The Evolving Future of Aperion

Change, death and taxes are the certainties of life. We instinctively fear or suffer the anticipation of all three. How nice it would be to live in a world where the things we were certain of supported feelings of excitement, hope and joy.

I believe that’s why religious institutions, in all their varied flavors, exist… to promote a paradigm of faith in something more ennobling than simply waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.

Aperion is not a religious institution, but it is founded on principles of more ennobling natures. Aperion’s purpose is to connect us to our sources of Joy. Translated into the business of selling speakers, Aperion designs, manufacture and sell the instruments that produce the music of our lives.

Through music, we connect with our emotions, reconnect with our memories and find the language of our souls.

The business of making all this happen is full of challenges like what to make, who to make it for, and how best to strike the value balance of performance vs cost. These challenges, like exercise and proper nutrition are good for the body and are good for our intellectual and emotional growth. They stretch us in sometimes painful, but ultimately good ways.

One of the more interesting and compelling insights we’ve had, more like a golden egg dropped in our lap kind of insight, is that we are not as brilliant as our collective wisdom… we as brilliant as the collective wisdom, insights and instincts of those with whom we associate.

The most recent addition of ALLAIRE as the name for our current and future wireless products is an example of our collective wisdom. That experience opened our eyes to our future. We would love to partner with those of you inclined to join us in identifying, developing and refining the future offerings of Aperion.

Whether it is wireless outdoor speaker, speakers for your computer, laptop, iPhone, Android, or iPod we would love your input. Powered monitors, speakers for a home recording studio, white, black, or cherry finish… we’re all ears.

If the opportunity to weigh in on our direction is of interest, let us know. We’ll be formalizing the process, but our early thinking includes the creation of a product development committee joined by expressed interest and then invitation.

Members of the committee would be given voice to offer direction to our product roadmap, create feature sets and product definitions, vote on the myriad options and enjoy some meaningful perks, also identified by the committee rather than by us. If this invitation strikes your fancy, feel free to email me with your request to join. My email is

Regardless of your interest to join our committee, we feel that relationship is simply good for us, and we’ll seek it where ever it is offered. It ennobles that which is best in our creature. Through this evolution of the brand, we will benefit from being in contact with you and seeing ourselves through your lenses.

Through that process our vision is expanded as we learn to become better listeners. It’s an essential element for our proper growth. Little by little we’re evolving. You’re invited to evolve right along with us.

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