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Open Box Verus Dipole/Bipole Surround Speaker Pair Gloss Cherry

Open Box Verus Dipole/Bipole Surround Speaker Pair Gloss Cherry

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Are you looking for versatile solutions to your surround sound needs? Whether it's music or movies… detail or immersion, our switchable Verus Surround Bipole/Dipole speaker provides you a great solution. Immerse yourself in surround sound. Perfect for home theater and multi-channel music, the Verus Surround speakers envelop you in the action and deluge your room with amazing surround sound. Verus Surround Dipole/Bipole speaker marries great looks with amazing sound, in a switchable Dipole/Bipole design that's perfect for multichannel music and home theater.

Versatility is what sets this speaker apart from the crowd. Whether you want the diffused, immersive benefit of a dipole speaker, or the clarity and detail offered through a traditional bipole configuration, the switchable Verus Dipole/Bipole surround offers amazing performance at a remarkable price… and leaves the choice to you.


You might be asking yourself, what are the benefits and differences of a Dipole vs. Bipole speaker? Here are some answers.

With Dipole settings, the two sets of drivers are out of phase with each other. Out of phase means while one set of drives is pushing out, the speakers on the other side are pulling in. If mounted properly in your room, the result is something called a null or dead zone of sound. When properly set up, a Dipole speaker provides an open, enveloping surround sonic field. For this to work properly, the speakers must be positioned in-line with the listening position. If you are sitting out of the null area, the effect can be spoiled. If you don't want to, or simply can't place your surround speakers and listening position as required, that's where Dipoles come in handy.

In a Bipole setting, the two sets of drivers are in phase with one another... both sides pushing air at the same time. The result is greater sound output where the dipole speaker null would be. The optimum location for a bipole speaker is behind the listening position. This positioning offers the benefit of a more detailed surround sound and is the preference of people who prefer the greater localization of bipole speakers when used in a 5.1 surround setup.


Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 70-20,000 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Sensitivity: Bipole: 83dB -- Dipole: 87dB
Recommended Power: 80-160 Watts
Tweeter: Dual 0.79" Audiophile-grade Custom Aperion ASR Tweeters
Woofer: Dual 4.25" Aperion PhaseSync Drivers
Driver Configuration: 2-Way
Enclosure Type: Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Ported
Product Weight: 13 lbs/6 Kg eac
Product Dimensions: 9.5" H x 13" W x 7" D/241mm H x 330mm W x 178mm D
Placement Location: Surround Speaker
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs/13.6 Kg each pair
Shipping Dimensions: 17" x 16" x 13"/440mm x 400mm x 340mm (LxWxH)


Key Features:

  • Dual Coaxial 4.25" Aperion PhaseSync Drivers w/ integrated 0.79" Aperion ASR tweeters
  • Anti-resonant cabinet
  • Furniture-Grade finish
  • Includes wall mounting brackets

Package Contents:

  • Verus V8S Surround Speakers x Two (2) Pcs
  • Manual x One (1) Pcs
  • Polish Cloth x One (1) Pcs
  • Gloves x Two (2) Pcs
  • Rubber Bumpers x Eight (8) Pcs
  • Wall Mounts x Two (2) Pcs


Verus Manual

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