Outdoor Movie Magic

Outdoor movies are back. More and more of us are waking up to the fun and wonder of taking full advantage of the summer weather and enjoying our favorite movie under the stars in our backyards, driveway or neighborhood park. Many of these events become the social event of the year… peppered with potlucks, glow in the dark Frisbee and kids holding night games.

This isn’t about producing the “perfect” home theater experience. There’s something magical about seeing a movie with family and friends in a uncommon venue. What’s remarkable is how little is required to pull this kind of event off… access to a projector, a DVD player of streaming video on a laptop, and a capable sound system.

Rather than this become a dissertation about the lumen strength of your projector, the reflective quality of the screen or the ambient suspension of sonic elements in their proper position. It’s about getting out there and just doing it.

However, for those of us that require permission and directions, here is how to set up your outdoor theater.

Minimum list of equipment:

  1. Projector
  2. Video cable
  3. Extension cord with splitter
  4. Screen
    1. Options: side of your house or garage door with a sheet taped to it, string a wire between two trees from which to hang sheets, a blow-up screen, or the old family slides screen.
  5. Source- Something to play the DVD or stream the movie from your home network
    1. Options: DVD player or computer
  6. Sound
    1. Options: as a company that designs and builds speakers for this kind of event, I have to loyally recommend our Allaire Bluetooth speakers to fill the gap.

The easiest solution for making this happen for those of us with kids living at home under the age of 30; just turn this project over to them. They can solve technical issues with startling ease and aplomb. For the rest of us, take courage.  All your attempting to do is to connect your DVD or video source to your projector and to then to your sound system. Solving this level of technical issues is nothing approaching the difficulty of setting up you in-home theater system.

What’s really wonderful is the community we enjoyed as we’ve hosted these events. It’s something that’s fun for all attendees. There’s just something wonderful about having your favorite movie images painting and unexpected surface while surrounded by those whose company you enjoy the most. I’d love to hear from those of you that have gambled your reputation and sponsored an outdoor movie event… for those that haven’t yet, come join in the fun.

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