Intimus Stealth Black



1. The quality or characteristic of being furtive or covert.

There are times when you want to bask in the beautiful luster of our gloss finishes, but there are also situations that require the speakers to blend into the darkness as the lights go down. This is where our Stealth Black will shine, or actually NOT shine. They are made with a high quality matte black paint that still maintains the excellence that Aperion is known for without the reflectivity of a gloss finish… at an even better price!

Same great sound + Less reflection + Less money = MORE value. Stealth Black.
About Our Intimus Line
Intimus has been the backbone of Aperion since the day we were founded. Using our custom audiophile grade drivers and beautifully designed enclosures, Intimus continues to be the driving force of our brand by consistently delivering an exceptional performance for an astonishing value. The award-winning Intimus line features our signature sound and earns frequent accolades from customers and reviewers alike. If you've been searching for the optimal theater speaker system to invite into your home, send an invitation to Intimus. We're sure you'll never want to let them go.

Why We Went Stealth

Aperion Audio was the first to offer a high gloss piano black finish and set the standard in the industry for gloss black, almost two decades ago. Although this has been a customer favorite over the years, some customers have commented that our high gloss finish make the speakers too conspicuous in a room that also contained beautiful furniture and décor. In response, Aperion has created a beautiful matte black finish that allows the beauty of your interior design to dominate the focus in the room. Another advantage of creating the Stealth Black speaker finish is the reduction in cost to produce—which we pass on to you. Aperion Audio was built on the Direct-to-Consumer model with the vision to build remarkable sounding speakers at a remarkably low price.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

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