Explore Bravus Subwoofers By Aperion


Don’t let its compact size and gorgeous design fool you. Coming in at just over one cubic foot, our 8" model is small enough to fit anywhere, yet packs one heck of a punch. Available in 8", 10" & 12" you can be sure your needs will be met.

Dual Side-Firing Aluminum Passive Radiators

Designed with dual custom aluminum drivers for efficient high-performance. Aluminum offers the perfect blend of strength and mass to keep the class D digital amp operating efficiently.

Internally Braced HDF Sealed Enclosure

Powerful bass needs a sturdy cabinet. Every Bravus subwoofer is built out of strong HDF (High Density Fiberboard) and internally braced to reduce cabinet vibration to nearly nothing.

300, 500 or 650 Watt Class D Amplifier

The efficient high current switching power supply allows maximum performance output and deep bass authority while maintaining the acoustic accuracy you expect.

High Level Inputs

Hook your new subwoofer up to any receiver or amplifier! Don’t have a sub-out connection? You can use the left and right speaker outputs to make setup a snap.

Detachable Power Cord w/ Switchable Voltage

We make it easy to upgrade your cord or take your subwoofer on the road.

Leveling Floor Spikes and Footers

Included with each Bravus subwoofer is a set of metal floor spikes with footers and a set of rubber feet.