn all the new features of the Onkyo and home theater systems.

I will provide more feedback when I get it set up and working right. I'm getting there.

A couple of first impressions; Loved the slick velour bags for the speakers. The speakers, accessories and re'cver arrived complete and with no damage. Playing movie home theater really shows off the great sound capability of the system. The center speaker seems to dominate stereo music playback but that may be my setup.

Cheers and thanks for a great system."
Mark, Nevada

"Man, these speakers sound great! Can't wait to see the reviews in audiophile magazines! Good Job Aperion!"

Jean Pierre, North Carolina

"I've been listening to two of these little charmers for about 5 hours now (no sub) - Many thanks for the care that went into their production - a bargain by any standard. It's been years, no make that decades, since I've come across a comparable value or experienced an audio purchase as satisfying and inspiring. Don't ever change!"

Sid, New York

"Thanks so much for your outstanding customer support!! It's one thing to read about other's great experience with's even better to experience it first hand! I have begun with the installation of my 7.1-12 system and look forward to it's completion! Thanks again!"

Ron, Virginia

"Bob just sent me your e-mail and I thought I'd drop you a quick note...........your speakers ROCK! Bob and I get together every couple months to exchange music DVD's and I actually thought I saw blood coming out of his ears when we listened to AC/DC. What impresses me most is the bass! It is never muddled, always clean and crisp no matter what the volume or the musical flavor. Further, I have not had a Home Theatre system, until now, that can play Music as well as it plays the Home Theatre stuff........Now I have both.

For the money, they can't be beaten!"
Larry, Massachusetts

"Thank you for such an excellent, well crafted and superbly engineered product. My high expectations were surpassed. I suspect I will be enjoying these speakers for many, many years.

I thought you might want to see the text from the review I recently placed on CNET.

"The first step in making an investment of this sort involves dealing with the company's customer support. Aperion's CS needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. I honestly have nothing but praise in this regard. Case in point. Each contact I have had, whether via telephone, email or live web-chat has been with the same knowledgeable representative, Korey. That's unheard of, as far as I am concerned. Although I have only had the the 5.1 system with 10" subwoofer a few days, I am confident that I will always have Aperion's full support. That's comforting. The next item of note is the speakers' quality of build. Nearly every review makes note of this, so I had high expectations, but they were surpassed. Literally every person who has seen my set comments on how beautiful they are. That's noteworthy. Then, there is the pure, rich, velvety power that flows out of these babies. Whoa! Out of the box, I was blown away. Korey has recommended a 100 hour break-in, and I am about a 1/4 through that. Every hour I can hear the sound getting fatter and silkier. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the end product. I'd like to make special mention of the sub-woofer. It is very tight without any boominess. I think the perfect SW is one that integrates so seamlessly into the soundstage that you can't really tell it's a separate component. That is exactly what this delivers. I have the crossover on my receiver set to 80 and it sounds perfect. ------------I am making my comparisons based on my last system, Acoustic Research HC6 5.1 and Harman Kardon AVR 220. Since the Aperion's are a bit inefficient, I upgraded my amp to a Harman Kardon 525. I use a Pioneer 47A SACD/DVD-Audio player.""

James, Texas

"I got system totally hooked up and, well, holy crap! FANTASTIC sound!!! I couldn't be happier. I recommended the system to a friend at work that was about to buy a Bose system--when he comes over to hear my Intimus 6.1 system, he'll skip the Bose."

Robert, Illinois

"I have just gotten the information that my order has been received in Atlanta. Cant't thank you enough for your help and the excellent service.

Once again, I say many thanks to you and the entire member of staff that made the whole process a distinct possibility."

Wesley, Ontario Canada

"Dear Aperion,

During breakfast one Saturday morning while I was calculating with my children when I thought our new Aperion 5.1 speaker system and Onkyo 601 receiver would arrive, thinking their delivery was still one week away, the doorbell rang, and when we unboxed amazingly shining black speakers from the coolest velvet bags ever seen, those actions became the start of staggering sound experiences I didn't imagine possible in my home.

Movies have come to life, figuratively exploding from the TV. Every sound is incredibly pure and the 10" subwoofer rocks my body to the bone, to where my heart actually pounds harder. Thrilling, absolutely thrilling.

When I called Aperion for some advice, helpful and courteous is what I got.

If you're on the fence, thinking about a system and hoping after you buy it, you're happy; rest assured."

Jim, California

"I have bought few products (my first Mac and 1991 Honda Accord come to mind) as satisfactory as your speakers. On top of that, your people are fabulous; you should consider paying them. Thanks again for enriching our home."

Angus, Maine

"Still thrilled with the system and just added a 43" plasma. Still finding that people freak when I tell them how much the complete package (Onkyo receiver) cost! Many of my friends have spent double, on just speakers, and they are not as good."

Jerry, Illinois

"Thank you very much for your information. So, what people say about your excellent customer service is very true. I really enjoy your professional and dedicated support. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to give my speakers a test drive."

Joe, California

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Aperion 7.1 system. I bought it last summer when I was moving into my new home. It was the first thing that I set up which made it difficult to do anything but watch movies and listen to music all day! I've also subscribed to Netflix so I've been watching all of the movies that I have missed the last few years. With this system and my video projector (10ft picture!) I have my own personal movie theater!

Thanks again for a great system!"
Brian, California

"I read in some of your reviews that not only do you have great speakers, but that your customer service is terrific also. I can see that they were right. I'm very anxious to get out of here and enjoy the this future audio setup.

Thanks again."
Wally, Iraq

"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. You guys truly have a great company. The pics on your website don't do the speakers justice. Even my wife thinks they look great. I am picking up sounds from movies I couldn't hear with my Bose system. The speakers are also the perfect size. I have been telling all my friends about you guys. I look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Jim, Washington

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful speakers. I am really pleased. I blew my friends away one night! I love the quality and am looking forward to years of wonderful music. Thanks again!"

Kirk, Florida

"Dear Aperion Audio:

I would just like to thank you for giving me such an excellent product. Those speakers are so awesome I can't even believe that it's mine.

I waited for quite some time and researched what is the best value for my money. I ended up buying the 5.1 Intimus package with the stands and wall mounts, Onkyo 701 and a 501 Onkyo DVD player--not to mention your free speaker wires.

The buying experience was so awesome, I couldn't have done it without you guys--from the Live chats--I saved it all (chat about 5 times)--to the phone calls and even the placement of order. I forgot to include the free speaker wires from my order and a few minutes later, somebody from your office called and asked if I do need it so they can include it on my order. You estimated 1-30-04 as shipping date, and there it was--shipped on the 30th!

The speakers were neatly packaged, from the boxes to the amazing VELVET SPEAKER SACK!

Now for the sound--SUPER AMAZING! I could list all the DVD's and CD's I have played but I would take all of your time.

Your company should Win the best company in the Web--from Customer Service, to your Speakers, to the Value you are giving to consumers like me. You are heaven sent and I'm so glad I saw you on the web. THANK YOU!"

Paul, California

"I'm sure nothing I'm about to write, you don't already know, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. Your speakers are stunning! I set my 5.1 system with the 10" subwoofer up this weekend. My system is comprised of the following:

Pioneer Elite VSX - 55TXi

Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi

I am using Pioneer's i.Link to connect my receiver and player for an all digital transfer. The inaugural track was a personal favorite of mine - Cream's rendition of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads", played Live. For the first time, I could hear Jack Bruce's bass licks, Ginger Baker's drum fills and Eric Clapton's solos in all their glory and intricacy. I heard things I had never heard before, and I've listened to this track countless times over the years. I was left speechless. I played it a second time, turned the volume up, put the head back and tried to take it all in. I literally had goose-bumps.

Later that evening, I put in the extended version of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I have the Pioneer Elite 910 Plasma television (43").The picture is surreal with HDMI. But this time, your speakers stole the show. The opening sequence with Gandalf fighting the demon left me stunned. I heard details I never knew were there. The surrounds sucked me in, enveloping me on all sides with seamless sound. This sub is phenomenal. It shook my room without ever losing the details.

And last, but certainly not least, the high gloss black of these speakers is a treat to the eye; they're like mirrors. Flawless. After reading all the superb reviews, I was still taken aback just by the looks. Wow. They blend seamlessly with my other components and have a richness to them that I still can't get over.

Thank you for producing such an amazing product. Music is a big part of my life. I listen to it many times more than straight television, and the remaining time inside is spent watching movies. In both respects, your speakers have exceeded my wildest imaginings, and all at a price that lets me sleep at night. I spent over a year researching this purchase (along with my other components), and as this is my first real audio/visual setup, I could not be happier, thanks in large part to your product. But most of all, this has been the most pleasurable buying experience. You leave the high-end brick and mortar folks in your wake in every facet. Your helpfulness and responsiveness has been fantastic, and greatly appreciated. Thank you again and best wishes."

John, Illinois

"My receiver came in today and I hooked it up. Using 12 gauge speaker wire for the surround runs (40') - cobalt for the fronts and center.

Sound is awesome. Like being in the movie theatre.   The sub-woofer is amazing. Clarity is unbelievable. At higher volumes it stays just as clear - just gets louder! No vibration or anything added - just smooth all the way up.

I hear sounds in DVDs I've seen dozens of times that I've never heard before. In the opening scenes of Gladiator I can hear him breathing. In Top Gun I can hear the metal on the deck clicking. Truly great definition. Very happy.

Only problem is now I have to wait another 2 weeks until the receiver for my office comes in and I can hook up my second system!

My wife and 14 year old have been kidding me about my "toys" but they said they had no idea it would sound this good! :) :) :)"

Alan, Washington

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new Gloss Black Power Tower speakers. Apart from their great looks, they have performed exceedingly well. I've had them for a week now and have experimented with various audio sources, all of which the Power Towers handle very capably. I added them to my Aperion 7.1 system that is driven by an Onkyo TX-NR900 receiver. My family and I watched the THX DVD "Pirates of the Caribbean" the other night and the superior audio performance of my Aperion Speakers only added to our home theater enjoyment, without the high price of movie theater popcorn. The speakers also work very well with my HDTV digital VCR, reproducing the 5.1 surround sound quite effectively. I have also listened to CDs and FM radio stations and have been very impressed with how the Power Towers have performed. I still don't see them featured on your Web site so I feel like I've got an exclusive product (at least for now). You should be proud of your new product and how they perform.

Best Regards,
Kevin, Michigan

"Now that I've listened to the 522D-PTs for the last month I felt I might be able to pass on my initial impressions. First, when I saw the first pictures of the units I felt they looked pretty good. I was wrong. As I took off the purple velvet protective bag I immediately decided they looked awesome. Simple, but elegant. I think that best describes their look. Nothing fancy. The cherry finish is as impressive on these as it is on my 512D's, there's just more of it. A few of my friends (budding audiophiles) went on to notice their superior construction. They especially liked the HDF and the associated heavy mass.

The speakers sounded very, very good during my first trials. I used some of my favorite DD and DTS sources (Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down, Monsters Inc, Eagles: When Hell Freezes Over) and found the speakers to be clean and clear. They didn't sound MUCH different then my broken-in 512's except for the added bass extension (no surprise there). I also threw some DVD-A and SACD at them-------Pink Floyd's DSOTM sounded wonderful. I figured things would really open up after about 20 hrs or so of use. They sure did. I made some adjustments to my system settings (bass management especially) which also helped. With the addition of the integrated 8 inch subs, I was able to pass a little more low-freq info to my front speakers. The "sweet spot" for viewing my movies, and listening to my SACD/DVD-A titles has definitely expanded. It's funny because I really enjoyed just using my 512s as my front speakers. Now, I'm not sure I could ever go back.

I tried to think of ways you could improve them. I did a little brainstorming, but couldn't come up with much. Would it make sense to build a front ported design vs a rear ported? I've never owned a front ported speaker system, but I hear that helps with placement-----takes the walls and corners out of the equation. I don't think the current rear port is a detriment, but I figured I'd throw that idea out there. One other thing that did pop up was maybe a bigger amp, but I'm not sure if that is such a good idea. I'm sure that would throw the incredible "balance" off that these speakers seem to have. I love the way they look so I couldn't even begin to say how to change that.

Thanks for another great product. I'm showing them off as much as possible. Hopefully this translates into more sales out there. I'll be posting a review on soon which should set off some questions and emails (both for you and me). Just yesterday a guy emailed me that he decided to get one of your HT setups. He felt that your speakers would be good, but I guess he needed my opinion to push him over the edge. I think he'll be more than satisfied. Take care."

John, Florida

"Thanks...I received the speakers Wed. and hooked them up yesterday. All I can say is AWESOME. They sound great (even at low volume)."

Bill, Alabama

"Good Day,

I justed wanted to thank you for the greart service I recieved recently when I sent my sub in for repairs. Your willingness to replace it with a new one without any hesitation is greatly appreciated. I will continue to tell others about your great company and service and I will certainly do more business with you in the future.Thanks again for your help!"

Tim, Ohio

"Dear Aperion,

Have been listening to your speakers now for the last 6 months and I just love them. The sound is gorgeous and all my CD's as well as albums have had new life breathed into them. After a few months of listening I did end up switching out the two front speakers and replacing them with my old ADS speakers. It seemed to be a sweet fit and gave a better transition through the bottom end allowing me to turn up the sub (10") a lot. With your fronts it seemed as though the sound didn't transition well and I always ended up with base that was too forward. I also ended up designating the rear speakers on my Harmon Kardon receiver as "small speakers" which leaves out some of the low end their which seemed to make the whole balance better. I tell you it was a lot more fun to screw around with this set up than it ever was with a regular stereo. Anyway, great job, love the system!

A Satisfied Customer"
Bruce, Washington

"Thanks again for all your help, you and Dave. I love the speakers. I am not a person who likes to shop, but working with Aperion has been a great experience. I wouldn't hesitate to seek your services again or recommend you guys to anyone. If that sounds like a testimonial, that's how I meant it. If any questions come up, it's great to know I can get help. I appreciate it."

Al, Oregon

"I am very pleased with the speakers...They are wonderful as well as the customer service. Thank You very much for your help."

Harry, Michigan

"Just wanted to let you know I've received the 522's and was very impressed. Impressed with the quality of packaging, impressed with the appearance of the speakers....but most important, I've tried them out in my home and they are GREAT!! They are not yet broken in, less than 20 hours on them so far, but they are sounding great and getting even better by the day!! Open, clean sound with fantastic imaging. These are the best little 2-ways I've ever heard! They blend seamlessly with my powered subwoofer."

Steve, Minnesota

"My speakers arrived last Tuesday, and I've been enjoying them immensely. I have a home audio setup, not home theatre, so I bought the 2.1 system with the 10" sub. This is connected to mostly Audio Alchemy electronics (CD transport, DAC, dejitterer, and pre-amp) with a Hafler power amp. The sound is absolutely amazing -- rich, full, and smooth. I've always appreciated an 'up front' sound (probably because I'm a former musician and like the sense that I'm back in the middle of things), and the Aperions deliver that. Imaging is good, and I expect it will get even better once the speakers are broken in more. Also, I have some pretty cheap cables running from the amp to the sub amp, which I will replace today with Kimber Kables; I expect that this will also improve imaging. The diaural crossover adds space to the sound and makes each voice distinctly present. I'm certain it plays a big role in the overall sense of precision and large soundstage that these little speakers deliver.

My previous subwoofer was passive, so having the active sub is a real pleasure. I'm rediscovering all of my CDs! For my room I find that the 10" is plenty. I have the volume on the sub amps set between 10 and 11 o'clock, with the crossover around 80Hz.

I had heard that the Aperions were not as efficient as many speakers. That may be the case, but they are apparently more efficient than the RA Lab speakers that I replaced. I have gained about 3-4 dB in volume.

I'll keep auditioning the speakers through my 30-day trial period, but even after one week, I can't imagine that I'll be sending them back!"

Sherman, New Mexico

"Thank you Korey, They are beautiful and fill our large room with such full and accurate sound. I couldn't be more pleased."

William, California

"I took your advice and bought the cobalt cables, all I can say is WOW what a difference I never thought cables would make that much of a difference, especially now that the Aperions are fully broken in they sound like full range towers, every time I listen to them I think to myself "how do they do this?" I would honestly compare them with speakers costing up to 5 to 10 times more, they really come alive when they break in. thanks again for your advice on the cables."

Steve, California

"Aperion is an outstanding product with even better customer service. My experience with your company was fantastic. I will most certainly recommend Aperion speakers to my friends with larger houses. Again, thank you."

Shanan, Virginia

"Thanks Ben. Much appreciated. You guys truly have outstanding customer notch all around."

Ryan, Illinois

"Hi, Ben: It is very nice to be assured that I will be able to get help on the speakers from an expert like you. I learned about your speaker systems on ecoustic website, it has very good review on your products. Now I am quite certain that I have made the right choice on the speakers for Onkyo audio video system. Thanks again."

Yum, California

"Thanks again for the "Great Customer Service". I work for Home Depot's Network Operation Center at their Corp Office in Atlanta. I tell everyone I come in contact with what great products and service you guys offer. Thanks again!!"

Jerry, Georgia

"Dear Aperion,

The speakers arrived Saturday morning much to my delight. I was very taken by their striking good looks and solid construction. I immediately hooked them up to my multi-channel system and listened to a few CDs in stereo mode. These speakers demonstrated extraordinary articulation, depth, and imaging. The sound field was truly three-dimensional and very engaging. Very reminiscent of the Paradigm Studio Reference speakers I had before upgrading to the Revel M20s. They don't have quite the lushness the Revels, but that's to be expected considering the Revels are "A" rated speakers by Stereophile. I next hooked them up to the stereo system they were purchased for. It was immediately evident that they are far superior to the NHT SuperOnes I have been using for the past 5 years.

So, in short, I am very delighted by these speakers. Considering that they haven't been broken in yet, I look forward to the outstanding performance they will obviously deliver. I am sending back to you the wall brackets I ordered and am ordering the speaker stands you have (so please email me an RMA for the brackets). These speakers definitely deserve to be on stands for critical listening."

Dennis, Massachusetts

"I am totally impressed with my new system, haven't hooked up the rear speakers still 5.1 for now but I will this weekend also I will be posting a review soon regarding what a most enjoyable transaction and customer service rated 2nd to none and the same is true for the speakers."

John, California

"Thanks Ben, you are perhaps the most responsive customer service people I've ever experienced!"

James, Maine

"Two+ years later, I still love my bookshelf speakers. My audiophile friends (the kind that spend $800 on a cable that connects their $5K turntable to their $12K amp marvel at how they handle the human voice."

Paul, California

"I was at the home entertainment show over the weekend and I felt it neceesary to drop you a line. You have some kick ass speakers, walking through the show every room was plaaying classical, jazz or lounge music, how depressing but your rep, I believe his name was John, was playing AC/DC sounding damn good, put a nice grin on my face. Though I very happy with my Klipsch I will definitely recommend your speakers to anyone looking for speakers. keep producing excellent products."

John, California

"Thanks Kelli! The retail industry definitely needs more people like you. More power to Aperion!"

Lowell, Texas

"I am most impressed with the 8" sub. My last sub was an SVS, but I love the balance of this little guy. He can really pump out the sauce when needed, but does not sound the least bit bloated. It really is a great sub, and a perfect fit for my current setup."

John, Washington

"I have been an audiophile for many years. I have spent upwards of 30 grand for a stereo system many years ago, so I have been a critical listener for many years. I was not sure what to expect when I opened the boxes and plugged in your speakers. I figured, what the hell, if I hate them, I can always return them, and since Aperion pays for return shipping, what have I got to lose?

I was amazed when I got to the velvet bags holding the speakers. I was in awe when I plugged them in and started listening! (giving them time to break in of course) Wow! I have heard speakers costing twice as much that don't sound half as good!! You guys make a great product and sell it at a fantastic price. I am telling all my friends!!

And thanks for the great customer support! You guys are the best!!"

Will, Arizona

"I finally my system set up and was very pleased with its sound. My only criticism is that the receiver I bought only pushes 90W per channel and it's so clear that the speaker can handle much much more than the receiver can deliver. A few days passed and a buddy who recently set up a $$$ 5.1 system ( PSB floor towers, 10" woofer, and a Sunfire Ultimate receiver) came over to check it out. In general he was amazed I was stupid enough to buy everything off the web sound unheard. Then we fired it up and he was AMAZED at how good everything sounded. The speakers were picked up and their weight was marveled at, covers removed, everything about the speakers were inspected, and the prices had to be repeated several times. My buddy loves his system, but he definitely feels that something is amiss in the universe. My whole set up, including the TV, cost less than his speakers...he won't confess how much the receiver set him back.

Thanks again for all your help."
Rick, Washington

"As you are aware from your own records, I recently purchased your 5.1 System with a 10' base speaker. To say the least, I am extremely happy with my decision to purchase this product. You are to be commended on both your products and especially your service and technical assistance. The sound from speakers is a very personal preference, and yet your customers send you $1250 plus for a product that they have not heard and to a company location that is thousands of miles away. When I advised my friends of my intentions of dealing with a company on the Internet for this amount of money, they thought that I would regret it. Needless to say, the verdict is in and I could not be more pleased.

I thought that you might be interested in the remark that I just filed with CNET bulletin board of consumers:


I was seeking a surround system for my living room, and I have to admit that I am a novice in the field of picking out suitable speakers. My first response was to visit Circuit City and Best Brands to secure some knowledge and suggestions, and my experience convince me that their young sales people knew less than I did. Next, I visited the "high brow" stereo stores and I found their sales people were cold and indifferent. Searching the Internet for some advice, I came across the Aperion website. I search all the audio magazine articles and consumer reviews, and became interested in the Aperion Intimus 5.1 System with the 10 inch subwoofer. I spoke many times with the their technical people and they were always informative and showed patience in responding to my many questions.

Taking the plunge, I ordered the 5.1 System which I had never even heard. I received the speakers five days after I ordered them, and all I can say is WOW! These speakers surpass all expectations that I had for them. They are a delight to listen to the clarity of the sound, and there is plenty of bass in the background.

On my first evening listening to my new speakers, I was watching the DVD movie of Castaways. In one scene, there is a scene where it is raining at night. When I heard the rain in the background, I thought that it might be raining outside of my apartment. That is how realistic it is to hear these speakers. For those of you that might have any hesitation in purchasing speakers without even hearing them beforehand, you will not be disappointed in dealing with Aperion. Their speakers and their support is golden!"

Gerald, Florida

"Thanks so much for your help, Kelli. All of you at Aperion have been great to deal with, and it's nice to find such a quality product at a reasonable price."

Tommy, North Carolina

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the subwoofer today, and am anxious to take it home and listen. I've been very pleased with the speakers, and extremely impressed with the level of service you guys have been giving.

Thanks again for everything."

Eric, California

"Thanks Ben:

I have already e-mailed Kelli and told her how impressed I have been with the customer service that I received at Aperion. I was particularly impressed by your patience and helpfulness as I asked questions about the speakers. In a world where customer service seems to be replaced with a desire for a quick, no-hassle, sale your care and attention to the customer's needs is refreshing. The Live Chat Guru is a wonderful resource!

I was also impressed with the fact that you recommended I contact Cobalt Cable for my system cabling, even though you sell different cable on your site. That you were prepared to give up a sale of cable to ensure that I found something suitable, and at the right price, was very impressive and again speaks to your concern for the customer's needs.

I'm now eagerly awaiting the speakers and feel comfortable knowing that you are available, at the end of a phone or e-mail, to help me with any further questions that I might have.

Many thanks for your help."

Craig, Bermuda

"It has been one month since I received my INTIMUS S-12. Let me say at the outset, I ordered it with some apprehension, since I had auditioned many subwoofers yet had never done so with the S-12. Since you offer a generous return policy I took the chance. I had no idea what I was really getting.

I have used the S-12 in conjunction with my Monitor Audio Silver 9s. As highly as I regard Monitor Audio, I didn't care for their subs.

The S-12? What an incredible subwoofer! The combination of my existing NAD/ Monitor Audio system with the Aperion INTIMUS S-12 is nothing short of amazing.

I upgraded my cabling from Monster, especially for the S-12 which made my 9s even more transparent and rich, if that is possible. I use my system daily and it only seems to improve with time, the S-12 seamlessly taking over where the 9s drop off. The bass is "true" and perfectly suited to all types of music.

Finally the gorgeous Cherry cabinet tops it all off. I feel as though I have gotten the deal of century!

I have with the addition of the S-12 achieved the full sonic spectrum and I could not be happier with this purchase.

It is as if I finally have a complete audio system for the first time, before the S-12 I did not realize what I was missing. I cannot say enough about this superb subwoofer.

As for Aperion Audio, I have only praise for your entire operation. From reps to whom I spoke to the products you so meticulously manufacture, every aspect is top notch. I want to extend my thanks to you all.

By the way, I won't be taking advantage of your 30 day return policy.

Kindest Regards,
John, Indiana

"I just wanted to say that I'm am very happy with the purchase I made. I must say, that the quality of the speakers, the customer service, and the price that they are offered at, makes it a huge value. I've already forwarded your company info to a few others.

Thanks again,"
Jon, California

"I have found the customer service at Aperion to be first-class. When I had questions about the system prior to deciding to purchase, the live chat facility proved to be a great feature. Then, when the online credit card ordering system got hung up, the live-chat facility came to the rescue again. Everyone that I have dealt with at Aperion has been friendly and very helpful.

Thanks very much for everything. If the product is as good as the service, I know I'm in for a treat."

Craig, Bermuda

"I believe I am beginning to get a handle on the operation of the S-12. It has been running continuously since Monday afternoon. I have been tweaking and re-tweaking it. I must say In my two year search for a subwoofer which would complement my Monitor Audio Silver 9s, I have not found anything better. I have found subs that were much more expensive but I like to get the best value for my money. I checked out the Monitor Audio subs, with the idea of staying with a winner.Much more expensive than the S-12, certainly not sonically superior to the Aperion.

I nearly went with the Carver Sunfire but, I was not really convinced, the salesperson preferred a "boomy" sound, I was after subtle realistic sounding bass. In my opinion the "right" sound is a subjective, very personal choice.

I can't tell you how thoroughly thrilled I am with my S-12. I have found that seamless melding that I hoped for with my Monitor Audio Silver 9s. I never realized how much I was missing. Your customer service is the best I have found and I buy online daily. All that remains to be said is Thanks!"

John, Indiana

"Here's a tid bit of info that you might be interested in hearing ! I really haven't had that many different speakers on my system over the years. Mainly because the darned things are so expensive one just doesn't bother to replace them ! I think that you just learn to accept their weak points and their faults and adjust your ears to imagine what the music should really sound like.

I first had a pair of Spica TC 50s. A small triangular shaped box. A little boxy sounding and not particularly clear. The biggest problem , no bottom end. Everyone wants that bottom end ! So I traded them in for a pair of Thiel CS 1.2s. Just georgeous. The wood work on the Thiel's is most beautiful. These were in Blond oak. I loved to look at them but you don't look at a speaker with your ears. The Thiel's are expensive and of course the bigger they get and the more bottom end they have the more you pay ! This speaker was tuned so flat and dry, I always felt a bit cheated of the music. I had a big Superphon 200 watt per channel amp that Stan Warren made. This Thiel was the smallest of the Thiels and I tell you the heat sinks on that 200 watter got so hot you could fry an egg on that Amp. No matter what amp I put on those Thiels , they absorbed that power ! I tried forever to forgive those Thiels and I almost tried to solve the problem by getting another bigger pair of them. I finally sold them and went to a pair of Baltek 90s. This was a speaker designed in Germany and made in Latvia on a blow out sale from Damark Co. They were not marketed right in the US.and about a thousand pairs sold in this country for 120 dollars a pair. They play down to about 25 hz . That's pretty impressive for a hundred and 20 bucks ! No quality control in the manufacturing end of things. Shipshod internal wiring and no internal bracing at all. I put in new wire and slapped on some of that sticky asphalt stuff on the internal walls . Fortunately that fixed most of the problems and the best thing was that they did not suck up humongous amounts of power like the Thiels. But it got to the point " how much money do you want to throw into this box to make it work right? You can't get new drivers for the Balteks. There are no distributors in America or Canada that I know of. You can't even get the drivers rebuilt to sound like the originals. I contacted the Latvian embassy in Washington DC. to no avail ! No address no telephone numbers no nothing !

This Aperion is the best yet I have had. This was the way to go. I could have bought the Legacy Focus but they are far more expensive than the entire Aperion package and since they are a heavy floor standing speaker you don't have that flexibility to move or position the speaker like the 522D. The Aperion package can also do it all. Regular Stereo or multichannel operation, and with the double Subs that I bought I have no problems with that bottom end ! I am very pleased to say the least. A very good value for the money !"

Vincent, Pennsylvania

"I received my speaker care kit today. I have to tell you that I can not remember the last time I received such exceptional and personal service. Your product speaks for itself and I would have been very happy even if you had provided mediocre service. Your unbelievable attitude toward superior customer service is remarkable. You updated me on a regular basis as to the expected shipment date of my subwoofer and you delivered as promised. You have a customer for life! I will continue to tell anyone who will listen how fantastic Aperion Audio is. Any one who purchases speakers from any place other than Aperion Audio is missing out on a phenomenal product and a first class buying experience.

Thank you for such a pleasurable experience."
George, New Jersey

"I would like to say that I am really sad to be returning this system back to Aperion. I've lived in an moderately sized apartment in New York City for 37 years and it's been a daunting journey trying to finding a system where size, appearance and affordability all meet happily. The Aperion system meets all three criteria! I've owned Bose, Klipsch, and Polk Audio satellite systems and listened to all the others out there. In my opinion your speakers along with the 8" sub were clearly the best "Home Theater" system that I have listened to in that size range since diving into home theater several years ago. While I find that most home theater systems bring some real excitement level into any living room while watching a DVD, I have also noticed that these same systems fall way short when you play your favorite music CD. From Pavarotti to RUN DMC (it puzzles the neighbors as well) the Aperion system was extremely pleasing to listen to, bringing a smile to my face each day that I had them. The midrange in your speakers had wonderful clarity and depth, and the highs were smoothly exciting, and the Black finish was as elegant as a baby grand pianos. The 8" sub was as compact as I have seen and it behaved "BIG" in my 12X18 living room. It's reproduction of the low frequency effects were clean and tight throughout U-571 and Saving Private Ryan. What else can I say other than that I will be placing another order with Aperion if I should move, redecorate, or get divorced. By the way, customer service has been just as good as everyone else said it would be.

P.S. One might find it strange that I would comment on a system that I am returning, but I know that there are many many people out there that have taken this same daunting journey. Fortunately, your speakers can provide a quick, pain free, very happy ending for them!"

Chris, New York

"I was amazed at the superior quality of the packing job on my new speakers. The finish on the speakers is superb. I had originally intended to buy just the pair of 522D speakers, but Iím so thrilled that Iím ordering the 522D-C and the S-12. Thanks for such great products."

Mike, Montana

"Ladies and Gentlemen, have you reached a verdict?

Yes, we have your Honor.

What say you now as your verdict?

Your Honor, we have spent a great of time during the last two months reviewing our decision. Hours of frustration were spent in the halls of Best Buy and Circuit City where we found that many of the speakers that we wanted to hear were not even hooked up so that the consumers could listen to them. We found that the sales personnel somewhat ignorant of the subject matter and the intensity of their interest declined after an immediate sale was not made.

Our investigation of the facts continued when we visited the so-called high-class audio shops where salesmen have an attitude problem. The majority of these audio shops have the attitude that it is their privilege that they are even waiting on you. It helps if you scatter twenty-dollar bills as you approach the salesmen to indicate that you have plenty of disposable cash to make the purchase that they recommend.

We discovered a few on-line speaker manufacturers who have super products that are backed by independent expert reviews and consumer opinions. Their web sites are informative and complete with extremely helpful and knowledgeable sales personnel. To be honest, we initially found it extremely difficult to make a $1200 purchase without even being able to listen to the product. Can you imagine purchasing a car without even driving it?

Yes, yes, what is your decision?

Our decision is that we shall purchase the Aperon Intimus 5.1 System with the 10-inch subwoofer for our living room and a pair of Axiom M40Ti Tower speakers on the B switch for our Study Office."

Gerald, Florida

"I recently bought all the four recordings that the Lovely young violinist , Hillary Hahn , recorded on Sony classics. So far she has recorded the violin concertos of Sam Barber, Leonard Bernstein, Beethoven, Brahms and Stravinsky. All of these recordings are fabulous but my favorite recording of hers is her very first recording " Hillary Hahn plays Bach". , Partita No. 2 in D Minor, Partita No. 3 in E Major and Sonata No. 3 in C Major. These are a bunch of terrific solo violin pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach. This recording was made at the famous Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in New York, in 1996 when Hillary was I think only about 17 or 18 years of age . This hall is known for its wonderful acoustics and Hillary's playing is so sensitive and full of luscious nuance. I 've got to tell you that I've never heard this recording quite as well as on the Aperion 522Ds . They really bring it all out so well. The room really tells me I am there ! Thanks to the Aperions ! I am very glad I bought these speakers.

A bottle of 2000 Duck Pond Chardonnay from Dundee , Oregon , a short bread cookie and listening to Bach on the Aperions makes for a great evening . I had a hard time getting this recording. Borders told me it was out of print but a couple of weeks later I went to their store and found it on their shelf. The no. on it is SK 62793 Sony Classical . It is my hope that you can find it. It is a worth while treasure for your collection."

Vince, Pennsylvania

"I had to let you know how thrilled I am with my subwoofer. The finish is truly extraordinary and the output is exceptional. My friend, who owns an audio and video rental company and is a true audiophile helped me set up my new S-10 subwoofer and was very impressed with the quality of the unit. You made this a very pleasant experience with your regular updates as to the delivery date and with your speedy reply to my question. I thank you very much and look forward to many great home theatre experiences."

George, New Jersey

"Thanks for getting the audio system out to me so quickly. I saw that you guys are based in good ol' Tigard, Oregon. I was raised in Tigard and graduated from Tigard High back in 95. Great to see a company in my home town doing so well and providing such excellent service and products!Best Wishes to your future success..."

Brian, California

"I was pleasantly surprised that FedEx delivered my subwoofer today after work.

Based on the PDF instructions on your website, I picked up an RCA cable for the sub as well as a Y-adapter that the instructions recommended.

The packaging was very good and I liked the velvet cover.

Even though it is not broken in yet, it already sounds great."

Apollo, New Jersey

"The speaker system is working just fine and the sound is more than I expected, overwhelmingly sumptuous!"

Vincent, Pennsylvania

"My first impression after hearing the sub for the first 10 minutes was WOW! Plenty of "oomph" for home theater and surprisingly tight for music."

Charles, Illinois

"The Aperion speaker system sounds absolutely glorious ! I am so proud to have these things. I feel like I am living like a millionaire when I listen to them. Oh , by the way I forgot to mention in my previous e-mail that neither my preamps or my amplifiers have capacitors in their input or output stages. Just in the power supply sections of course and those caps are Blackgates, the best ! Mr. Warren has designed his ampifiers to not use capacitors to control the DC offset.The Aperion Diural technology marries very well with Stan Warren amplifiers. Best regards, and good listening. Make sure to thank John and Kelli for all their help too, and I will spread the good news about Aperion!"

Vincent, Pennsylvania

"Thanks to you and John for all your help, I'll be sure to continue to recommend your products to others (especially after I have my housewarming party and my friends get a chance to hear the system in action). You guys should be used as a model for customer service and marketing to business students."

Tommy, North Carolina

"Got the new sub yesterday and all is well! Have not put it through it's paces yet, but testing it out briefly produced the nice gentle rumble through my house and neighborhood that my wife and neighbors have grown to love. Can hardly wait to really test it out this weekend!

Ben, thanks again for all your help with this. It is really encouraging to see a company stand behind their products like this. I have recommended your products to many people already and will certainly continue to do so!"

Joseph, New Jersey

"I receive the new 522's as well as the new S-8. All I can say is WOW ! Absolutely phenomenal... Again, thank you for the exceptional service. I will continue to d0 my part and evangelize the Aperion name."

Rich, Massachussetts

"I must say that these speakers live up to the reviews. I kept telling my wife "trust me every review I read was 5 out of 5 and they pay for shipping them back if we don't like them" She is a believer now.

The Xbox is set up for DVD's, cd's and games with DD 5.1 and DTS (digital audio and s-video). The cd's and games rock in surround sound, but the movies! Just the opening to Star Wars with the THX intro was unbelievable! I had the guys over from work and the jaws dropped. They all left feeling in adequate in their sound systems. Oh, and the neighbors know about it too. :)

When I get a chance to browse at review pages, I will try to post my comments about Aperion Audio, not only for the products but for the customer service and support, right down to the thank you letter from the President (along with the cleaning rag and gloves).

Thanks guys!"

Jeff, California

"Thanks for the speaker - WOW!! You guys really are something else. I hope your sales numbers are keeping pace with your high level of service. After changing the speakers, I tested them by listening to Diane Krall "Live in Paris", and by watching "Twister". I'm happy to report I sat in my chair with a smile on my face for 3 hours. Thanks!!"

David, Wisconsin

"I wanted to thank everyone at Aperion Audio for the great service. Everything is hooked up and working, and I wanted to write after I had a chance to break these speakers in.

I have had several home theater systems, from pre-installed to this which was a retro fit to the house. None have compared soundwise and when you throw in the price, certainly no comparison. The speakers are great, and I certainly would recommend them to anyone."

Kevin, Louisianna

"Hi just wanted to say THANKS for the GREAT job of follow up that you and your company does. I've sold Honda automobiles for the past 12 years and I firmly believe that service and follow up means more than price or anything else. And as for the quality of my new speakers (sound and finish) they are better than I ever imagined. I will be in the market for a new sub soon, so I will be ordering again real soon.

Thanks Again."
Bob, Ohio

"You guys are unbelievable---the service is incredible. I bought originally because you had innovative technology... I would rebuy from you because you have superior service."

Paul, Massachusetts

"I received the stands on Friday and all is well. Your speakers look a whole lot nicer on the stands then they did on wood boxes. The speakers are great and breaking in just fine, they just keep getting stronger. Thanks a bunch for all your support and it has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

Yours rockn in surround..."

Wayne, Canada

"Wow these speakers are great! I read all the reviews prior to purchasing them, but my expections where still blown away, great product."

Ron, Georgia

"Got everything hooked up and it sounds great. I was really impressed with the quality of your speakers. Much more than what I expected. Truly top of the line all the way around. Thanks, it is truly nice to deal with a competent company over the net."

Michael, Arkansas

"I must say...I am quite impressed with the Onkyo 900/ Intimus 7.1 system. Definitely the best bargain in its price range and equalling or surpassing much more expensive systems. I have defintely noticed the speakers "warming up" and loosening up over the couple of days I have been using the system. The more I play them ...the better they sound. And my ears dont seem to fatigue over time like other systems Ive owned in the past. Hats off to you and Aperion for the wonderful customer service and outstanding product."

Shane, Illinois

"I received my subwoofer earlier this week and wanted to thank you folks for your truly excellent, friendly and responsive customer service. You all run a first-class operation! Many thanks again."

John, New York

"Thanks. I love the speakers and I've appreciated your prompt assistance throughout the buying process. You guys have definitely won me over. I've mentioned you to everyone I know that's interested in speakers (and even some who aren't)."

Patrick, Texas

"Thanks a lot for the attention on my Sub. I've been really happy with the speakers since I bought them and I'm glad to see you guys are still taking good care of your clients. I'll be looking out for my new sub. Again, Thanks a lot and I look forward to receiving my new sub.

You know that the best advertising a company can do is recomendations and word of mouth. Well, everybody I speak to hears about your company and product."

Miguel, Florida

"Thank you. The sub arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. I was upgrading from the HSU VTF-2 so my expectations were high. Your product exceeded them."

Matt, Arizona

"I could not be more pleased with your product!! Everybody that has listened to this system are just plain blown away (so am I). I am not a technoaudiophile, but I do know what I like, and I like this a lot. Aperion Audio has exceeded all my expectations and more, the quality, the build, the finish, and most of all the value.

Thank You"
Scot, Washington

"I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed doing business with your company. Your company's customers service and follow ups are a welcome change from the typical nameless, faceless internet transactions. I can see why the critics are raving about your products and services. I have not had a chance to set up my new system yet as we are still in the process of finishing my home theater but I'm looking forward to listening to these beautifully finished speakers.

Thanks again."
Doug, Maryland

"I should say at the outset your customer service has been outstanding. Kelli was in constant touch with me thru emails. I am satisfied with the speakers and the receiver. I will definitely let my friends know about this site."

Pradeep, California

"I appreciate your service and the wonderful speakers. I love the 10" subwoofer! I'm glad I stumbled upon the article in Home Theater magazine about your speakers."

Steve, Texas

"I'm usually not too touchy-feely about the products I buy, but I have to say that these are the best speakers I own. I purchased them at a reasonable price, and the entire purchasing, delivery, and the support that I feel are behind the product are the best I've ever experienced for any product.

Thank you."
Cody, California

"Once again you guys have proved to be the best!!! Thanks so much for taking care of my speaker situation. I have recommended you to everyone who has been looking at home stereo equipment.  Again, thanks so much for being so responsive and honest."

Lyn, Texas

"I received the shipping confirmation shortly after I sent the e-mail to you this morning. Looks like Santa is coming tomorrow. I better blow the dust out of the Hafler stuff tonight so I don't start a fire. Then I gotta figure out how to smuggle the things under the Christmas tree and look surprised when my wife sees them.

Give your shipping folks a "Thank you" for me for fixing me up so fast!"

Brent, California

"Your service is REALLY outstanding! Everyone that works at Aperion goes the extra effort."

Paul, North Carolina

"I just wanted to let you know that you guys have great customer service.

I had my parents select your speakers 2 years ago but have had two problems with their 12 inch sub. My mom (who is not too familiar with speakers) has contacted your customer service and has been treated excellent each time. She goes so far as to call me immediately afterwards to tell me how kind and quickly you respond. Now sure it would have been nice for the sub to have zero problems, but the service you provide to fix and ensure we're satisfied is what keeps you guys as my number one recommendation for quality speakers at a solid price.

In addition, the fact you put a 5 year warranty on your speakers is incredible.

Thanks Again."
Dusty, Texas

"I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I purchased a 3.1 system with a 10" sub recently, and I couldn't be more pleased with the sound or quality of your speakers. I'm driving them with a B&K AVR 307, and despite the snobby comments from the hi-fi dealer where I bought the receiver, the Aperion speakers handle the 150W/channel easily, sound much better than the Paradigms I considered, and even rival the far more expensive M&K system that the dealer tried to sell me. In addition to the superior sound, the beautiful cherry cabinets match my cherry bookshelves perfectly ... it's amazing to hear the clear, rich sound fill the room despite the fact that their subtle size and furniture-quality finish make them nearly invisible...Thanks again, and I plan to recommend your products to all my friends."

Brian, California

"My new Aperion 5.1 system is awesome! The black 12" subwoofer goes fine with my room decor...It took me a while to tune the subwoofer to my room, and it sounds perfect."

Terrence, Ohio

"Still love my Aperion stuff! I get compliments from my friends all the time on the quality and sound and I have had to pick people off the floor when I tell them the cost!

Thanks Aperion."
Jerry, Illinois

"Thanks for the tips. I am very pleased with the good customer service I received, including prompt replies to emails. Delivery was very fast, and the speakers look and sound very good. Also, your company's recommendation of the Onkyo TX-SR600 was a good choice, and it was very convenient to be able to order the whole bundle from you. Well done!"

Aaron, Washington

"Received my new subwoofer on Friday, 10/5, and my system is whole and sounding good again. Many thanks to all of the Folks at Aperion Audio."

Brad, Wisconsin

"Hi...just wanted to say a belated "thanks" for the follow up on my recent speaker purchase. I have them installed in my "temporary" theater room and they sound great! I'm especially impressed with the sub - the 12" speaker really brings the movies to life (not to mention some low-frequency incidentals during the evening news!).

I knew coming in that this would be a good purchase, and I am definately impressed with the quality, sound, and packaging.

Thanks again!"

David, West Virginia

"I spent most of Saturday in my attic pulling power and signal wires for that powered sub-amp. Sunday night I finally had a chance to sit down in front of those speakers with my wife and concluded that this system is absolutely the best sounding home system we have ever heard. (Your speakers are being fed by an Outlaw 1050 A/V receiver.)

Thank you all at Aperion Audio for keeping in touch during the sales and delivery process and for the warm follow up correspondence. Now that I have my wife hooked on good sounding music, I'm sure that I will be able to convince her that good sound should extend to our TV/movie viewing and I'll be ordering center and side channel speakers. ;^)"

Michael, Texas

"Thanks for the speakers. I got delivery of them Saturday morning. I've set them up with the help of the Pioneer amp which calibrates the system automatically using a wired microphone. The sound is fantastic. Let me give the speakers a period to break in and I will report to you again. Meanwhile they sound and look great. Thanks for a truly good product."

Kunal, Tokyo Japan

"Thank you for all your help. The system really sounds wonderful."

Ed, New Jersey

"I love the speakers, and everyone I have showed them to says they sound great!

Let me assure you they got broken in VERY well. I am still in tweaking mode. I really need to run my white noise test so set my EQ. But so far so good.

I have adjusted the low frequencies out to the speakers with my EQ. I have clipped most anything below 100hz. I am letting the Sub carry all that.

All in all I am quite pleased.

Thanks for your help."

Phil, Oregon

"I'm sure you have heard many versions of this but my buddy who has Polk Audio speakers set up was totally bummed when he heard your speakers and that was when they were playing through a $200 computer Subwoofer set up (all I had till my Onkyo 797 arrived). Wait till he hears them now with the Onkyo and monster cable speaker wires.

So thanks for all your help, you and Aperion have a fan for life. I'm going to tune them in with the Avia disc this weekend although I don't see how they can sound much better."

John, California

"WOW!! I can't believe the full range and the sound stage they produce. They can sure put out some serious low end. That's without my 8 inch subwoofer. They are a pleasure and I can't wait to hear the complete system."

Duane, Colorado

"In the two weeks I've had the speakers, I've been blown away by the sound. And they do seem to be getting even better. The S-12 has proved that I haven't lost my low-end hearing after all. They're also beautiful pieces in their own right, and the packaging was over-the-top.

Thanks too for your attentive customer service. It was also great being able to listen to them here in Portland and buying from you in person."

Bryce, Oregon

"I just wanted to let you know that, four months after buying the SW8, it has performed flawlessly, and OUTperformed anything that I compared it to.

I have had two friends watch movies and listen to music in that time; they both have now purchased their own SW8's from you guys, and are considering, as am I, replacing their main speakers with Aperion Audio speakers.

Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business again with you soon."

Mark, Colorado

"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. The subwoofer arrived yesterday and my husband is very, very happy with his speakers. I really appreciated your helpfulness. We will definitely be doing business with you in the future and we have already told our friends which company we purchased these speakers from."

Amy, Phoenix

"I received the SW8 today, and it is GREAT! I have spent all evening matching it with my B&W 805's and the SW8 sounds wonderful. Thanks for a great product!!!!"

Don,West Virginia

"Your product is everything and more than advertized. From packaging, prompt delivery to quality of of the line in my book. I find it rare today to find such pride in ones product...keep it have a pro bono sales rep here in Santa Rosa."

Jerome, California

"Thanks for the quick service and the follow up. Pretty rare for an internet merchant. I can't believe how much care you guys put into packing the speakers. They arrived in perfect shape and are already hooked up and sounding great. Can't wait to see how they sound after break-in. Thanks for everything."

Jim, Texas

"W/O even breaking the speakers in, they sound great. I am finally able to hear dialogue!"

W.C., Maryland

"I just wanted to take the time and say thank you for all of your help and great service. I am loving my 5.1 system as well as the Onkyo receiver. I will definitely recommend the system to friends and family as they are all jealous of the gem in my family room. Nowadays, it is truly refreshing to see that customer service and quality control still exists in a company."

Patrick, New Jersey

"Aperion Audio has few equals in the home entertainment marketplace. I've dealt with dozens of vendors by phone and online, purchasing products for both home and work. Your combination of value and customer service are among the best I've experienced...

Thanks again for the fine products and great service."

Andy, Georgia

"I have been "breaking in" my speakers for about a week.

As I unpacked the speakers, I knew I had made the right choice by looking at the packing material. I have hooked the speakers upto my Onkyo 797 receiver and now I am hooked! I am most impressed by the sound I can get out of these little speakers. I was a little unsure of the 12" subwoofer I had purchased (I thought the 8" would have been enough for my setup), but after listening to both music (DVD-Audio and 5.1 CDs) and watching DVD movies, again, I knew I had made the right choice. To boot, the speakers are sounding much better than about a week ago...

Thanks again and congratulations on a great product."

Keshav, Illinois

"...So far, your product and service have met or surpassed my expectations. A job well done by yourself and staff..."

Chris, Illinoi

"I completely enjoyed "Enemy at the gates" last night. Thanks for your time with the phone call. Aperion's customer service is 1st quality as well as every aspect of my purchase."

Scott, Florida

"It rocks...My neighbors probably do not appreciate the amount of jamming I have been doing lately but I sure am having fun. Thanks again."

Megan, Oregon

"I recieved the speakers on Friday and I must say I am very impressed. Even the packaging was very interesting! The first movie I watched was "Castaway" on my 55" HDTV with my new speakers. They sound amazing. I am very pleased with their quality. The subwoofer shakes the room and those little speakers put out a punch like I have never heard before...Thanks for the great product."

Jeffrey, Minnessota

"Overall the sound is amazing. Once the oohs and aahs die off with DVD movies, personally I think Iíll like the good old fashioned music the best.

You guys are clear winners for customer support"

Chris, Oregon

"I just want to say thank you. I wish I could buy all of my electronics through Aperion Audio. Your customer service has set the standard for which I will look for in the future. I will definitely be an Aperion Audio customer for life! You can look for many of my friends to become customers also. I love my 5.1 system! Again thank you!"

James, North Carolina

"My friends thought I was crazy to buy speakers over the net without hearing them - just based upon a couple of reviews that I had read. When they arrived (with a 30 return policy) and my friends heard the speakers they didn't think I was so crazy.

Now they have something else to talk about!!"

Ron, California

"Once again, I want to congratulate you and your Company for the superb after-sale customer service you provide to customers. Since the first day I contacted you for service, your handling of my request for help has been flawless and impeccable."

Pierre, Indiana

"It's been about 30 days now that I've had the 7.1 system. I'll tell ya what-----I'm beyond impressed. They sound better than I imagined. I studied the info on the Diaural concepts and felt (at the very least) the technology sounded credible. Well, calling this idea "credible" was a huge understatement. My friends can't help but comment on how incredible they sound with a little Boney James flowing thru 'em. Actually, I get just as many positive comments on the "fit and finish" of the individual speaker enclosures. Anyway, thanks for making such a great product and making the entire process (purchase to delivery) such a smooth and pleasant one."

John, Florida

"I want to thank you again for the great service you provided, and for the great speaker system. I was not disappointed! The 7.1 system with the 12 inch subwoofer is awesome to say the least. You should hear the pod race scene from the Star Wars Phantom Menace DVD unbelievable!"

Bob, California

"I want to thank you and Aperion Audio for your outstanding customer service. It is rare in today's world to find companies that go out of their way to provide customer service. You went out of your way to fix my problem and it is greatly appreciated."

Donald, Florida

"As for the speakers themselves, they're not even broken in fully and already all I can say is "amazing". Everything I read in a number of user reviews regarding their sound is right on the money. Looking forward to some great experiences with these speakers."

Saad, Illinois

"These speakers sound GREAT! I am sold on Aperion."

Kent, Washington

"Thank you soo much for all your help! You've created an extremely satisfied customer!!!!! Though, you've completely shattered what society had spent years building up - my understanding that service was dead. :)"

Mike, Massachusetts

"Just wanted to tell you, I am continually amazed at the sound of my system now with the new SW-12. I am listening to every CD I own and watching way more movies because it just sounds so good. Thank you, Thank you."

Ed, New York

"I am absolutely delighted with the speakers, but more importantly I am totally impressed with the service and response of you in particular and Edge Audio with this problem. Thank you! Thank you!"

Robert, Florida

"The 5.(0) system was incredible until the SW-12 arrived in June. Then the 5.1 was UNBELIEVABLE. When the wife and kids are away, I'm in danger of losing my fillings!! And that's the way I love it."

Leonard, Illinois

"Just wanted to tell you that as of one week in service, I love my 7.1 system. The beautiful cherry cabinets (and the packaging) are most impressive (as advertised), but the sound of the system is more impressive yet. Really lifelike and full."

Chuck, California

"Thanks for checking in. All arrived well. I plan on spending Saturday setting up. Can't wait! The assistance I received from you and the rest of the EdgeAudio team along the way has been fantastic. I've told the EdgeAudio story at least a half of dozen times. Most noteworthy was at a conference presentation I made to 200 people about the benefits and appropriate use of digital marketing in a valuable and meaningful way to the customer.

Edge Audio GETS IT!

I'll be back...

First of all thanks for shipping the sub-woofer so promptly. I completed the setup last week and WOW! These speakers sound fantastic; highs, lows, and everything in between!

The Edge Audio experience has been great."

Dominic, Pennsylvania

"I received my subwoofer before my confirmation! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the personal note keeping me posted about my order and for the earlier-than-predicted shipment. I'm sure that the wait will all be worth it. Your customer service has exceeded all my expectations."

Chris, Washington

"Just got the sub. Can't tell you how it sounds (won't be hooked up for a little while), but you can tell the marketing department that the wood finish is superb. The thing looks like a million bucks. If it sounds half as good as it looks, you've got a winner."

Paul, New Jersey

"Thanks for the update Kelli. It's nice to receive proactive communication from a company for a change, plus it keeps me bragging about you guys!"

Saul, Colorado

"you're the best -- thanks for the great service"

Jeff, Virginia

"I can't tell you how happy I am with the whole "Edge Audio" experience - granted your speakers are great but the customer services really rounds the product offering off. I'll wait for my speaker and won't be any less pleased with my purchase because of the minor delay.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop."

Russ, Washington

"Wow - It's great to see that some companies still believe in customer service. Thanks for all your help."

Mathew, Louisiana

"Just want you to know that I finally got the surround system installed. I have one word to describe the sound quality: SUPERB! The clarity, tone and feel of the sound coming from the satellites and sub-woofer are excellent. And, as I promised, tours of the bedroom start this weekend, so look for more business headed your way. (Can we discuss commissions now?) HA HA. Take care, and thanks again to everyone at EDGE Audio for creating such a wonderful listening experience for me."

Kent, Illinois

"Thank you for answering my questions. Please go ahead and place my order (see attached note if needed) and ship the sub in June. The Internet reviews I read about your customer service were right. I appreciated the honesty on the inventory issue, the policy you have in place to deal with the inventory issue, and your fast and knowledgeable response to my questions. You can bet that I will post a few more good reviews for Edge Audio on the Internet."

Judd, Colorado

"It's so nice to have an actual person on the other side of a web site."

David, Maryland

"Thanks! That's what I like to see, a company *(and a person!) who understands service. Looking forward to using your products. Thanks again."

Charles, California

"Wanted to let you know that I've got everything according to the delivery setup we agreed upon so far. I thought the purple velvet carrying bags were a very nice and practical touch. I hooked em up to my new Yamaha 5280 receiver and the 5 speaker stereo sounds gorgeous if not perfect with my music CD's. I'm very pleased with their sound under all the power levels I've used so far. In fact, the bass on these little guys is so good, I've turned off the sub. I don't know now if I really want the sub-woofer. I'll have to spin a few movies to see if it is worth it. How much for just the five speakers without the sub? I'll give it a try with the 8" sub for a while and once the 12" sub comes in I'll let you know what I think. Thanks."

Dale, Washington

"FYI, I FINALLY received my receiver yesterday. After going out and spending another $300 or so on cables and speaker wire, I got the system hooked up last night. It sounds incredible. The speakers have a nice, calm, warm sound to them like you'd expect in a much larger, higher-end speaker. I felt like I could crank the receiver up as high as I wanted with no loss of clarity (but of course, I spared my apartment neighbors). A reviewer on one of the sites I checked out while shopping described them as 'bright', but I don't really get that at all - if anything, they seem mellow. You generally get that sort of tininess from cheaper speakers, and these have none of that.

I don't have the surround speakers hooked up yet, but hey, the weekend is upon us! The subwoofer is hooked up and I'll probably be experimenting with that a bit. One of your technical support people left me a message yesterday, which I appreciate. I'll probably call him today to get some suggestions on subwoofer adjustment. Otherwise, it's all pretty straightforward. By the way, the speaker stands look good."

Andrew, California

"You make a stunning looking sub. It's a beautifully crafted piece of equipment. Only problem is I'm waiting on a custom made cable, before I can hook everything up. So I haven't even been able to give it a listen. To say I can't wait is an understatement. I'm even considering buying a set of your small surround speakers to add to my system.

And one more thing. You guys have the best packaging I've ever seen"

Terry, Georgia

"As marketed, the speakers are absolutely gorgeous. You open the box, and out comes this Crown Royal type velvet casing that just wafts of wood finish and oil. Awesome.

And first impressions of the sound are rather good --I'm replacing a set of DCMs that I've had for a few years, and the differences are immediately apparent. Where I believed my DCMs to have had nice midrange and imaging, these new puppies just put them to shame. Vocal placement disappears, and the Edge speakers reveal a richness to the sound that I never heard before. My DCMs unfortunately now sound tinny and shrill, and laser like in their placement and soundstage (there is none). So far so good. Thanks for your help in getting these to me."

Eric, Virginia

"Wow. Let me say that again, WOW! These things are great. I bought these for a client (I do theater installation) to see if they would work for him. I set them up in my music room and a month later sold both pairs of my existing speakers (Spicas and Meadowlark). I now use them as my main monitor speakers for remote recording.

What convinced me is this: they are musical. These babys have soul!

I have a 9' Concert Grand Baldwin in a great room. I play and record with this piano all the time. It's a small direct to hard disk system that does very clean 2 channel 24bit/96khz recordings. I recorded a piano passage and hit play. They sounded like what I had recorded. It was there. The life was there, the dynamics were there. I could tell where the instrument was. I could see into the soul of the music. It was glorious.

I have listened to every kind of music there is and they just get out of the way. I have even taken them with me to studios and put them up against $10k B&Ws and Genelecs. They aren't quite there, but what is given up is frills around the edges. They hold the heart of the music as well as the best speakers I have ever heard.

One note: They do reward a good amplifier and cables. I usually use Acurus, McCormack or Parasound amplification. I have run them with a Krell FPB300 though and they sounded noticeably better. I don't think anyone will do it for long but, it isn't as crazy as it would be with most speakers to link a multi kilobuck amp with these speakers that without a sub are only $380 a pair. They are that good.

They do require the subwoofer though. It is very good for the money, and I recommend it. It won't get the very bottom of the lowest octave, and can run out of power on movie sound tracks in a large room, but is very satisfying and matches the satellites nicely.

Congrats to Edge Audio. These babies are beautiful speakers. Try them! You won't use the free shipping to send them back and will probably get all your friends to get a set as well.

Build is very good, sound is wonderful, price is excellent. These speakers are what audio should be about: music. They came alive and I haven't looked back. I love em!"

David, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to write and say thank you for making wonderful, affordable speakers. I have auditioned speakers costing several times what your Edge Audio speakers cost, and didn't get the sound quality that I now enjoy. When listening to music, the source is completely transparent. On a particular song by Charlie Parker, the vibraphone appeared in front of me and I could literally hear where the musician was playing on the actual instrument. You could actually tell where the mics were for the recording. I am blown away. I hope to get the center, surrounds, and sub very soon to complete and already wonderful system."

Jonathon, Texas

"Thanks for the note and the prompt service. All the speakers arrived in good condition and I have connected most of them. I won't be rearranging the listening room (now home theater) until after the new year, so now the little Edge satellites and center speaker have the privilege of acting as mains against my old stereo speakers as the surrounds. I can't wait to put together the "real" thing but it will do for now and I just had to put something together without filling the entire room with a zillion speakers. Our room is small, a little "live", with too many openings to be a really good room for this, but the size of the speaker system is just right.

About your little subwoofer... the first movie up was a sleeper, kind of a period piece and it gave a nice sense of environment that we really enjoyed. The other day we put on "X-Men", got comfortable and settled into the story. The first action-movie-with-special-effects event nearly knocked us off the couch. I know we will get used to this over time but we got a real kick out of it, even though I'm easing off the volume for a while to break them in.

The purchase experience with Edge Audio has been great, I hope you all have a great holiday season."

Glen, California

"I really enjoy the speakers I purchased from you two weeks ago. Here's my favorite part about your speakers "These speakers have the best W.A.F. for the price, and they look great and sound great" (W.A.F - Wife Appeal Factor).

Thanks again for a great product and great service - I even talked to the president of your company during one of my inquires about your products and he quickly faxed me more information."

Scott, Missouri

"By now, I have had the chance to hook up the A/V system and worked out all the little details to make it run well. I must admit that this is the first time that I have ever put a modern audio system together myself, so it took me a little while to figure out even some very basic things. I realize how important it is to get all the set up right BEFORE one can really judge the quality of a system. I also allow the system to do a couple of weeks of break in time since it was all new equipment. When all that's done, I began to listen to it more carefully, with a couple of high quality reference recording CDs. My other equipment is an Outlaw 6:1 1050 receiver and a Toshiba DVD that doubles as a CD player.

And magic happened. Never before our living room was filled with so much enjoyable sound! When the radio was on, my two children would come down from their bedrooms from the first floor to check if we had guests in the house. This is what I called hi-fi, a true rendition of human voice, so much true to life that one has a sense that an actual human being was doing the talking right in front of me. When we played music in stereo, it's as if the musicians were playing right around us. Each layer of music, each instrument, each voice, was distinguishable with perfect clarity and harmony to the ear without having to make an effort to listen in. As a result, the Edge Audio speakers are never tiring, it's a joy to listen to them, each and every time. Interestingly, they have given our family a new opportunity to be closer. Before, each of my children would listen to their boombox in their room. Now, they come downstairs to listen to music together with us. Isn't that wonderful? When playing home theater on DVD, the sound effect was also truly amazing. We are constantly checking behind our back (with scary movies) or around the room for "imaginary" intruders. And that little subwoofer tugged in a corner, it really shakes the floor when it wakes up.

I love the craftsmanship of these speakers. They are extremely well made with real wood enclosure. The wood grain is so rich looking that it blends well with our furniture. It's simply amazing that these small speakers can produce such an expansive and uninhibited soundstage, even at low volume. In contrast, most speakers that I have listened to (and I have listened to a lot of them, including the most expensive ones) seem to sound boxy and constricted. You have to crank up the volume of these other speakers in order to get them out of their box/enclosure in order to recreate a decent stage.

I am finishing the message with the customer service at Edge Audio. The way I judge customer satisfaction is by 3 criteria, and companies who can meet all 3 of these will be successful in the long run. First, I want to say about Quality. The quality of your product (speakers, wires) is very good. With a mail order company, the quality of the interaction with people is also very important. Each time I had a question about my order and when I called the toll free number, you were there to talk to me and you have been very pleasant to talk to. Even when you were busy and couldn't talk to me right away, you would call me back, and that was really appreciated. It is expected that there are always little mistakes or slight delay in the delivery of merchandise when ordering on-line. What important is that those little things get straightened out. And you really did a wonderful job in your way of treating the customers. And you really earned my praise. The next important thing is Speed. If you could do things (like putting together complicated orders, sending over the merchandise) quickly, it will certainly be a major plus for the company. And last, it's Value. It's hard to judge value and it is quite a subjective notion. To me, it's the most bang for the buck. I know that I could always get the best sound system if money was no object. But if I can 90% of the best of the bests while spending 20 times less than the best, then I feel satisfied and consider such system of tremendous value. That's the way I feel with the Edge Audio system. I call these 3 criteria QSV, and I strive to live by them day after day. It seems that you are also doing it, so you have all my respect.

I wish you the very best for this Holiday Season. Please keep up the good work. If, on occasions, one of your customers needs some reference, you may refer them to me. I will say a good word for you. I don't mean that I wanted to be flooded with e-mail, but on occasions, I would be glad to do it. In the mean time, my speakers are reminding me everyday of how wonderful your product is."

Pierre, Indiana

"Enjoying the speaker very much. Find that it outclasses everything in it's price range. My wife loves the fit and finish of it as furniture. Have already recommended you to friends. Good luck to you."


"I hooked up the speaker and have been testing it under several conditions. The only thing I can say at this point is - WOW! AM I IN TROUBLE!!! I can hardly believe my ears. The sound is absolutely crystal clear and seamless. It's absolutely beautiful, BUT, now my other speakers don't sound good at all. I may have too get two more just to balance out the quality. What a dilemma I've gotten myself into."

Fred, New York

"These Are Some Great Speakers. They Sound Clearer And More lifelike Than Speakers I Own Which Unfortunately Cost 2 To 3 Times As Much! My Wife Likes Them And She Is totally Bored By Electronics."

Steve, Virginia

"It's been a couple of weeks now and I've taken that time to live with the 502D's and just see how they do with my regular schedule of TV, DVD's, radio, and CD playback. I tried them in both a multi-thousand dollar stereo and a not quite converted to surround sound home theater. (Integrated amp) Compared to my reference speakers, the B&W CDM1-SE's, they lost a bit of high frequency clarity and extension. Compared to my HT speakers the Paradigm Atoms they were just a tad darker, but it was only noticeable when I was listening to the speakers instead of the program. I was going to suggest a slightly better tweeter until I watched a movie today. The Criterion Collection version of Stargate on DVD. I was able to turn it up a little more than usual today and was looking forward to watching the movie again. Now I know why I used to see Stargate on the store demo's of DVD all the time. This is one hell of a dynamic movie and the pair of 502D's did a superb job of recreating those dynamics! I'm even considering going for the rest of the home theater package! Someday. I find it remarkable how loud these little speakers can go! The price for these speakers is in my opinion perhaps a little higher than I would expect for the size. But the performance and build quality are what make up the difference! I'm not used to living with a powered sub but I know what they can add to a good movie. This is the part I thought was pretty cool: while watching Stargate I never found myself wanting for that room shaking bass. The 502D's alone did a great job of making me flinch at the right times! Someday I'm sure I will get a sub but for now this is alright. A couple of final details; I was a bit impatient to try them out and ordered them to ship in 24 hours. I'm happy to say Fex Ex does a great job as I got them in about 21 hours! Also, I was very impressed with how well they were packaged. The velvet-like bags the speakers came in were a unique and charming touch which made me feel I bought something special.

In closing I would not hesitate to recommend the 502D's! They look and sound very good for the money and are truly awesome for home theater! Great Job!"

Rob, Illinois

"I just wanted to tell you that I don't think you will need to prepare a return authorization for the pair of 502D speakers I recently received. They are worth the asking price simply for the cabinet and the little velvet bags they come in. It doesn't hurt that they don't sound too bad either. In my house, they have some pretty stiff competition. I purchased them to take the place of a pair of Magnepan SMGc's that I was using in my bedroom. I bought new furniture (a shaker style natural cherry) that made it impractical to keep a speaker the size of the Maggies in the room. The finish on the 502D's is the perfect complement to the bedroom set.

I think the speakers sound pretty good, especially when price is factored in. No, I wouldn't replace my Maggies or Martin Logan's with them for a main system. But I would recommend them to anyone looking to take that first step away from the mass market stuff you will find at the local mega appliance store. Now, I can't say how these speakers compare to typical bookshelf models. I am used to the sound of panel speakers, so maybe the coherence that is touted as an advantage of the DiAural crossover is something that I take for granted. But they do sound nice connected to my Dynaco tube amp and preamp. And for the bedroom they are perfect.

Thanks for the speakers. They do look and sound nice."

Chuck, Oregon

"I've listened to the 5.1 home theater system now for 4 months (since my purchase) and still find these speakers to be amazing to listen to. To those hesitant to buy these speakers over the web, be not afraid. You won't be disappointed."

David, Texas