How to Mount Aperion Audio N6SR Slim Speaker On Wall?

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 The Verus Models Includes:
1. N6T: Novus 6.5" 2-Way Tower Speaker
2. N5T: Novus 5.25" 2-Way Tower Speaker
3. N5B: Novus 5.25" 2-Way Bookshelf & Surround Speaker
4. N5C: Novus 5.25" 3-Way Center Speaker
5. N6SS: Novus 6.5" Tripolar Surround Speaker
6. N6SR: Novus Slim Satellite 6.5" On-Wall&Surround Speaker
7. N6SC: Novus Dual 6.5" Slim On-Wall&Surround LCR Speaker
8. A5: 5.25" Immersive Height Module

The Super Tweeter Speaker Models Includes:
1. PST: Planar-Magnetic Flat Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker-MKII
2. RST: Aluminum 3-inch Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker-MKII
3. DST: Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Flagship Super Tweeter Speaker

The Energy Powered Amplifiers Includes:
1. E2 : Energy 2 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
2. E3 : Energy 3 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
3. E5 : Energy 5 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
4. E7 : Energy 7 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier

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