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Introducing The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter

In the real world, we are surrounded by sounds and frequencies which extend beyond the realm of what we perceive as ‘sound’. However, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that we ‘sense’ these high frequencies, just as we ‘feel’ sub-sonic sounds.

The way in which these ultrasonic frequencies interact with what we cognitively hear is believed to make a big difference to the realism and ‘natural’ way in which we hear sound. Many listeners say that a Super Tweeter can provide a more relaxed and natural sound within an audio system, and a surprising improvement in bass detail, thanks to a more balanced frequency spectrum.

Super Tweeter speakers can deliver an incredible transient response along with a wide and smooth reproduction across the conventional audio high-frequency spectrum.

Why Would I Want To Try A Super Tweeter Speaker?

Whether you have a 2-channel set up or a beefy home theater system, if you love crisp clear audio you should try a pair of Super Tweeter speakers with your system. With the increasing quality of modern recording technology, things like super audio CD's and Hi-res digital files have greatly surpassed 20-20KHz and can produce audio frequencies as high as 100 kHz. Most traditional speakers can only produce up to 20 kHz and are unable to completely convey the high frequencies in the recording.

The Super Tweeter Phase Conundrum

Phase happens when two sound waves clash and ultimately cancel each other out, meaning that the sound becomes unpleasant to listen to. Bass sound waves travel slower than treble sound waves, so if the treble and bass sound waves are traveling from the same location, the treble wave will reach your ear before the bass. Most loudspeaker brands compensate for this by adjusting the phase of the tweeter and woofers producing sound waves.

The issue is that most Super Tweeter speakers now in the market do not have adjustable parameters for phase. But Aperion Audio’s Super Tweeter Speaker is adjustable across the frequency band, so it blends into audio system.

The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter features a six-step adjustable crossover switch that can be used to adjust the phase to your preference. Frequency adjustment points range from 6K, 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 15K! A well-tuned Super Tweeter speaker does not sound very loud, with a low sensitivity of 90 dB. The speaker allows you to feel the treble sound pressure and experience the higher frequency range which you may not have heard or felt before. Of course, with everything related to sound, you will have to take some time to test out the different settings to see what feels best to you.

The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter speaker utilizes a premium Ribbon Tweeter to create a full range of clear rich audio details that provide strong sense of three-dimensional sound. The Ribbon Tweeter features a Horn Tweeter design that creates the desired sound diffusion and sound pressure distribution. The resulting sound will enhance any home audio systems with better timbre and better ultra-high frequency extension.

Aperion Super Tweeter speaker features a high-density curved cabinet design, exquisite gloss black piano finish, gold-plated 5-way binding posts, crossover point adjustment knob, a treble adjust jumper and a ribbon Tweeter with aluminum faceplate. This speaker is extremely well built for a very modest price.

Super Tweeters For Superior Surround Experience

The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter speaker compliments many kinds of speakers such as full range floor-standing tower speakers, bookshelf speakers and even surround speakers. These aren’t just for music lovers and audiophiles as they work well for watching movies. Most movie mixes are recorded with frequencies greater than 10,000 Hz so rear surrounds speakers also benefit from the Super Tweeter speakers allowing you to have the best experience possible.


Where Do I Put My Super Tweeter?

You can place your Aperion Audio Super Tweeter speaker on the top or immediately beside your main left and right speakers. A good rule of thumb is the closer to the main speakers the better. The closer your Super Tweeter is to the main speaker, the better the sound effect will be. This placement also reduces the possibility of phasing issues. Placement of the Super Tweeter in line with the main speakers better allows the midrange and bass sound waves to reach your ears at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can these be placed on top of curved speakers such as your Verus towers?

Answer: Yes, use this super tweeter stands.


  • how much is the super tweeter and where to buy it?

Answer: Only 299$ for one pair, yes one pair! BUY NOW!

  • What kind of speakers will the Super Tweeter work with?

Answer: Most passive bookshelf or tower speakers are great candidates for the Super Tweeter. But, you can also use them with center channel speakers and surround speakers.

  • How do I connect the Super Tweeter speaker to my passive speakers?

Answer: Connect a speaker wire that has spade or ring connectors on one end of the wire to the bookshelf or tower speaker and connect the other end to the Super Tweeter.

  • How do I connect the Super Tweeter speaker to my active (powered) or Bluetooth speakers?

Answer: If it’s a sealed box, or portable type of Bluetooth speaker, you most likely will not be able to use a Super Tweeter with this speaker.

  • How much will the Super Tweeter change the treble response?

Answer: The crossover setting will have the most affect on the treble sound. If your regular speaker doesn’t produce frequencies above 14 kHz very well, then that would be a good starting point for your crossover. Generally setting the crossover to 14 kHz or 16 kHz will add a nice touch to the treble response.

  • "Will the Super Tweeter work with my electrostatic, full range, or professional audio speakers?"

Answer: We advise you to check the sensitivity level and frequency response of your current speakers. A speaker that has a higher sensitivity level rating than the Super Tweeter might not be a good fit. However, the we've received feedback that the Super Tweeter works great with Bose 901's, Quad Electrostatic 2805, and other full range and electrostatic speakers."

  • What speaker wire is best for the Super Tweeter speaker?

Answer: As with all cable, we recommend at least 14 gauge to minimize any loss of electrical current.

  • What’s the highest frequency the Super Tweeter will reach?

Answer: The Aperion Audio Super Tweeter can reach up to 35 kHz.

  • Can you adjust the crossover frequency while music is playing?

Answer: Yes, in fact this is highly recommended to experiment with, so you can find the sound that works best for you.

  • What length of speaker cable do I need?

Answer: You shouldn’t need more than a few feet, but it depends on the distance from your bookshelf or tower speakers binding post inputs to the Super Tweeter inputs.

  • Can I buy an odd number of Super Tweeter speakers?

Answer: Yes, just give us a call to make this request.



Product size:Front width 104mm/Rear width 70mm* Depth 100mm* High 120mm

Frequency response:2000~35000Hz




Finish:PU Gloss Black

Xover point:6 steps adjustable + OFF disconnect step

Shipping weight:1.5KG(one pair)

Shipping size:265mm * 150mm * 175mm (L/W/H)


We encourage you to give us a call, email or chat with other questions you may have on Super Tweeters.


Graph showing the extended frequency response of our Super Tweeter on the 14 kHz and 16 kHz settings when paired with a bookshelf speaker:


Customer Pictures:


Marzban Irani
February 21, 2020 at 23:54

The speed of sound in air is constant irrespective of frequency. However the speed of an electrical signal in a wire depends on the frequency of that signal.
So a higher frequency travels faster through a cable because of the skin effect and a low frequency travels slower through the center due to greater skin depth. That is why many speaker cables have bi-wiring with a thicker core for the low frequencies and a finer divided and twisted pair for the higher frequencies. this is to align the frequencies at the speaker cabinet so that they leave the speaker in time.

Ragnar D Solheim MD
August 01, 2019 at 02:26

I have used The Acapella Ion TW1 S for many years Makes a big difference on piano recordings ? People say that I have Baby ears. I use the Hill Plasmatronics in my home country Norway too! Massless drivers are superior ,but very expensive!

Aperion Audio
July 16, 2019 at 15:18

The Super Tweeter pair is available for $299
Please see the link below to purchase

Bradford McLaughlin
July 16, 2019 at 11:33

> Bass sound waves travel slower than treble sound waves,

This is incorrect. The speed of sound is the speed of sound, or 340m/s in air. Air speed, like light speed, is not changed by frequency. Speed of sound is faster in a liquid, as a liquid is less compressible than a gas.

Frank candiani
July 16, 2019 at 11:33

Hello, I’m from Mexico. I have a home theater onkyo S9700, 7.1ch, the impedance that comes from the factory is 6 ohms, I tried to change it but it seems that you can not, my first question, if the supertweeter aperion audio has 5 ohms of impedance can I use it with my a / v receiver that brings a factory impedance of 6 ohms, will not damage the super tweeter or my home theater receiver? Will the impedance of the supertweeter and my baffle be added or subtracted?
2.-the speakers that come with my home theater onkyo S9700 have 8ohms of impedance, if I add the super tweeter aperion of 5 ohms of impedance to any baffle can the impedance vary? That is, now the receiver onkyo S9700 sees 8 ohms on the speaker, but adding the supertweeter how many ohms will my receiver see a / v, (5ohms of the supertweeter plus 8 ohms of the baffle, will they add, or subtract, or what will happen?
3.- The maximum power of my baffle is 130watts, if the supertweeter aperion has 30 watts of power, and I add it to my baffle that has maximum output power 130 watts. Will the power of my baffle with the supertweetwer increase? or will it stay at 130 watts? I do not want to force my receiver to / v and burn me. And finally, what is the cost of the super tweeter aperion audio, and how much would it be with the shipment to Mexico, postal code 55080?

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