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New Receivers from Marantz

Aperion Audio has been a long time fan of Marantz receivers.  We have long felt that Marantz receivers bring out some of the best qualities in Aperion speakers, one of those magical combinations that just work so well together.  Marantz will be releasing their new line of receivers this summer and we couldn’t be happier.   While we believe the current line (sr5007,sr6007 and sr7007 ) is near perfect, Marantz has made some nice incremental upgrades to this years line that should further add to the value of Marantz.   All of the new Marantz receivers (NR1604,SR5008,SR6008,SR7008) that we offer not only sound amazing when paired with any of our speakers, they also offer great functionality including network connectivity with access to streaming audio sources such as, Pandora and Spotify.  If you’re a smartphone user, all new receivers are also Airplay and DLNA 1.5 compatible, meaning you can play music from almost any source out there with a few swipes on your phone.  HDMI 1.4, 4k support and enough inputs to connect all of your devices, what’s not to like!

The best part about the new receivers is that we’re offering a discount on an Intimus speaker system when paired with the current, award winning Marantz sr6007 or nr1603 receivers!  Supplies are limited though!


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