Sonic Boom for your Buck: ARIS

Last week I talked about how crucial speaker placement is and how it will largely affect overall sound performance, sound stage and imaging.  The same rules apply for portable or tabletop speakers as well; however this poses a bit of a design challenge.  With placing stereo speakers, we’re using placement and separation of each speaker to create a great sound stage, however with our ARIS speaker system we built everything into one solid cabinet, so our goal was to make the sound of ARIS project outward to create a sound stage much larger than the ARIS unit itself.

At Aperion our strengths lie in making speakers that sound great, and so that’s what we focused on with the ARIS speaker.  It’s built differently than almost all other speakers out there.  Its cabinet is a single piece of extruded aluminum and we packed it with high quality audio components all around.   First, we have two 4” woven fiberglass woofers, paired up on the back with two 4” woven fiberglass passive radiators.  This is partially how we can achieve such a clear and tight bass response.   In addition to the woofers, we have two silk dome tweeters for smooth, detailed highs.  We designed the cabinet internally into 3 sections.  Each woofer and tweeter or left and right channel is enclosed in a separate compartment internally.  Think of it as each side of the ARIS system is a separate speaker.   In the middle section we housed all of the electronics.  Inside we’re using a high quality class D amplifier that delivers 4 separate channels with 10 watts to each tweeter and 40 watts to each woofer.

The combination is a potent mix of high quality components inside a beautifully designed cabinet.    With all of the sound coming out of these drivers, our goal was to make the ARIS speaker sound clear, accurate and loud, but additionally to sound much larger than its small size would suggest.    So, in adding to all of the quality audio components inside, we voiced this speaker with 3 listening presets using DSP.  The first, being the most overall accurate sound reproduction.  Second, adding more bass if needed.  (Depending on placement), and third adding a stereo widening and bass adjustment that really brings the sound projected from this speaker the ability to fill quite a large space.   As a result, a single ARIS speaker has almost the same bass response as our larger, award winning Verus Grand Bookshelf speakers!  That’s important to take into account as the ARIS unit is powered as well so it’s all you need to bring high end sound to different locations where traditional speakers or space is just not going to cut it.


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