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5.1 - Special $1561 || Normally $1914 || Save $353

7.1 - Special $2264 || Normally $1824 || Save $440

Now back in furniture quality Gloss Black lacquer finish!

Have a smaller room but crave big sound? The Intimus 4T Hybrid SD home theater speaker system delivers the goods. We start with a pair of our 4T Tower Speakers, with shocking performance for their size and price. Then we add two 4B bookshelf speakers and our 4C center channel speaker for crystal clear vocals and immersive surround sound. All this is backed up by the rumble of our Bravus II 8D, 8” subwoofer with one aluminum driver and two passive radiators that work together to fill your room with beautiful, tight bass.

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Intimus 4T Hybrid SD
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Have a smaller room but crave big sound? The Intimus 4T Hybrid SD home theater speaker system delivers the goods. We start with a pair of our 4T Tower Speakers, with shocking performance for their size and price. Then we add two 4B bookshelf speakers and our 4C center channel speaker for crystal clear vocals and immersive surround sound. All this is backed up by the rumble of our Bravus II 8D, 8" subwoofer with one aluminum driver and two passive radiators that work together to fill your room with beautiful, tight bass.

The punch of a prizefighter, wrapped in a small elegant package that fits almost anywhere. The Intimus 4T Hybrid SD will delight your ears and your eyes, with performance that rivals systems twice its size and cost.

FREE SHIPPING - a $120 Value*
FREE lifetime customer support
TEN YEAR WARRANTY on drivers and cabinets
TWO YEAR WARRANTY on the subwoofer amplifier.

*Free shipping value is based on ground shipping costs from Portland, OR to New York, NY. Individual rates vary.

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Fantastic experience in all aspects david
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I have very little experience in high quality speaker purchases - so my review is from a novice. That said, I have not had a purchase experience quite like this - at every step of the way Aperion was thoughtful, kind, and helpful. My purchase was met with enthusiasm, accuracy, and efficiency. As I waited for the speakers to arrive I was met with informative, helpful, and courteous. When they arrived I was blown away - they came a day early and were very carefully packaged. Opening each box was like a throwback to childhood christmas morning! Each package was complete and with instructions that were easy to follow. Hooking them up to my Marantz 1603 was a breeze and calibration was actually fun (I assumed it would strictly be intimidating)! Now, I'm enjoying amazing sound - both from movies and music. In short, I will eagerly suggest anyone interested in a fantastic sound system to head straight to Aperion!
Opera on Blu-Ray Robert S.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My primary use is listening to operas on Blu-ray or DVD. I have taken the time to let the speakers break in and to listen to dozens of operas on Blu-ray and DVD as well as on CDs.

Not that much is routed to the subwoofer in these sources, but I enjoy the visceral sound when it kicks in. In live productions the applause has lots of bass. In a production of Handel's Admetto re-imagined in medieval Japan, Hercules costumed as sumo wrestler has to lift up one leg high and stomp the wood stage with his bare foot. With the volume set for the singing that sound shook my house. if you are strictly an opera buff and on tight budget, you could skip buying the subwoofer.

The more important aspects of the sound for opera are the clarity and projection of the spacing. Because there was a delay with shipping the tower speakers, I initially set up the system with some good large bookshelf speakers. Switching to the Aperion towers made an immediate improvement. The surrounds provide a great feel of the opera house. These system is an excellent value because they can fill a 25' by 20' room at high sound volumes without distortion.

By the way, using the meter to set the balance made a big difference. The automatic balance adjustment in the Onkyo receiver was worthless.
AWESOME!! Patrick S.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I love these speakers. I am not an audiophile but I do have a good ear and these speakers sound great. I live two hours from Portland so I went into the showroom. When comparing speakers I could either tell a very slight difference or a significant difference. Here's my evaluation:
Mains:5B vs 4T: 4T was significantly fuller (more midrange, I guess)
5T vs 4T: 5T slightly better (but $350 more for the pair)
Center:4C vs 5C: 5C slightly better (but $190 more)
Surrounds:4B vs 6-IC: 4B significantly better
Subwoofer:Bravus 8 vs no sub: Bravus 8 significantly better, but when Jason switched it off, I don't think the mains were not set to full-range (I think they had the 80 hz crossover set so there was no bass). My Bravus 8 is back ordered until December, but at home I find that the 4Ts have nice low end though I'm not a big booming bass fan.
The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with these speakers. You just have to decide what your needs are and how much you are willing to spend. If you decide you want to upgrade to a higher level speaker within a year (i.e. 5C for a 4C) they will give you full credit for your used speaker. You just pay the shipping.
They are also ridiculously nice and helpful at Aperion. The packaging is unbelievable. A custom, double-wall box, foam spacers, plastic bag, then VELVET BAG. They even send you white gloves so you don't get your speakers finger printed. They even have a 30 day in-home trial, but I doubt you would use it unless you're just switching to different Aperion speakers.
I heard about these speakers on the cnet review, and they are everything I'd hoped for. They aren't cheap, but as cnet says, the quality is at the level of much more expensive speakers.
I am not affiliated with Aperion in any way. I'm just an very satisfied customer. I usually don't take the time to write extensive reviews like this, but this product is worth it.
The Ultimate Sound System!!! sartaj n.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
This sound system is ULTIMATE. A really good investment.
This is half the price of BOSE and BEATS BOSE SYSTEM ANYDAY AND ANY BATTLE. I have this home theater set up and its better than actually going to a theater... Playing PS3, watching movies on netflix, watching TV, listening to music ... everything feels so real and crisp.
Thanks Aperion
Great product! François R.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Order this last fall for my new condominium, and i'm really happy with it. Great sound, easy to install, great service. Was a bit scared before to order this directly on internet, but finally I'm really happy.
best decision I ever made!!! Stephanie G.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
My husband and I have been listening to a crappy cheap surround system for about three years. For Christmas I promised him I would get him a "top of the line" system... I did my research and found Aperion. We got the system yesterday hooked it up and my husband had goosebumps listening to the crisp sound of our new system!!! We watched a movie with fast cars and it sounded like we were standing right next to the race. I love this company and recommend it to everyone. Thanks Aperion!!
Best Bang For Your Buck ERIC B.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I have owned these speakers for 5 months now and all I can say is SUPERB! Like many other reviewers, the sound started out a little flat. After 50 hours or so, they woke up and now are crispest sounding speakers I have heard remotely close to this price range.
I am powering them with an Onkyo TX-SR706 receiver. Movies are outstanding on these speakers and Xbox 360 games come to life, so realistic that some games seem real. With music; everything from classical to heavy metal to hip hop is so clean and clear be it through traditional 2-channel stero or all 5 speakers.
You can pay more for a set of speakers that don't sound as good and shell out several hundred dollars to a middle man or you could buy these. They have a beautiful glossy black finish, have rock solid construction, sound absolutely stunning, and ship for free wrapped in purple velvet bags. I would buy these all over again, no question.
Price, performance and service Martin W.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
I bought these speakers based upon CNET review and I'm so glad I did. I have a Panasonic 58" plasma, Onkyo 605 A/V receiver and a PS3 and I would recommend these speakers for anyone with a modest size room and modest budget. I don't think you can find better speakers for the price and the service is fantastic. You can't go wrong with these speakers! Thank you Aperion!
Can't get enough of them Prerak P.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
First let me say that these speakers are my first ever purchase of separate home theater speakers, I had a HTIB before.
With that said there aren't enough ways to say how impressed I am with these speakers. Before my purchase I did a lot of research, and went to several dealers around my area, and looked at all the usual suspects. From Polk, JBL, Mirage, etc. Even checked out some high ends like B&W, but decided that was beyond my budget.
After reading all the great things being said about Aperion, and the great customer service, I thought lets give it a shot, after all you can't beat the 30 day trial.
Well with 2 months of having them now behind me, I can say that I truly can't get enough of these speakers. Sound great no matter what is playing, music, movies, or games. Plus I get tons of compliments on them, from the finish to the sound.
Like some of other reviewers, I normally don't take the time to do this, but felt I should with how happy I was with my purchase.
Thanks for making the decision to keep these speakers easy.
Amazed and Exceeded Expectations Michael K G.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
Well, this all started by upgrading my receiver a couple of months ago (to an Onkyo 706). G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) made me look to upgrade my speaker system.
I spent quite a bit of time researching reviews, forums, etc. etc. What initially attracted me to Aperion was the fact that all of the reviews seemed to be very positive and their commitment to customer service was very evident (and these guys/gals seem genuinely jazzed about a/v and seem to be very proud of their product).
Once I narrowed down my decision to Aperion I needed to determine what was going to fit in my room. It was evident that, given my layout and what I was/wasn't committed to doing in terms of modifications, I would need to go with a 4c and either 4b's or 4t's as fronts (I opted for the 4T's). I also went with four 4B's for a 7.1 system (and 8D sub).
Initially, I was a little bit concerned with all the talk about people opting for the 5C vs. the 4C and 5's or 6's in general over 4's. I was worried that I might not have enough power for my room. I realize this all depends on room size and naturally, we are all inclidned to get more than we need in most things!
My listening area is about 10x10 space which actually opens up into a much larger space (kitchen). Well, it didn't take me any time at all to realize that the 4's are more than enough power for my room. Unbelievable and amazing sound! The quality of the build/aesthetics is only surpassed by the amazing performance. The bass delivery of the fronts and sub blew me away. Master and Commander Blu-ray was a perfect listening test and the Aperion's were simply amazing. Such a smooth and precise delivery and these speakers never showed any signs of strain even cranked to levels that make my neighbors cringe.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Aperion to anyone who values quality, performance, customer service, and...value.
4T Hybrid SD Review after a couple of months. Steven A.
Overall Rating
Sound Rating
Service Rating
Finish Rating
When I decided to add a nice surround/music system to my living room, I drove to every Audio dealer in a 50 mi. radius. I researched the A/V forums and listened to the usual recommended speakers. After posting a question about speakers in a non-A/V forum I frequent, someone pointed me to Aperion Audio. I read all the reviews I could find and all of the forum discussions to decide if ordering fairly expensive speakers over the internet was a worthy risk.
I initially bought two 4T's, a 4c and an 8D. After the break in was complete I was surprised at how good these speakers sound. I nearly purchased a well respected named brand set of speakers that cost a little more than twice what I spent on these speakers. I'm still shocked that the Aperion speakers sound noticeably better. And I can assure you my off centered living room setup is no match for the sound quality of the audition room at the A/V store.
After a month I purchased a couple of 4B's for surrounds. I've been in other homes with surround systems and none have come close to the full sound I get with these speakers.
I'm most impressed with the 4T's. I'm still amazed those little speakers can put out as much bass as they do. I like to listen to music in pure 2 channel mode, and initially I thought my receiver was outputting to the Sub in 2 channel mode. I even turned off the sub to convince myself it was the 4T's producing the bass. Very well done for such small drivers. I don't like head thumping bass, and by no means will the 4T's satisfy those who are, but if you like nice tight integrated bass, they sure do deliver. When I am in the mood for a little wall shaking, the 8D delivers more than enough to vibrate the walls.
For movie watching the sub is essential for the LFE and boomy low end bass that adds to the experience. Having a surround system that performs so well adds tremendously to the movie watching experience. You really don't know what you are missing until you have it. Now I hate to watch TV elsewhere. It's just dull.
A note about break in. I read a lot about this on the forum and had I not, I might have mistakenly taken them up on the 30 return offer. The speakers don't sound bad out of the box, but they are a bit flat and not very full bodied. Even after reading about the break-in, I didn't really expect the difference to be so dramatic. Give them 3 weeks though and you will be amazed that you can get the quality and sound these speakers provide at a minimum of 1/2 what you'd pay for other brands.

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Pro Reviews For Intimus 4T Hybrid SD reviews the Intimus 4T and 4C
"I'm often disappointed with the low-end performance of many floor-standing speakers, even some of those with larger cabinets and drivers that should be capable of decent bass. As I made my way through other forms of music and movies, that's the aspect of the 4T's performance that continued to blow me away - the bass that those little four-inch drivers were capable of dishing out was amazing."

Next up for viewing was the Blu-ray of Marvel Studio's Thor (Paramount) , which turned out to be a visceral experience. Despite the ever-present action in the film, the 4C center channel did a capable job of conveying dialogue with solid resolution. "

"My last test involved the DVD-Audio version of Steely Dan's Two Against Nature (Giant Records/WEA). On the track "Jack of Speed," I found the vocals to be warm, neutral and engaging. I didn't notice any unwanted sonic artifacts, something that can prove difficult at this price point. I kept trying to pinpoint the sonic characteristic I found most appealing in the Aperions and really wasn't able to do so. I mean that in a good way, as they're well-rounded and well-engineered, especially given their affordability. "

"Considering Aperion's 30-day audition policy and the attractive price point of the Intimus line, there's really no excuse not to give them a try; you'll be rewarded with high-end sound and solid engineering. "

- Sean Killebrew,, April 2012

Read Full Review
Audioholics Video Review of the 4T Hybrid SD

"Aperion speakers are among the best bang for the buck in the industry. They have some really great products in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any need, and yet they continue to innovate their product line. We really like that. They also come with a five year warranty, free shipping and lifetime tech support. That's not bad. Not bad at all. If you're an absolute bass hog, maybe you can mix and match the system and upgrade the sub - either to a larger Aperion model or one from another company. In either case, Aperion's going to help you get the exact sound you want in your living space and the Intimus 4T Hybrid SD System is a great starter system."

- Clint DeBoer,, January 2012

See at Review of the Intimus 4T Speaker
"With great sound and build quality for the money, Aperion Audio's Intimus 4T tower provides an outstanding value. Combining this with a risk-free trial and a ten year warranty, it is difficult to not recommend that anyone considering new loudspeaker mains in a small or mid-sized room take a hard look at this pair. If there is a drawback, it is that the Intimus 4T's size demands sonic trade-offs similar to a bookshelf loudspeaker without the convenience of the other form-factor."

- Andrew Van Til,, December 2011

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Men's Journal Features the Aperion Intimus 4T Hybrid SD in their "Best Home Theater" System
Aperion Audio Intimus 4T Hybrid SD Speaker Setup

"Want the best bang for your audio buck? Skip the big box stores and try this surround-sound option from Aperion. Its six speakers (including a remote-controlled subwoofer) fill any room with the kind of clean, clear sound that has no right being this in-expensive."

February 2011 Issue, Page 87
Available only in newsstands
Intimus 4T on CNET's "Top Ten Under $1K" Speaker List
The Intimus 4T Tower Speaker is a component of this home theater speaker system.

"Aperion Audio's skinniest tower is one of my reference home theater speakers. Finished in a gorgeous real cherry wood or pristine black gloss, the 4T is a handsome speaker. Mated with a decent receiver the 4T makes a serious home theater or hi-fi statement. The direct sale price includes free in-the-U.S. shipping."

- Steve Guttenberg, CNET, September 2010

See Full List
Winner: "Best of 2009" from Affordable$$Audio, Intimus 4T Tower Speakers, January 2010
The Intimus 4T Tower Speaker is a component of the Intimus 4T Hybrid SD system.

"The 4T's became an instant favorite in my home, as well as Aperion's top-selling speaker in 2009 for good reason. Impeccably smooth, non-fatiguing dynamic sound, a wide soundstage combined with easy placement, and WAF in bunches makes it a great value. Add in a sub and you have instant full range magic. Top it off with Aperion Audio's 10-year warranty, 30 day in-home trial, and terrific customer service/support."

- Mark Marcantonio, Affordable$$Audio, January 2010

See the Full List
GoodSound! "Great Buy" Award Given to the Intimus 4T Tower Speaker, November 2009
The Intimus 4T Tower Speaker is a component of this system.

"The Aperion 4T is a wonderful loudspeaker that could have easily been overlooked if sold through the traditional high-end retail establishment. For one thing, it's small -- it looks almost puny -- and lacks the physical "presence" of the more impressively sized speakers it would no doubt be standing next to. In addition, it's a truly neutral speaker designed to serve the music and avoid listener fatigue, qualities that are revealed only through the sort of extended and undisturbed listening sessions rarely offered by audio dealers. Yet have a pair (or more!) delivered to your home, as Aperion invites you to do, and see how easily they can be integrated into your lifestyle. The 4T asks little in terms of space, watts, or money, but play through them your favorite but imperfectly recorded LPs or CDs and they'll make the most of the good that's there while downplaying the bad. In a world of cynical hi-fi gear, the Aperion 4T is a true optimist. Highly recommended!"

- Ron Doering,, November 2009

See the full list Reviews the 4T Tower Speaker, August 2009
The Intimus 4T Tower Speaker is a component of this 5.1 system.

"For $650 a pair, sold direct with a 30-day in-home trial and 10-year warranty, the Intimus 4T from Aperion Audio is a no-brainer for anyone looking to get a little more serious about two-channel audio or home theater without breaking the bank. While it can be bested by a few speakers in its price range, including some bookshelf speakers, it possesses a magic combination of beauty, quality and practicality that is hard to overlook. If you're seeking a solid, almost full-range floor-standing speaker that isn't going to dominate your living space or your bank account, look no further than the Intimus 4T."

-, August 2009

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CNET Named Intimus 4T Hybrid SD #1 on "Best Home Theater Speakers" List, July 2009
"Anchored by its minitower speakers, the Aperion Intimus 4T Hybrid SD is an exceptional surround speaker system that ably combines good looks and superior sound."

-, August 2008

See the Full List
Big Picture Big Sound 4T Hybrid SD Review (3.5 out of 4 Stars), June 2009
"And when they arrived, I got an idea of how serious the company is about quality. The speakers were boxed securely, and inside the boxes they were dressed in elegant packaging: purple velvet sacks with golden drawstrings. Inside the bags, the meticulous presentation continued with speakers finished in a lush glossy piano black the packaging and the speaker fit and finish scream luxury."

"The sound of this system in a 7.1-channel set-up is deep, wide and expansive, drawing you into the action of movies, music and TV shows encoded in surround."

"This system really does satisfy the ears on a variety of 2-channel, 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel material."

"The performance that this system delivers compares favorably to much more expensive home theater loudspeaker systems."

- Chris Boylan,, June 2009

Read Full Review Review of the 4T Hybrid SD System - May 2009
"Combined in all of it's glory, I challenge anyone to find a better performing system for under $1,600 that is backed by the same warranties and sonically comparable."

"...any competition in this category is moot. Whether you're passionate about music or movies, no other tower based set at this price range comes close to matching the aesthetics, build quality, and sonic accuracy of the Intimus 4T Hybrid SD."

- Ben Bowers -, May 2009

Read Full Review
CNET Award: "Best 5 In Home Audio"
Best mid-size speakers for the money

If you're serious about surround sound, you need to invest in a speaker system with some real gravitas--but most people just don't want the living room overrun with giant tower speakers. But the Aperion Intimus 4T Hybrid SD package manages to downsize the towers without sacrificing the sound. At just 34 inches tall and only 5 wide, these mini-towers gorgeous minitowers will fit into smaller rooms with no problems. And you can choose an 8-inch (shown), 10-inch, or 12-inch subwoofer, depending on your bass (and size) requirements.

-, January 2011

The 4T Hybrid SD has been on this list since February of 2009

See the Full List
Affordable Audio Review of the 4T Hybrid SD
"The old adage, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!' definitely doesn't apply in the case of the Aperion series, by carefully following the group listening sessions speaker engineer/designer Ken Humphreys, has created a valued upgrade to the complete Aperion Audio lineup. The 4T's are a speaker worthy of placement in any budget conscious, WAF required, audio fanatic's system. The 4T's smooth, consistent performance, coupled with an endless listenability, makes it an
absolute winner. With Aperion's 10 year warranty, free shipping, and 30 day trial, make the 4T's in any grouping: 2 piece, 3 piece, or the Hybrid 5.1 HT, an obvious choice for for an in-home audition."

- Mark Marcantonio, Affordable Audio, January 2009

Read Full Review (January Issue)
Secrets of Home Theater / HiFi Review of the 4T Hybrid SD
"With a no risk audition program (they will pay shipping both ways if you actually return the product) and a ten year warranty, you can trust they stand behind their product. As I found out, they have good reason to. Overbuilt cabinets, beautiful sound and looks, and rarely seen features for the price make for a tremendous value."

-Jared Rachwalski, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, December 2008

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Bravus 8D "Exceptional Value" Award from Tone Audio
"If you are looking for a high performance, compact subwoofer, the Bravus 8D is the best choice for your system at this price point."

- Jeff Dorgay - Tone Audio, December 2008

Read Full Review
CNET 4T Hybrid SD Review - 8.8/10 (4T Review)
The Intimus 4T Hybrid SD is a hard system to fault. Its compact dimensions should make for a fine fit in most rooms and decors, and the sound is fully up to Aperion's high standards. All in all, its nearly $1,600 asking price is an absolute bargain considering the quality of speaker system you're getting. We highly recommend it.

- Steve Guttenberg -, August 2008

Read Full Review

Watch Video Review

Included Products: Intimus 4T Hybrid SD-Gloss Black-5.1

Intimus 4T Tower Speaker

Front Speakers: 2 Intimus 4T Tower Speakers

Despite its slim profile, the Intimus 4T packs a wallop. With its gracefully curved-edge cabinetry finished in gleaming Gloss Black lacquer, the 4T fits any décor.
Intimus 4C Center Channel Speaker

Center Channel: 1 Intimus 4C Center Channel Speaker

Given that over 50% of your movie's dialogue—and a good portion of the sound effects—come from the center of your screen, it's clear the speaker in charge is a key player. That’s exactly the role the Intimus 4C Center Channel was made for.
Intimus 4B Satellite Speaker Pair

Surrounds: 1 Intimus 4B Satellite Speaker Pair

If you believe speakers should be heard but not seen—or if you simply need great-sounding but compact units for a space you'd never confuse with a great room—make way for the Intimus 4B Satellite.
Bravus II 8D Powered Subwoofer

Subwoofer: 1 Bravus II 8D Powered Subwoofer

Don’t let its small size and gorgeous design fool you. Coming in at just over one cubic foot, this compact subwoofer is small enough to fit anywhere, yet packs one heck of a punch.

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