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Verus V8T 3-Way Dual 8" Tower/Floorstanding Speaker

Verus V8T 3-Way Dual 8" Tower/Floorstanding Speaker

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Introducing the APERION® flagship Verus III Concert V8T Tower Speaker. After 21 years of non-stop engineering development and countless hours toiling in the lab, we are extremely proud to announce our best speaker yet. Featuring dual 8" woofers, dual 5.25" mid-range woofers, our Axially Stabilized Verus Tweeter, and a premium crossover network, our Verus Concert Tower unveils the peak of Aperion Audio engineering. Truly a concert-like experience, we ensured the performance of this speaker will shine an invisible light of happiness and wisdom with our customers as proof to understanding the value of the Aperion Audio's brand. We stand for the best in customer service, product build and sound quality. So here's a huge thank you to all of our customers who have allowed us to bring audio happiness to your homes for 21+ years. Here's to many more.


Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 26-35,000 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Recommended Power: 20-250 Watts
Peak Power: 500 Watts
Tweeter: 1.1" Custom Aperion ASR Tweeter with ferrofluid
Midrange: Two 5.25" Woven Kevlar Mid-range Drivers with Aluminum Phase Plugs
Woofer: Two 8" Woven Kevlar Woofers with PVC Dust Cap and Rubber Surrounds
Driver Configuration: 3-Way
Enclosure Type: Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Dual Rear Ported
Product Weight: 77 lbs/35 Kg
Product Dimensions: 51" H x 11" W x 14" D/1287mm H x 269mm W x 350mm D
Placement Location: Front L/R Floorstanding Speaker
Spike Thread: Thread Size: M8 ; Thread Spacing:1.25 mm
Shipping Weight: 98 lbs/44.3 Kg
Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 17" x 58.5"/ 510mm x 430mm x 1485mm (LxWxH)


Patented 1.1" ASR Tweeter


Our design objectives required a tweeter that permits a lower crossover frequency in order to unburden the midrange cones above 2.6 kHz, where they tend to beam. To address this conundrum, we went to the drawing board with the goal of developing a tweeter with a diaphragm that resists “rocking” near its resonant frequency. By pinning the diaphragm’s center in a plane above the voice coil, it became “axially stabilized,” which minimizes unwanted distortion. The silk dome is coated in a specially developed damping compound to ensure a smooth and accurate response with controlled resonance. The refined "wishbone" waveguide has resulted in better output, with more uniform frequency response and wider dispersion across its operating range. The ferrofluid cooled voice-coil is driven by a high-energy ferrite magnet motor.


5.25" Kevlar Midrange Drivers With Aluminum Phase Plug


All woofers in the Verus family employ Kevlar cones. With the crossover point starting at about 300 Hz, this exceptionally rigid Kevlar material allows for a warm, clean and dynamic response. This is driven by a high-performance ferrite magnet structure with a vented pole piece to reduce heat build-up and larger T-yoke for increased excursion to increase bass response. The aluminum phase plug and extended voice coil increases power handling to ensure they perform to the max. These midrange "bullet drivers" provide an extraordinary level of detail contributing to the Verus III's full-color palette of sound. 


8" Kevlar Woofers


The dual 8" Kevlar woofers provide intense punch with a long-throw linear excursion design. These anchor the bottom end of the 3-way crossover network to provide a tight, clean and accurate low-bass response.


Advanced Crossover


Time-intensive iterative designing and fine-tuning of the crossover networks have resulted in a smoother, more neutral, and better balanced frequency response across the whole range. Enhanced phase integration between the tweeter and midrange drivers have also resulted in a cleaner, more open sound in the transition regions. The Verus III employs superior customized components, which include high quality thin film capacitors to provide minimum dielectric loss, customized Aperion internal wiring with spade connectors to make upgrading a breeze, and we even went as far as customizing the PCB board with an Aperion red color to represent our love of great sounding audio!

Level Adjustment


For the midrange and tweeter we have chosen a crossover that has a fast transient response and a minimum of phase shifting. The connectors are of a bi-wiring type so that you can connect to the amplifier with double cables (bi-wiring), or connect to one or two amplifiers to further improve the sound.


Optional Port Plugs


Optional port plugs are included with the Verus Tower. If the speakers are placed close to a wall or they sound "boomy" in your room, one or both of the foam plugs may used to control the bass response.


Furniture-Grade Finish


The slim curves of the Verus line’s first-rate cabinetry make us think "supermodel"—but the primo acoustic qualities means she’d have to sound as good as she looks. The finishing touch for every Verus speaker is a high-gloss cherry-wood veneer or piano-black lacquer that’s so right for every décor, your coffee table will be jealous.


Custom Aluminum Bases, Floor Spikes


We designed and customized these outriggers to match the sound quality and beautiful looks inspired by our flagship Verus III V8T Concert tower. This new designs delivers better stabilization, enhanced acoustical isolation, and bring the Verus III Concert V8T tower speaker to the true audiophile realm.


Aperion Audio V8T Tower Speaker Level Adjustment Function


Aperion Audio V8T Tower Speaker SPL Curves

Key Features

  • Patented 28mm Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™ V.2 Silk Dome Tweeter
  • Level Adjustment in the Treble range and Mid range
  • Two 5.25" Woven-Kevlar® Midrange Drivers w/ Aluminum Phase Plugs
  • Two 8" woven Kevlar® Woofers w/ Butyl Rubber Surrounds
  • Aperion Customized Internal Wiring
  • Aperion Customized Crossover Network
  • Anti-Resonant, Internally Braced, Ultra-Thick HDF Cabinet Walls
  • Curvilinear Design & Compound Angles Minimize Panel Resonances
  • 3-way, D’Appolito Driver Configuration
  • Bass Reflex Design w/ Dual Rear Ports (with optional port plugs)
  • Bi-Ampable 5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts
  • 12 Gauge Binding Post Straps
  • Furniture-Grade Gloss Cherry Veneer or Gloss Piano Black Finish
  • Beautifully Curved Cabinet Blends Well w/ Any Furniture & Room Design
  • Lightweight Magnetic Grille
  • Custom Aluminum Bases, Floor Spikes and Footers


Package Contents:

  • Verus 8T Tower Speaker x One (1) Pcs
  • Manual x One (1) Pcs
  • Unboxing Guide x One (1) Pcs
  • Polish Cloth x One (1) Pcs
  • Gloves x Two (2) Pcs
  • Aluminum Foot Plates x Tow (2) Pcs
  • Foot Screws x Four (4) Pcs
  • Metal Spikes Pads  x Four (4) Pcs
  • Allen Key For Foot Screws x One (1) Pcs
  • Jumper Connectors x Two (2) Pcs
  • Foam Port Plugs x Two (2) Pcs 



Verus Manual

Verus III Concert Tower Unboxing Guide

V8T CAD Drawing

V8T CAD Drawing

Table, Rectangle, Eyewear, Parallel, Circle, Fashion accessory, Font, Ceiling, Transparent material, Slope

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