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Straight Wire Octave IIII Premium Cable 15 AWG 8 Conductor - Pair

Straight Wire Octave IIII Premium Cable 15 AWG 8 Conductor - Pair

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Our Home Theater Gurus searched out the best-designed and most reasonably priced high performance speaker cables to find the best performer that doesn’t enter the slippery slope of diminishing returns. The Straightwire Octave III doesn’t make claims it can’t back up -- it’s simply a high quality audio cable that’s well designed and comes pre-terminated on both ends with gold-plated banana plugs. Compared to standard speaker cable, you may hear what our home theater gurus heard: better-defined bass, clearer sound, more stable imaging and improved loudness.

OCTAVE 4 features eight CCT (Compressed Conductor Technology) OFHC copper conductor groupings with advanced foam polypropylene insulation for a significant advance in detail and precision. Compressing each conductor group achieves the best electrical and mechanical attributes of both solid core and stranded technologies. Linearity and consistency with focus, depth and musicality - Octave 3 is great choice for serious audio enthusiasts and has low enough resistance for long run use.

Also available - IBW (internal bi-wire termination available +$50)

Matte Putty jacket

Helix Design
Advanced Foam Polypropylene Insulation
CCT-OFGC 15 ga x 8 Conductor
14.2mm (.56") diameter

*Priced per pair

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