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  • Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair
  • Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair
  • Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair
  • Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair
  • Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair
  • Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair
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Aperion Audio Super Tweeter Pair

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The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter is a high-fidelity compliment to any home audio system. Designed to reside on top of your existing speaker, the Super Tweeter can be used from 8,000Hz to 30kHz. With 5 preset crossover points, the Aperion Audio Super Tweeter provides customizable bright and detailed sound, enhances the stereo sound field width & depth and accentuates ultra-high frequency extension.

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Aperion Audio Super Tweeter


What is a Super Tweeter speaker? Put simply, it’s an additional tweeter unit which covers a wide and extended high-frequency response, beyond that of your existing loudspeaker’s integrated tweeters.

Many loud speaker systems have poor high frequency performance. A Super Tweeter specializes in ultra-high frequencies and is used in conjunction with a bookshelf or tower speaker. Its purpose is to create a more realistic sound field, often characterized as "airy-ness," that enhances the listening experience. Super Tweeters are sometimes found in high fidelity speaker systems and home theater systems. They are used to supplement the sound of tweeters by reproducing frequencies which the existing tweeter may produce only with a narrow polar output, or perhaps with distortion. A Super Tweeter speaker provides auxiliary high frequency effect, detail, density and texture that can enhance your existing system’s sound field with width, depth and enhanced timbre.  

A Super Tweeter is generally intended to respond well into ultra-high frequencies over 20 kHz, the commonly accepted upper frequency limit of human hearing. Super Tweeters are ideal for taking advantage extended-range audio formats such as vinyl, SACD, FLAC, UHD Bluray and other high-fidelity products.


Key Features
  • High-Fidelity Flat Ribbon Tweeter
  • Frequency Response up to 30 kHz
  • 5 Adjustable crossover points + OFF
  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts
  • Furniture-grade gloss piano black finish
  • Beautiful curved cabinet with compound angles
  • 3-year Warranty

         5-point Crossover + OFF
    Choose between 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 kHz to set the Super Tweeter floor for the perfect blend with your speaker. The "OFF" position renders the Super Tweeter inert. The lowest setting, 8 kHz, will provide the most overlap with your existing tweeter while the highest setting, 16 kHz, will have minimal overlap, picking up at the top-end of the range.

         Treble Adjust Jumper

    Too much of a good thing? Use the treble adjust to reduce the output of the Super Tweeter. Remove the jumper and put it in the left-vertical position for a -1 dB reduction, bottom-horizontal for a -2 dB reduction or right-vertical for a -3 dB reduction.

         Easy Hookup

    The Super Tweeter shares the same binding posts as the speaker you're pairing it with. It feeds off the power your main speaker is already receiving, so no need to connect directly to an amplifier. 


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    Weight 1.6 lbs
    Frequency Response 2000 Hz - 30 kHz
    Impedance 5 Ohms
    Sensitivity 90 dB
    Recommended Power 30 Watts
    Tweeter Ribbon Tweeter
    Dimensions 4" Wide X 6" Tall X 4-3/4" Deep
    Product Family Super Tweeter
    Placement Location On top of speakers


    Extended High Frequency Ribbon Tweeter

    This is not you're normal tweeter. While most tweeters max out at around 20K, the Super Tweeter extends another 10,000 Hertz above that.

    6-Position Crossover Knob

    The crossover knob allows you to activate the Super Tweeter at 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K or shut it off. This gives you maximum flexibility when incorporating these into your system. You can have more or less overlap with your existing tweeter to help brighten the sound at the 8K/10K crossover point, or have the Super Tweeter just fill the void above at the 14K/16K setting.

    4-Position Jumper for Attenuation

    If you love your Super Tweeter, but want a little less output, you can reduce the output by -1dB, -2dB or -3dB by re-positioning the jumper.