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13 Famous Speaker Brands - Part Two - Denmark

Today we’ll discuss three famous Danish speaker brands in part two of our three-part series of famous speaker brands.  We’ll briefly discuss the history and key achievements of these fantastic speaker companies.  The Danish speaker brands Dynaudio, Dali, and Jamo excel in modern design with fine workmanship and exceptional music playback. 



Founded in 1977, Dynaudio was initially composed of several engineers and R & D personnel.  Dynaudio boasts a unique preference for music and argue that even the highest quality speakers at the time of the company’s birth failed to restore the true sound of recorded music.  It took only three years for Dynaudio to become a major player in the speaker business with a widely recognized product.  By 1984, a new soft dome tweeter had been developed and Dynaudio had launched the Compound series.  The Compound series were made of solid HDF (high density fiberboard) constructed cabinets wrapped with an exquisite natural wood covering.  In pursuit of the highest quality cabinetry, Dynaudio built its own production equipment to produce high quality, furniture grade speaker cabinets according to Danish art traditions.  The collection included Compound 2 and Compound 3 bookshelf speakers as well as the Compound 4 and Compound 5 floor-standing speakers.  In 1988, the flagship consequence line entered the market, which would go on to become legendary in the speaker fanatic world. Click here for more about Dynaudio



Mr. Peter Lyngdorf founded Dali, or Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, in 1983.  Peter gained experience in the speaker industry in the late 70’s by setting up Hifi Klubben retail chain stores around northern Europe.  These retail chain stores sold various famous speaker brands and would go on to become the largest retail speaker chain store in northern Europe.  Dali has won several industry honors and awards including the European Absolute Sound 2004 Golden Ear Award.  Dali’s flagship MEGALINE series was originally developed as a one-off showpiece for exhibitions.  Standing at an astonishing 91 inches tall, these tower speakers impressed everyone that encountered it and was soon put into production due to public demand.  Dali continues to produce outstanding speakers with a range from affordable to audiophile.  Click here for more about Dali!



The Denmark based speaker brand Jamo was born in 1966 in the hen house of builder Preben Jacobsen.  Two years later he was joined by his brother-in-law Julius Mortensen to form Jamo.  By 1978 Jamo had produced one million Jamo loudspeakers.  Jamo is now the largest speaker manufacturer in Europe and one of the three largest in the world.  With a fully computerized production facility, Jamo produces over one million speakers per year that sell in over 80 countries around the world in several categories including home theater and professional broadcasting. Click here for more about Jamo


Jamo is committed to making loudspeakers with perfect music playback capability with a beautiful and elegant appearance which has earned them the requtation of the Voice of Excellence.  Jamo products bring a sense of Nordic style with fashionable and modern designs.  One notable model is the flagship Oriel floor standing speaker.  Each Oriel floor standing speaker stands 70 inches tall and weighs 158 pounds with a frequency response from 20-22kHz and took best design at the Chicago Summer CES in 1991.  Some of the weight of these very large loudspeakers can be attributed to the concrete base with spikes.  With the Oriel and over 100 other Jamo speaker models available, their's a Jamo answer for everyone. 

The impressive and modern design of these Danish speaker companies bring a sense of fashion and style to the world of home theater speakers.  Their detail in workmanship and exquisite music playback have put these speakers into a world class category of loudspeakers.  Check back next week as we dive into American speaker brands including JBL,  Klipsch, BOSE, INFINITY, and yours truly Aperion Audio. 

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Ahmmed Faaisal Habib
May 06, 2023 at 01:59

Dear Sir
I my home using DALI Speakers from 1999 First time buy from Singapore DALI 909 2nd time I buy Dali concept 10 2009 presently using 2020 DALI Opticon 8 I am very much proud I have DALI speakers in my sweet home every series Still I have. 3 pear of Front speakers Amp Yahmaha 3070 11 chanal speakers Parasound power Amp. 5chanal Cambridge Audio UHD 4k DVD Player. Center speakers Infinity inter connect cable Vendan hule . I am 50 years old music lovers I never ever my DALI speakers . Thank you very much DALI Denmark. Mr. Peter Lyngdorf.

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