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Open Box Novus Slim N6SR Satellite 6.5" On-Wall & Surround 2-Way Speaker Pair

Open Box Novus Slim N6SR Satellite 6.5" On-Wall & Surround 2-Way Speaker Pair

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The APERION® Novus Slim series inspires those seeking a low profile, and powerful speaker satisfying a multitude of use case scenarios. With its unique mounting flexibility and the combination of the new 1-inch German silk-dome tweeter reaching up to 30 kHz, and the new aramid-fiber 6.5-inch woofers, the Novus Slim speakers can be used as any speaker for your home theater. The Novus Slim speakers offer the clarity you need for the center channel dialog, powerful bass for your front speakers in stereo mode, and bring the surround sound effects to life in multi-channel mode. The versatile rear mounting options allow easy hanging on-wall mounting.


Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 60-30,000 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Recommended Power: 20-100 Watts
Peak Power: 200 Watts
Tweeter: Natural Silk-Dome Tweeter with Ferrofluid
Woofer: 6.5" Aramid-Fiber Cone Woofer
Driver Configuration: 2-Way On-wall Speaker
Enclosure Type: Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Sealed
Product Weight: 10 lbs/4.5 Kg each
Product Dimensions: 7.9" x 13" x 5" / 200 x 330 x 125 mm (WxHxD)
Placement Location: Front, Center or Surround Speakers - Easy wall mounting
Shipping Weight: 26 lbs / 12 Kg per pair
Shipping Dimensions: 19" x 12" x 20" / 490 x 315 x 495mm (LxWxH)

Key Features

1" German Silk-Dome Tweeter


Each Novus speaker is embedded with our new tweeter - a high-end natural fiber dome membrane. A neodymium motor and ferrofluid cooled voicecoil help give these tweeters a flat frequency response that can extend up to 30kHz. They are surrounded by an aluminum faceplate and metal grille.

6.5" Aramid-fiber Woofer


Our new aramid-fiber woofer cones feature a unique tooled rubber surround to conceal the mounting screws in each Novus speaker. These are a long-throw linear excursion design, with broad dynamic range and low distortion.

Rotate the logo


You can even rotate the logo to match whether the speaker is mounted vertical or horizontal.

Tweeter Adjustment


The Novus N6SR come with a Tweeter Adjustment feature. Choose either the standard voicing for crisp, clear treble or the -3dB setting for a more mellow treble response.

Sleek cabinet radius 


The sleek curved top cabinet radius is a step away from your traditional “box-style” speaker, which contribute a smooth look in your room. 

Wall Mount


You can mount your speakers wherever you want - out of the way and outside the reach of inquisitive children and pets. 


5-Way gold-plated binding posts


The 5-way gold-plated binding posts let you connect your speakers any which way you choose: bare wire, banana plugs, spades, round pins or flat pins. 


Lightweight Magnetic Grille


To protect the speaker's drivers from accidents, pets, or curious fingers, the Novus line sports a lightweight magnetic grille, which can easily be removed when it’s time to show off the goods to your friends and family.

Aperionaudio-Novus-Slim-N6SR-Satellite-6.5"-On-Wall&Surround-2way- Speaker-System


  • New One-inch, German Natural Fiber-Silk Dome, Ferro-Fluid Cooled Tweeter
  • New 6.5" Aramid-Fiber Cone Woofers
  • Tweeter Adjustment
  • APERION® Customized Internal Wiring
  • APERION® Customized Crossover Network
  • Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, MDF Cabinet Walls
  • 5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts
  • 12 Gauge Binding Post Straps
  • Lightweight Magnetic Grille
  • Wall and Ceiling Mounting

Package Contents:

  • Novus N6SR Speakers x Two (2) Pcs
  • Manual x One (1) Pcs
  • Polish Cloth x One (1) Pcs
  • Gloves x Two (2) Pcs
  • Rubber Bumpers x Eight (8) Pcs


Download Novus Manual

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