2014 CES Wrap-Up

Awed by a roiling sea of technology and on the verge of a mental capsize… that’s what attending this year’s CES felt like. My purpose in going is multifold. I get to touch base with my peers in the audio industry, see and hear amazing speakers and other audio devices, and to divine what the trends in technology will mean to the future of audio.

The visits with my peers were informative, rejuvenating and fun. The competitive landscape of our industry always leaves me humbled. However it was the picture of the future that emerged early last year, and came into sharp relief during this conference that is the most indelible take away from CES 2014.

What I had confirmed in a resolute way was the understanding that Aperion’s future is tied to the ubiquity of digital data storage and the access of that data through myriad wonderful devices. Translating that into product speak, Aperion will embrace divergent paths. We remain heart and soul committed to our passion for truly high-end, audiophile quality sound. Combining that passion with a business model that is capable of offing an Audi for the price of a Volkswagen means we will be exploring other form factors for our audio options.

Although I was humbled by the speakers made by my brethren in the ultra-high-end of our industry, loving to compete, I’m determined to show the world what Aperion can do in that space. My throat gets tight and my hands get sweaty (both good things) when I think about building the equivalent of an audio Bugatti and selling it for the price of an Audi.

In addition to creating something worthy of an audiophile’s ear, we have been pursuing our own version of portable sound. Our first toe in that water was our Allaire ARIS unit… not truly portable, but much smaller than a Verus tower. Expect more from us in that space, and in the personal audio arena.

2014 was a terrific conference. What a fun playground we get to work in…

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