Introduce! Aperion New Verus V8S 8" Tripole Surround Speaker!


 The Verus Models Includes:
1. V8T: Verus III Concert Dual 8" Tower Floorstanding Speaker
2. V8B: Verus III Concert 8" 2-Way BookShelf Speaker
3. V8C: Verus III Concert Dual 8" Center Channel Speaker
4. V8S: Verus III 8" Tripolar Surround Speaker
5. V6T: Verus III Grand Dual 6.5" Tower Floorstanding Speaker
6. V5B: Verus III Grand 5.25" 2-Way BookShelf Speaker
7. V6C: Verus III Grand Dual 6.5" Center Channel Speaker
8. VSS: Verus VSS Surround Dipole/Bipole Speaker

The Super Tweeter Speaker Models Includes:
1. PST: Planar-Magnetic Flat Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker-MKII
2. RST: Aluminum 3-inch Ribbon Super Tweeter Speaker-MKII
3. DST: Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Flagship Super Tweeter Speaker

The Energy Powered Amplifiers Includes:
1. E2 : Energy 2 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
2. E3 : Energy 3 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
3. E5 : Energy 5 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier
4. E7 : Energy 7 Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier

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