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Marantz MM8077 7-Channel Power Amplifier Bundle

The power supply features a high current toroidal power transformer along with high power (71WVDC) filter capacitors with a total 100,000µF capacitance to easily handle sharp short-term transient peaks.Featuring our unique current feedback discrete power amp output stages that are identical for all channels, the MM8077 is equipped with multiple high current discrete power transistors that feature high slew rate...

Marantz MM7055 5-Channel Power Amplifier Bundle

If you are ready to take your system to the next level, a power amp is the best way to ensure that your Aperions are fed with the clean high current power they love. From the heavy gauge steel chassis to the robust power supply with multiple-secondary EI-core transformer under the hood, every aspect of the Marantz MM7055 screams quality....