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CES 2014 – Day 1

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the largest industry event in the US. With approximately 140,000 attendees, navigating this event is like trying to shop in the middle of a stampede. It’s literally should to should here… but the bright shiny objects make it all worthwhile.

The first day of the show was packed with announcements, including but not limited to:

  • Sony is hawking their gaming and streaming TV services
  • Intel finally got sick of being associated with the antics of the founder of their McAfee security software and changed the name to Intel Security
  • The T-Mobile and AT&T dog fight got personal with the T-Mobile president getting caught trying to crash the AT&T party
  • And, China is trying to play nice with a lift on their ban of foreign game consoles.

But the overarching observation I’m seeing from the technology side of this mardi gras is that Google and Samsung own the world. The Google kingdom, founded in their search dominance, grows like a tech cancer… infecting every part of our lives, facilitated by our complacent participation in all their free services.

Samsung continues to set the agenda for the tech we touch. Even though the Apple bias of the press obscures it, Samsung is the new cool in every market they serve.

Today, I’m headed to the audio/visual offerings. Tomorrow I’ll let you know what turns the head of Aperion in the sandbox we play in.

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