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Straight Wire Concerto High Quality Subwoofer Cable

Straight Wire Concerto High Quality Subwoofer Cable

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Using a cheap, skimpy subwoofer cable is one of biggest reasons why people experience problems with their subwoofer. Loose connections and unshielded cables can lead to unwanted hums and buzzes. Our high performance subwoofer cable eliminates these problems by using gold plated, slotted RCA connectors to ensure a tight fit and pure signal transfer. The subwoofer cable is then double shielded, thus eliminating signal loss. It also has a built-in Y-adapter for easy connection options.

Not only will your system sound better than you thought possible, you can feel good about your purchase because our cables are RoHS compliant. This means they were manufactured in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. And because they’re from Aperion, they offer premium performance without the premium price. Make your system shake the foundation with our High Performance Subwoofer Cable. Deep, powerful and articulate bass that just might disturb the neighbors if you’re not careful.

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