Helpful Tips For Beginner & Advanced Home Theater Shoppers From our Community

I can’t take any credit for writing this article.

We recently we reached out to our community and asked a simple question:

– If you could tell someone ONE thing to make their life easier before purchasing a home theater system … what would you tell them?


The responses we received was golden. All first-hand feedback from actual home audio enthusiast, all of who have been through this process before.

Here’s what they had to say:

Jimmy Grant – Hire an installer.


Kris Welanetz – If money is an issue, buy your speakers one at a time so you don’t compromise quality for price. Don’t be cheap with your cables, and remember that even $100,000 speakers do not sound very good in a room with bad acoustics, so take the time to place your speakers correctly, do a sub-crawl, and if you can, treat your reflection points.

Chris Crook – Take your time.

Kirk Denetclaw – Only look at products in your price range & whenever possible listen to the products.


Bobby Negri Jr. – Don’t go to best buy!!!


Donovan Leader – Talk with one of the Aperion Gurus! (Full disclosure, Donovan works for us. Thanks Donovan!)


Scott Knollmiller – Make sure the recliners have a cup holder in both arms.


Daniel Joseph Ferreira - Buy aperion audio products only


Hugo Guzman - Try Aperion without any compromise, then, send them back if you do not like them… is that simple. It will not be easy to send anything back!!!! Trust me!

Anthony Morel – Buy what you can afford. Make the best stereo/2.1 system you can make and add pieces from there.

Jerry Lafferty – Google is your friend


Jimmy Conway – Research products. Talk to people that own a theater. Try theirs.

Answering these questions will help you when you get to looking at speakers and evaluating costs.

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Some additional tips from our vault

Tip 1: Think about the experience you want before you get distracted with your budget.

  • In what room will your home theater system be?
  • Is it going to be a room solely for my system or will it be used for other activities like kids’ parties and other family gatherings?
  • Given the dimensions of my room, are there any size considerations for the components and speakers I’m planning on using?
  • What kind of system are you looking for? Is it for stereo or surround sound?  Is it for primarily music or primarily movies?

Tip 2: Ask Questions

There are a number of trustworthy online forums full of people willing to help you out. Some great questions to ask are about system setup, the size you should get for your room and, really, anything you have questions about.

Be careful when listening to just one person, because it will only represent an opinion of that one person. If you ask for a recommendation be sure to look up reviews about the company or speaker before you buy.

Forums we trust:
AVS Forum
Audioholic Forum
Our Own Aperion Speaker Forum

Tip 3: Don’t Forget about Cables and Receivers

Assuming you want the best sound possible for your home theater system, the quality of your cables and receiver will directly impact the quality of your home audio experience. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on cables. 10% of your total system budget is a good rule of thumb.

If you plan on upgrading your system then make sure you invest in a receiver that can handle the upgrade or you may have to buy another in the near future.

REMEMBER: Try to keep your cable and wiring lengths as short as possible. The shorter the length, the stronger the audio and video signal.

If you have any other questions about topics we did not cover please give us a call at: 503-598-8815

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