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The Aperion Verus Grand family is our flagship line of home theater speakers. Industry critics and our customers agree that the award winning sonic performance of our Verus line is something special. Whether you choose the larger Verus Grand Tower or its smaller companion the Verus Grand Bookshelf, Aperion's Verus speaker line delivers a full range of sound that can quicken your heart rate and raise the little hairs on the back of your neck. Amazing sound coupled with the aesthetic appeal of our Aperion Verus Grand speaker system make it a welcome addition to any living space.

Introducing the big brother of the Verus bookshelf collection, and perfect counterpart to the bigger V8T Concert tower, we bring you the Verus III Concert V8B Bookshelf Speakers! For years we’ve been asked to create a bigger bookshelf speaker, and the time has finally arrived! As with all of our Verus family of speakers, the 8-inch midwoofer uses a classic Kevlar cone, which was designed and produced in-house. Top that off with the Aperion Patented 28mm Aperion "Axially Stabilized Radiator" V2 silk dome tweeter for the top end, and bada bing - Verus III Concert V8B.

The Verus V8B employs superior customized components, which include high quality thin film capacitors to provide minimum dielectric loss, customized Aperion internal wiring with spade connectors to make upgrading a breeze, and we even went as far as customizing the PCB board with an Aperion red color to represent our love of great sounding audio! Being rated at 6 Ohms and an efficiency of 88 dB, the V8B are easy to drive with most AVR's, and their full potential can be seen with a high quality integrated amp.

The V8B uses an HDF cabinet and HDF front baffle, available in either a gloss cherry veneer, or piano gloss black finish. The HDF cabinet offers a consistent acoustic response, and the curvilinear aspect of the cabinet helps eliminate standing waves inside the chamber. The cabinet for the Verus line naturally poses a challenge in terms of the woodwork. The curvilinear cabinets are hard to produce, and there are many steps to make the cabinets according to Aperion's QC standard. The painting process can be time consuming as well. While the curved cabinets are difficult to produce, the results yield a unique look. The gloss finishes bring a furniture-grade aspect to the speaker for your living room and home theater. Regarding the gloss cherry wood veneer cabinets - the towers and bookshelf speaker wood veneer strips are cut from the same tree, to ensure the wood grain is matched as identically as possible between each cabinet. Before the high gloss lacquer is applied, the cabinets are stained in pairs for cherry shade consistency.

The Verus III Concert V8B speaker is designed for those seeking a full bodied sound stage as a 2-channel system, or driving your front stage or surround channels in a powerful home theater. Particularly those looking to bring recordings to life, with excitement and presence that immerses you in a concert-like experience leaving you with the intangible feeling when music hits you.

Key Features

  • Patented 28mm Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™ V2 silk dome tweeter
  • One 8-inch woven Kevlar® woofer with aluminum phase plug
  • Aperion Customized Internal Wiring
  • Aperion Customized Crossover Network
  • Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Ultra-Thick HDF Cabinet Walls
  • 2-way bass reflex design
  • Bi-Ampable 5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts
  • 12 Gauge Binding Post Straps
  • Furniture-grade gloss cherry wood veneer or gloss piano black finish
  • Beautifully Curved Cabinet Blends Well w/ Any Furniture & Room Design
  • Acoustically transparent, magnetically held, cloth-covered grille

 The Verus Models Includes:
1. V8T: Verus III Concert Dual 8" Tower Floorstanding Speaker
2. V8B: Verus III Concert 8" 2-Way BookShelf Speaker
3. V8C: Verus III Concert Dual 8" Center Channel Speaker
4. V8S: Verus III 8" Tripolar Surround Speaker
5. V6T: Verus III Grand Dual 6.5" Tower Floorstanding Speaker
6. V5B: Verus III Grand 5.25" 2-Way BookShelf Speaker
7. V6C: Verus III Grand Dual 6.5" Center Channel Speaker
8. VSS: Verus VSS Surround Dipole/Bipole Speaker

The Super Tweeter Speaker Models Includes:
1. PST: Planar-Magnetic Flat Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker-MKII
2. RST: Aluminum 3-inch Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker-MKII
3. DST: Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Flagship Super Tweeter Speaker

The Energy Powered Amplifiers Includes:
1. E2 : Energy 2 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
2. E3 : Energy 3 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
3. E5 : Energy 5 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
4. E7 : Energy 7 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier

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