2014 Anthem

I approach this time of year with a weird blend of anticipation and antipathy. The anticipation is for what I perceive the New Year might bring. The antipathy is grounded in the retrospective analysis of what I accomplished during the previous twelve months.

Like most of you, I begin each year with a list of the things I’d like to achieve. It’s the usual mix of health, family, social and financial aspirations. 2014 is no different. It’s not a terribly long list. It fits comfortably on one page.

However, I’ve decided to help this attempt at intentional nirvana by adding something a bit different… something I hope will help remind me of what I expect to have checked off the list, and in doing so, hopefully increase the odds of actually achieving what I’ve committed to writing.

This year I’m adding an anthem. I’ve chosen Katy Perry’s recent creation Roar. I first heard it while I was nearing the end of my daily commute. I turned the radio to full volume and even after arriving home, sat in the garage until the song ended. I love the lyrics, tune and the energy of the song. I’ve added Roar to my workout music and am visualizing my list each time I hear it.

I hope that 2014 is a wonderful year for you. I hope you’re successful at achieving all of your expectations for the year. If you also decide to add music to buttress your resolve I’d love to know what song, or songs, you’ve chosen as your anthem for the year.

Regardless of your decision to add an anthem as a catalyst for change, I wish you all a successful and fulfilling 2014.

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