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Open Box Aperion Bravus II 12D 650W Class D Powered Subwoofer Single

Open Box Aperion Bravus II 12D 650W Class D Powered Subwoofer Single

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 Aperion Bravus II 12D 650W Class D Powered Subwoofer Single 

Let’s face it; there are times when size does matter. If you’ve got a big room and desire deep, loud, accurate bass coupled with your musical, you’ve just hit pay dirt. The APERION dual 12” passive drivers, single 12" active driver and 650 watts of digital power in the Bravus 12D will electrify your room with expansive bass that must be heard and felt to believe. Prepare yourself to be moved - quite literally.



Frequency Response: (+/-3dB) 22Hz - 350Hz -- (+/-6dB) 19Hz - 350Hz
Power: 650 W RMS
Woofer: 12" High-Excursion Aluminum Driver with Dual 12” Passive Radiator
Driver Configuration: Single Active, Dual Passive
Enclosure Type: Sealed and Internally Braced 1" HDF
Product Weight: 51 lbs /23 Kg
Product Dimensions: 17" H x 15.5" W x 15.5" D (with feet attached)
Placement Location: Class D Power Subwoofer
Shipping Weight: 62 lbs /28 Kg
Shipping Dimensions: 21" x 21" x 23" /535mm x 535mm x 590mm (LxWxH)

Key Features

Single 12" Active & Dual Passive Drivers 


We designed APERION Bravus with three custom aluminum drivers for efficient high-performance. One part rigid precision, one part low bass extension - shake well with a healthy helping of linearity, and you're left with three drivers to take your music and movies to new depths. Aluminum offers the perfect blend of strength and mass to keep the Class D digital amp operating efficiently. Couple this with a heavy duty rubber surround and a precision motor structure and you get bass that is deep and linear. To make things even better, we packed three drivers in a small gorgeous enclosure so your Bravus 12" sub offers the performance of a larger sub but takes up less space.


RMS 650 Watt Class D Amplifier


All of the Bravus II subwoofers use an efficient high power class D amplifier with a high current switching power supply. This allows maximum performance output and deep bass authority while maintaining the musical accuracy and detail you expect from Aperion Audio.


Line level input and High level input


Every Aperion subwoofer comes standard with an LFE line level input that connects to any receiver’s subwoofer pre-out. Or, if you don't have a sub-out connection, use the left and right low level inputs with the low level outputs from your pre-amp or receiver. Hook your new subwoofer up to any receiver or amplifier! If you don’t have a sub-out connection on your receiver, you can use the left and right speaker outputs to make setup a snap.


Timeless Design & Furniture-Grade Finish


Each of our Bravus subwoofers features a timeless design aesthetic and is beautifully finished in high gloss piano black lacquer, allowing them to effortlessly blend into your decor. This first-rate cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of only the most expensive subwoofers with a furniture-grade finish so handsome your coffee table will be jealous.

Internally Braced 1" HDF Sealed Enclosure


Powerful bass needs a sturdy cabinet. Every Bravus 12D subwoofer is built out of strong 1" HDF and internally braced to reduce cabinet vibration to nearly nothing.


Acoustically Transparent Grille


Nothing stands between you and your sound. We designed a sonically invisible grille that not only looks great, but also protects your precious woofers from curious fingers, claws or snouts.



  • APERION Single down-firing active 12" aluminum driver
  • APERION Dual side-firing 12" aluminum passive radiators
  • APERION 650 watt class D amplifier
  • Detachable Power Cord with Switchable Voltage
  • Line Level Inputs
  • High Level Inputs
  • Internally braced 1" HDF sealed enclosure
  • Timeless Design and Furniture-Grade Finish
  • Leveling Floor Spikes and Footers
  • Virtually vibration-free cabinet
  • Acoustically Transparent Grille


Package Contents:

  • B12D Power Subwoofer x One (1) Pcs
  • Manual x One (1) Pcs
  • Polish Cloth x One (1) Pcs
  • Gloves x Two (2) Pcs
  • Rubber Feet x Four (4) Pcs
  • Metal Carpet Spikes x Four (4) Pcs
  • AC Power Cord x One (1) Pcs



Bravus II Manual

Table, Rectangle, Eyewear, Parallel, Circle, Fashion accessory, Font, Ceiling, Transparent material, Slope

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Table, Rectangle, Eyewear, Parallel, Circle, Fashion accessory, Font, Ceiling, Transparent material, Slope

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