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  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5
  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5
  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5
  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5
  • Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5
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Theatrus T63W Single 6.5" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker

Sold as single speaker.

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Aperion Audio Theatrus T63W Single 6.5" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker

Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5"-Cinema/Studio-AMT-Ribbon- Tweeter-Installation-In-Wall-Speaker


The T63W is a 3-Way design In-Wall Speaker, featuring an array of three (3) drivers, which fuses into a superforce of sound quality that is designed for home theater, custom installation, professional music studios, and film studios. It's not all about sound though, the speaker has a clean and smooth appearance. The Aperion crafted AMT Haier Ribbon Tweeter, and one 2-inch Soft-Dome Mid-Range Driver is housed in a custom designed aluminum faceplate. Enhanced low end is produced by one 6.5" Woofer which were crafted from German Propex Fabrics Curv material. The T63W offers higher sound pressure levels, suitable for larger listening environments. High-Efficiency plus High-Power makes for an explosively wide sound field. Theatrus speakers are extremely flexible for placement for even the most difficult of rooms. Placed On-wall, In-Wall, on the ground or on the ceiling, the Theatrus line can effectively cover most of the listening area. The speakers can be arranged vertically or horizontally, dependent on the application. Along with the integrated mounting inserts are two frequency tuning switch options on the rear of the speaker for even greater placement flexibility. So whether you choose to use the Theatrus speakers in a 2-channel music setup, or a full blown home theater with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D, listening to the new Theatrus speakers will certainly impress the most discerning of ears.


Aperionaudio AMT Tweeter

With the growth of the home theater and private cinema market, a projector screen is the optimal choise to replicate the experience of the big movie theaters. Projector screens also pose potential acoustical issues due to screen size and material and whether they`re acoustically transparent or not. This can require unique solutions and workarrounds regarding speaker placement and positioning, especially while working with multiple rows of seating in larger rooms. The new Theatrus Speakers adapts to these listening conditions by replicating the type of speaker to be used in a professional listening studio. Each Theatrus speaker has a focused sound stage to accommodate listening distances both long or short, allowing a uniform sound stage throughout the room. The Theatrus speaker is able to be mounted On-Wall or In-Wall, which naturally will also have an affect on the acoustics response.

If mounting in the wall, the bass response was over-boosted, which is not acceptable for professional performance. To address this issue, the Theatrus speaker went through many design adjustments to perfect the crossover network. This ultimately needed two settings: Baffle-Wall(In-Wall) or Free-Field(On-Wall). Along with the bass adjustment, we also included a high frequency adjustment to compensate the high frequency when the speaker is placed behind a projection screen. These subtle yet effective customizations allow Theatrus to perform at it`s optimal level in various configurations.


Aperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5"-Cinema/Studio-AMT-Ribbon- Tweeter-Installation-In-Wall-Speaker-Metal-Front-BaffleAperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5"-Cinema/Studio-AMT-Ribbon- Tweeter-Installation-In-Wall-Speaker-Back-BoxAperionaudio Theatrus T83W Single 8" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall SpeakerAperionaudio-Theatrus-T63W-6.5"-Cinema/Studio-AMT-Ribbon- Tweeter-Installation-In-Wall-Speaker-Grille

The compact version for wall installation is the Theatrus T83W, which features One AMT Tweeter, One 2" Soft-Dome Midrange and One 8" woofer, yet still ensures a full-blooded sound for the frequency range down to 60 Hz. The High-Frequency.

Compensation, thereby enabling a wide range of installation positions. Measuring 560 x 320 mm with a mounting depth of 130 mm, the Theatrus T83W doesn´t pose any problems during installation. It doesn´t require a special housing and is perfectly accommodated in any drywall. The T83W is suitable for use as a front speaker, as a fully-fledged front channel in a home cinema setup, as well as a luxurious rear channel Speaker.

Theatrus T80W Dual 8" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker


For placement of Aperion Theatrus in wall speakers, pls note the following basic recommendations for installation.

Defining correct placement height for Theatrus in wall speakers in stereo or surround set-up is essential, beginning with finding the speaker`s acoustic on axis point, marked between woofers and tweeters as shown below.

Aperion Audio Theatrus T65W Dual 8" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker


For both stereo and surround front speakers the system’s acoustic “on axis-point” should be approximately 10- 15 cm above ear level – when sitting in listening position.

For surround rear and side speakers the systems acoustic “on axis-point” should be approximately 70-90 cm above ear level – when sitting in listening position.

Every new Theatrus Backbox In-Wall speaker is designed to be as universal as possible, whether used in In-Wall or In-Ceiling applications. The range is fully compatible with all current and future sound formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS X and Auro.


Left / Center / Right Orientation

In a typical front speaker configuration, the Thearus models are recommended to be used as shown below. 

T83W and T63W

When using T83W and T63W with a transparent screen, placement on a center line with tweeters aimed downward at the listening position is recommended.

Theatrus T83W Single 8" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker


When using T83W and T63W with a non-transparent screen, the center channel can be placed horizontally above or below the screen, while the Left and Right speakers may be moved up or down to approach the horizontally placed center channel position.

Aperion Audio Theatrus T83W Single 8" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker

Stereo Orientation

The above recommendations are to be followed for any stereo application. A good formula when setting up a stereo system, is to have the same distance between left and right speaker to the listening position.



  • Cut-out template integrated in packing for marking of wall position and cut-out dimensions
  • 5-Way gold plated terminal connectors for quick install
  • Dog screw mounting system with self-locking clamps for solid attachment to wall
  • Wood front grille and Metal front baffle with integrated magnets for easy grille mounting

To support precise wall cut-out for Aperion Theatrus backboxed speakers, use the template included in the carton.

Following the instructions 1 - 8 will result in proper and easy installation of the speaker.

1. Use the cutout template to visualize wall position for system

2. Hold the cutout template at the wall to mark a line for the actual cut.

3. Cut to the inside of your marked line on the wall.

4. Cutting direct on the template is not recommended. 

5. Connect the speaker to cables in the wall, and place cabinet into “the wall cut.

6. When speaker is placed into “the wall cut”, turn The screws on the front clockwise to activate the mounting clamps.

7. Check if speaker is perfectly aligned.

8. Mount and align the grille, and your installation is done!

Important Practical Information!

When using an electric tool for screw mounting, adjust the tension function to prevent the dog screws from being over-tightened. It is also recommended to use moderate or low speed when tightening the dog screws.

If removal of speaker is needed for service, make sure to loosen the front dog screws slowly until you can feel some resistance.

At this point, the mounting clamps should be turned back to neutral position and speakers are ready to be pulled out of the wall cut.

Aperion Audio Theatrus T65W Dual 8" Cinema/Studio AMT Ribbon Tweeter In-Wall Speaker


+ Specifications


Product Weight 20.5 Lbs/9.3 Kgs
Frequency Response 70-35,000 Hz(IEC 268-5)
Impedance 4 Ohms
Sensitivity 91dB
Recommended Power Short time 300W; Long time 150W
Tweeter 1 x AMT Tweeter
Midrange 1 x 2" Soft-Dome Midrange
Woofers 1 x 6.5" Curv Cone Woofer
Driver Configuration 3-Way Single 6.5" Backbox In-Wall Speaker
Enclosure Type Sealed Cabinet
Product Dimensions 20" x 10.3" x 4.5" / 500 x 260 x 112mm (HxWxD)
Cut-out Dimensions 18.3" x 9" x 4.4" / 466 x 226 x 110mm (HxWxD)
Product Family Theatrus
Placement Location Main Speakers (Left, Center, Right), or Surround/Height Speakers
Shipping Weight 24 Lbs/ 10.9 Kgs
Shipping Dimensions 24" x 11" x 13"/605x280x338 mm (H/W/D)
+ Features


Air Motion Tweeter

The Aperion AMT tweeter can achieve 103 dB sensitivity, and frequency response of up to 40 kHz, which we found to be perfect for both larger and medium sized home theater rooms. Knowing that this tweeter would operate at a higher SPL, we also added a protection circuit to help keep the tweeter safe. .

One 2" Soft-Dome Mid-range Driver

Our high end soft-dome midrange unit features a large, low distortion 50mm voice coil, which exceeds the normal size of this type of drive unit. It's wide pole structure and special damping coating significantly reduce the medium frequency segmentation vibration.

One 6.5" Curv Woofer

The Theaterus line features a new Curv material from Germany Propex Fabrics. The properties of this new Curv material are lightweight, yet rigged and stiff, maintain a high temperature resistance without any water absorption, and the most important in crating a driver unit - this matieral has a high Young's Modulus and internal damping.


The new Theatrus Speakers adapts to various arangements and positions with adjustment for high frequency to compensate the high frequency when the speaker is placed behind a projection screen.

Easy mount and Install

Simply mark the intended placement using the cut-out template enclosed with the speaker, prepare the opening, attach speaker wire, drop in the box, tighten screws and fit the front grille. Then, get ready to be blown away.

Lightweight Magnetic Grilles

To protect the speaker innards from accidents, pets or curious fingers, the entire Theatrus line sports a lightweight magnetic grille which can easily be removed when you want to show off your beautiful speakers to friends and family.

Custom tuned cabinet

Theatrus drivers come packed in a Stealth Black MDF Anti Resonant Cabinet.

+ Documentation


Download Theatrus Manual