The Gift of Music: 4 of our Top audio gift ideas

Holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about giving.   If you’re like me, there is probably one family member or loved one that is impossible to find the right gift for because they seemingly already have EVERYTHING!   in my opinion, the key to giving a great gift isn’t about the cost of it, but the thought and intention behind it. Let me give you our top audio gift ideas that are sure to please the person who has everything.


Why audio?  Did you know that listening to music can benefit your health? It’s true,  music has been shown in various studies to have the ability to positively impact your mental, emotional and even physical health.  Whether you’re having a great day, or struggling through a rough day, escape for a short break to listen to music that moves you,  it can help you relax and focus or get you pumped up and ready for productive action.  Take that into consideration when giving the gift of audio to a loved one! Not only are these gifts an awesome piece of technology, they help make lives healthier and better!


1. Apple TV or Chromecast:  Cost, Under $100

For the tech guys out there who have everything already, my guess would be that they have 1. a big screen TV 2. A home theater system 3. A smartphone 4. Earphones and/or ear-buds.   Apple TV and Chromecast are similar devices that allow you to control most of the music in your world from your smartphone, and play it directly on your home entertainment system.   Both devices use your existing home network to connect to the internet.  With a simple HDMI connection to your TV or receiver, you can simply use your smartphone to play movies, videos and music to your hearts content.  Listening to music with headphones is great, but it’s not something most people do at home, but rather while running or walking to and from work.  When you’re at home, sit back, relax and let your music color your world and create the soundtrack of your life!  a great gift idea for those you love – including yourself.


2. Personal audio: Allaire Aris with Bluetooth:  Cost, under $350


I like to read in bed, but I also love to have a bit of music playing in the background.  Since my room is small, I don’t have the space for a receiver and speakers.  I’m sure most of you can relate, so, what’s the solution?  Allaire Aris with Bluetooth.   The beautifully designed unit puts out crystal clear audio both a low levels and party rocking volumes as well.  Give the gift of a complete personal audio system that pairs perfectly with your smartphone or tablet!  You can plug your mobile device directly into the back with the included cable, or simply stream wirelessly via bluetooth.  Add to the versatility by turning your Aris unit into a clock radio with a cool app!  This awesome audio gift idea is perfect as a bedroom or living room system in a simple all in one unit for your Pre-teen, Teen or college student, or actually anyone that has a smartphone or tablet, which I’m betting they already have:)


3. The Budget Audiophile:  Peachtree Decco65:  Cost, Under $1000

Sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life.  Luckily, some of the most enjoyable are the simplest as well.  The emotional power and enjoyment that a properly setup 2 channel audio system can bring to music is amazing.  If you’ve never listened to a great 2 channel setup on some great speakers, you owe it to yourself, or as a gift to a loved one!  You can’t find a better budget entry into high performance audio than Peachtree Audio.  The Decco65 is a beautifully built integrated 2 channel amplifier with a built-in high performance DAC (digital to analog converter).   Investing in a Decco65 with a set of Aperion Verus Grand Bookshelf speakers or Forte Towers will give you a drool worthy system that should keep anyone satisfied for years to come and will definitely win your all- time the top audio gift idea award!



 4. A perfect start to an awesome Home Theater Experience:  Cost, Under $1600

Intimus 4T Hybrid SD

We’ve talked about streaming audio, personal audio and 2 channel setups, but if you love movies like we do, you need to get a  home theater system.  One of our most popular entry level home theater systems would be the Intimus 4T Hybrid SD.   Starting with the 4T towers you get a great combination of movies and music.   The 4T can reproduce music wonderfully and easily fill a larger room when you give it enough power (like that Decco65 I mentioned)  Pairing the 4T with a 4C center, 4B surrounds and our Bravus 8D subwoofer makes for an extremely value packed system.  At under $1600… ( you may want to check out this system on Black Friday..FYI;)   You can’t go wrong, add your favorite receiver like the Marantz SR5008 and an entertainment hub like the new PS4 or Xbox One and you’ll have a hard time leaving your living room!


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