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  • A5 Immersive Height Module Pair - Aperion Audio
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  • A5 Immersive Height Module Pair - Aperion Audio
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  • Aperionaudio-A5-Immersive-Height-Module-Gloss-Cherry-Single-Side-With-Grille
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A5 Immersive Height Module Pair

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The Aperion A5 Immersive Height Module is perfect for achieving "height" channels without cutting holes in your ceiling. They work equally well placed on top of your main speakers to reflect the sound off of your ceiling, or mounted high on the wall in a direct radiating position.

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Aperionaudio A5 Immersive Height Module

The APERION® A5 Immersive Height Module is perfect for achieving the latest surround formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X that require "height" channels. Traditionally, this required installing in-ceiling speakers above your seating area. But with the Aperion A5, you can attain this effect with several different methods that do not require you to cut holes in your ceiling.

Method #1

Comfortably set the APERION® A5 on top of your front left and right speakers. This will allow the sound to be reflected off the ceiling and produce the illusion of overhead speakers. If using one pair, place on front speakers. For two pairs, place on top of the front and rear speakers. 



Method #2

If your ceiling does not allow for adequate reflection, mount the APERION® A5 high on the front wall. Due to the angle of the speaker, this will also produce a very effective rendering of the overhead channels. Two pairs can be mounted in this fashion on the front and rear walls. The same can be done on the side walls if the front/rear is not suitable. 



Method #3

The APERION® A5 can also be direct mounted on the ceiling. This avoids having to cut holes in the ceiling, yet provides the ideal positioning of the speakers physically located overhead. Multiple pairs can be used in this configuration. 



Multiple Mounting Options



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Key Features
  • Versatile Placement Options
  • Add-On top firing speakers to make any flat top speaker Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible.
  • Coax Driver Design
  • Sloping Baffle
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets to reduce internal standing waves.
  • APERION® Customized Internal Wiring
  • APERION® Customized Crossover Network
  • 5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts
  • 12 Gauge Binding Post Straps
  • Lightweight Magnetic Grille
  • Multiple Mounting Options & Easy Connection
  • Wall and Ceiling Mounting

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    + Specifications


    Product Weight 7.5 lbs/ 3.5 Kg each
    Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 90-30,000 Hz
    Impedance 6 Ohms
    Sensitivity 87 dB
    Recommended Power Short time 160W; Long time 80W
    Tweeter 1" German Natural-Fiber Silk-Dome, Ferrofluid-Cooled
    Woofer 5.25" Aluminum Cone Woofer
    Driver Configuration 2-Way
    Enclosure Type Anti-Resonant, Sealed
    Product Dimensions 5.7" x 7.1" x 7.9" (HxWxD) / 146mm x 180mm x 200mm (HxWxD)
    Product Family Novus
    Placement Location On-top of Speakers, On-wall, Ceiling-Mounted, Surround Speakers
    Shipping Weight 19 lbs/8.5 Kg Pair
    Shipping Dimensions 19" x 12" x 12" / 470 x 295 x 300 mm (LxWxH)
    + Features


    Versatile Placement Options

    The APERION® A5 Immersive Height Module can be placed on top of your front left and right speakers, mounted on the wall in front and behind, or mounted directly on the ceiling.


    Add-On top firing speakers to make any flat top speaker Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible.

    Coax Driver Design

    Concentric Driver including a 5.25” woofer and 1" tweeter for improved frequency response and sound placement in enabled Atmos and dts:x speaker configurations.

    Cabinet Design

    RF Molded Curved Cabinets to reduce internal standing waves.

    Multiple Mounting Options

    On Speaker/On-Wall/On-Ceiling/On Desk....

    Easy Connection

    Gold 5-way binding posts for more secure speaker wire connection.


    Lightweight magnetic grilles.

    - Pro Reviews -

    August 2019


    Novus 5.0.2 Speaker System

    "Aperion Audio's new Novus 5.0.2 surround sound system ($2,995) is an interesting departure for the company.ituated between their beloved Intimus and Verus lines, the Novus lineup isn't merely a mid-point between them, at least not in terms of aesthetics and design. Aperion claims thousands of hours of research...."

    - Dylan Seeger


    + Documentation


    Download A5 Manual


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