Using Your Aperion Audio Super Tweeter

Hey everyone! Today we’ll discuss how to use the Aperion Audio Planar Magnetic and Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeters with bookshelf or tower speakers.  Super Tweeters are a fun and unique addition to your home theater or two-channel stereo system that bring sparkle and detail to your home audio experience.

What is a Super Tweeter speaker? Put simply, it’s an additional tweeter unit which covers a wide and extended high-frequency response, beyond that of your existing loudspeaker’s integrated tweeters.

In the words of Torsten Pless from Modernhifi,

"The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter speakers relieve the load on the entire speaker system, tidy up the entire frequency range and integrate instruments better into the overall scene."

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Aperion Audio True aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter

Many loudspeaker systems have poor high frequency performance. A Super Tweeter specializes in ultra-high frequencies and is used in conjunction with a bookshelf or tower speaker. Its purpose is to create a more realistic sound field, often characterized as "airiness," that enhances the listening experience. Super Tweeters are sometimes found in high fidelity speaker systems and home theater systems. They are used to supplement the sound of tweeters by reproducing frequencies, which the existing tweeter may produce only with a narrow polar output, or perhaps with distortion. A Super Tweeter speaker provides auxiliary high frequency effect, detail, density and texture that can enhance your existing system’s sound field with width, depth and enhanced timbre. 


Super Tweeter Crossover

The Aperion Audio Super Tweeters feature a 5-point crossover adjustment allowing the user to choose between 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 kHz to blend the super tweeter into the speaker it’s being paired with.  The treble adjustment jumper reduces the output of the super tweeter by -1, -2, or -3 dB for more control over the blend.  There is no right or wrong setting for any type of content, and we highly encourage experimentation to find what settings suit your ears and speakers best!


We’re frequently asked, “How do the super tweeters work on the curved tops of the Verus speakers?” and we’ve got a solution for that!  Our super tweeter stands create a level surface on curved speaker cabinet tops like the Verus III line. 

Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker with Super Tweeter Stand

These have also proven useful for the A5 immersive height module in Atmos set ups.

Verus Grand Bookshelf Speaker with A5 Immersive Height Module

The Aperion Audio premium cable kit makes integrating your new Super Tweeters a breeze!  Featuring a spade connector on one end and a banana plug connector on the other end, you’ll have your super tweeters wired up faster than you can say “Aperion Audio planar magnetic super tweeter” 10 times fast!

Premium Cable Kit


Super Tweeter connection example

Connecting Super Tweeters to your existing speakers is easy!  It shares the same channels as the speakers your using them with.  In this “piggy back” method, you’ll connect a wire from your bookshelf or tower speakers terminals to the super tweeter..  For bi-amp configurations, it is best to connect the super tweeters to the top or high range binding posts. 


Novus Bookshelf speaker with Super Tweeter

The Super Tweeters should be positioned on top of the speaker they are being paired with.  We find that they sound great pulled forward, even with the speaker's baffle.  This creates an even plane between the speakers built in tweeter and your super tweeter.  Again, every set up is a little different, so try your super tweeter pulled forward towards the front or pushed back a little.

Customer photos of Super Tweeters

Customer photo of super tweeter on speaker

Customer photo of Super tweeter on white speaker

In conclusion, the Aperion Audio Super Tweeters might be the upgrade your speaker system needs to achieve audio bliss!  To see if your speakers are compatible with our Super Tweeters, give us a call or send us an email!   We’d love to chat with you about improving your audio experience! 


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