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Seven Tips to Creating Your Epic Man Cave

Does your wife or girlfriend have a schedule packed with social appointments after work? Maybe she handles stress by visiting the spa with her friends, but that’s not your thing. It’s time you had a place of your own, too. You deserve a space to kick up your feet, crack open a beer, and drown out the stress of the day. Here are a few must-haves to create your dream man cave. A big thanks to Modernize for inspiring us with this article.

1 – A Room of One’s Own

You can build a treehouse and install a sign that says “no girls allowed” if you want to, but an easier solution is to claim an area of the house that will belong only to you and the elite crew you invite in. If you live with a partner, we suggest you have a discussion before you mark it off with tape. (We warned you, at least.)

Great man cave spots are basements, renovated garages and smaller spare bedrooms. The mark of an epic man cave is a level of privacy. Close off your newly claimed space with a door or even a moat. Okay, maybe not a moat.

2 – Color Me … Man Cave

It may seem frivolous at first, but we promise you that designing your space with a specific color scheme and aesthetic can up your man cave game. Keep it simple with subtle cool tones and an accent wall, or go for wood paneling, wainscoting, a lodge aesthetic or a room that also doubles as an homage to your favorite football team.

Not everything has to match. In fact, complementary colors are an easy way to bring a design together to look more cohesive. Still not sure what to do? Go for neutrals and calm colors that just say “chill.”

3 – Furnish Your Staycation Destination

If you’re looking for a getaway in your own home, you’re going to need some comfortable seating. Splurge for that recliner with the massager and cupholders, or keep it simple with a leather or faux-leather chair. Position it near the TV so you always have the best seat in the house. Don’t forget to include extra seating for your buddies on game days and for social gatherings.

4 – Plug in and Boot Up

You probably want a TV, but what kind—LED? Ultra HD? How about a 4K? Pick your TV first, then strategically purchase or build an entertainment center that caters to your TV’s size. If you want more freedom to upgrade later, try wall-mounting your TV or setting it on top of a half-size entertainment stand.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget, no home theater room is complete without a great set of home audio speakers. If you are a movie lover then surround sound is a must. If you are a music lover then a rad pair of speaker towers will do just fine. Make sure you have enough space to fit the sound system you desire. If you are limited on space then look at some of the space saving options offered such as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Construction required.

You’ll also need space to store movies, CDs, video games, consoles and any other electronics that you want in your cave. A spinning media tower makes it easy to find your favorite movie in a blink, so you don’t miss a second of zen time.

5 – Refresh to Impress

What’s a man cave without refreshments? Include a mini-fridge and bar in your space and your buds will love you forever. Actually, you will love you forever. Stay refreshed with soda, beer or wine, and install a microwave for popcorn, pizza bites and small snacks.

Of course, if you’re a really great chef, you can install a full bar or kitchen in your man cave for entertaining. But be warned; great food smells travel through the whole house and alert the masses!

6 – Cater to Your Hobbies

Are you really good at poker? How about foosball? Whatever games or hobbies you enjoy, include them in your man cave. Whether you’re inviting your college buddies over for the ping pong playoff of the century, or you just want to play cards with a few co-workers, your man cave should adapt to your favorite social situations and offer a variety of entertainment.

7 – Make it Yours

Whatever fandom you attribute yourself to, let it show. If you’re a diehard sports fan, showcase signed gloves, footballs or posters. Frame jerseys and install spot lighting to highlight your dedication. Or travel back in time with vintage video game memorabilia. It doesn’t matter what your passion is, just channel it through your custom man cave to make it even more epic.

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