Movie Theater or Home Theater System?

Whether you’re young or old, watching movies is a fun way to experience a story. It’s a way to escape your current reality for a short time and immerse yourself in a different time period, take a trip to outer space, roam the earth with the dinosaurs, or see parts of our beautiful planet that you may not be able to experience in real life!

Going to the movie theater is an age-old tradition. The earliest pupblic film screenings can be traced back to the late 1800s.  From October 1892 to March 1900, Emile Reynaud screened his animated movies at the Musee Grevin theater in Paris to over 500,000 visitors in that 8 year period.

In many small towns across America, the movie theater is the only place for young people to spend a Friday night as going to the bar might not be an option. Many of us had our first date at the movie theater, the movie may not have been the whole reason you went, but at some point, you probably caught some of the story line between throwing candy at your friends and pulling the mid-movie stretch move to land your arm sneakily around your dates shoulder. For the more serious “movie buffs” that maybe catch the movies two to three times a week, your experience should live up to the ticket price. Long ago, one could attend the movies and get snacks for less than $10. Now days, you’re likely to spend over $20 just to get in and if you’re date has a sweet tooth, you’d better hit the ATM on the way.

So now that you’ve spent the equivalent of dinner for two at Red Lobster to get tickets and munchies for the show, you gotta find your seat. Maybe you have assigned seats or you've arrived early enough to secure a good spot. Ideally, the center of the theater will offer the best audio and visual experience. The chances of snagging that spot is slim unless you’re in the seats before the previews start, and then the loud viewers show up and you feel a few M&Ms roll down the back of your shirt as the kids toss them at each other. Is this experience worth your hard-earned money?

About anybody can relate to the above situation, and now with social distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, feeling comfortable and safe in a movie theater has become a distant memory. This is an even better reason to bring the movie experience to the comfort of your living room with a home theater system. Sure, home theater systems can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, but an investment in a system brings all of the control of the movie experience directly to you. So, let’s look at the benefits of having your own home theater!

No waiting in line or purchasing tickets

Who likes standing in line? With home theater, there is no line to get in because it’s your home! You also don’t have to purchase tickets in advance, online, or at the box office, because you are the box office and the show starts when you want it to!

Location, Location, Location

Getting that oh so perfect spot in the movie theater is not an easy task. If you’re lucky enough to grab the middle seats in the center of the middle row, chances are you’ll have a loud mouth breather next to you or maybe someone who just discovered the crunchy sensation of corn nuts that will drive you crazy for the next two hours and ten minutes. We’ve all ended up in that corner seat where the sound just doesn't seem as good, and the couple making out in the row right in front of you might be a little distracting. With a home theater, you can pick the optimal seating position and create a distraction free environment. Of course, people are busy and sometimes things come up. How nice is it to be able to pause the show and take care of life, then come back when you’re ready! The staff at movie theaters are pretty tough to persuade into altering their schedule.

Content at your control

One of the biggest advantages of going to a movie theater is to see the latest movie release. This can also be a disadvantage too depending on what you’re in the mood for. Being creatures of habit, it’s common for people to watch a movie more than once. You might catch extra details that you missed, or maybe you’ll understand an underlying theme in the plot.  The best part is being able to pause for interruptions like bathroom breaks and refills on your drinks and snacks!  At the movie theater, there is no pause or rewind option, and if you want to see it again there is another ticket to buy. Aside from enjoying your favorite classics, there are other amazing experiences to be had in the comfort of your favorite recliner including TV dramas, sporting events and live concerts. With streaming media such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Apple TV, many new releases can be viewed right away instead of waiting for the film to be released on Blu-ray disc.  You can learn more about Blu-ray here!  Keep your theater to yourself as a private getaway from the stress of life, or invite the neighborhood over for movie night and show off your super cool system!

No interference, unless you allow it

We’ve all found ourselves in a movie theater, fully entranced by a dramatic, quiet scene when suddenly a baby starts crying. Your concentration is broken, and depending on how “smooth” the parent is, the crying might stop in 30 seconds or go on for 30 minutes. Children shouldn’t be excluded from the movies, it should be a fun experience for all, but you still have to be able to enjoy the film that you’ve paid to see! In a home theater, the interruptions that happen are under your control, and as commander of the remote you can rewind if you missed a part.

Customize your theater to create the best experience

Movie theaters are built to show movies to several people at once. Some theaters are small and some are as big as a concert hall. The audio and visual experience has to accommodate for a large crowd and in turn you’re missing out on what the full experience could be! The large loudspeakers hanging on the walls in your average movie theater are meant to cover a wide area and may not reproduce the accuracy of sound that the director intended. With your own personal speaker system, you can configure and place the speakers in their optimal setting and get a more accurate sound track with higher quality speakers.  Our article what is a home theater system? has more information on how to get started with home theater! 

Expensive projectors are used in movie theaters to project the video onto the large screen and, with such a wide area to cover, often times the visual experience could be better. You can bring the authentic movie visual home with home theater projectors and screens that can extend up to 120 inches. Most people now own large flat screen TVs that provide stunning color and visual effects and some are even capable of 3D experiences.

The final solution

A home theater system can be a great addition to any type of living space.  From a compact 5.1 living room set up to an 11.2 dedicated home theater room, watching a movie at home can be a thrilling experience again and again.  You may rediscover your favorite music while listening in multi-channel stereo instead of that tiny Bluetooth speaker that never really seemed to have any bass.  Take a step back to the good ol' days with classic films at your leisure or stream the latest releases on demand.  As commander of the remote, you pick the showtime! 

Aperion Audio speakers offer fantastic sound quality with exceptional value backed by an industry leading warranty. Our audio professionals are ready to help you design the home theater of your dreams with our award-winning speakers. We pride ourselves on good customer service and technical support, and that follows your speaker purchase for life! Give us a call or send us an email with photos of your room and we’ll guide you in the quest for audio video bliss!

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