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Whether it’s the subtle drone of an oboe or the bone rattling impact of an explosion, Aperion Audio’s Bravus family of subwoofers provides the full range of bass for any space. Let Aperion’s award winning subwoofers add the foundation of sound to your next movie, party or gaming experience.

Aperion Audio Bravus II 12D 650W Class D Powered Subwoofer

Let’s face it; there are times when size does matter. If you’ve got a big room and desire deep, loud, accurate bass coupled with your musical, you’ve just hit pay dirt. The dual 12” passive drivers, single 12" active driver and 650 watts of digital power in the Bravus 12D will electrify your room with expansive bass that must be...

Aperion Audio Bravus II 10D 500W Class D Powered Subwoofer

So how can lows give you a true high? By pumping out bass with quick reflexes and thundering power. We got to third base with our drivers—a single active down-firing 10-inch driver and double 10-inch side-firing passive radiators on the sides—then pushed up the power to 500 watts. Home run! Muscular, defined bass that gives your movies and music even...

Straight Wire Concerto High Quality Subwoofer Cable

Using a cheap, skimpy subwoofer cable is one of biggest reasons why people experience problems with their subwoofer. Loose connections and unshielded cables can lead to unwanted hums and buzzes. Our high performance subwoofer cable eliminates these problems by using gold plated, slotted RCA connectors to ensure a tight fit and pure signal transfer. The subwoofer cable is then double...